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Quote of the Week - Weeks of June 9th and 16th

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A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the Spoiler TV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

 Agents of SHIELD - 
1. Fitz: “Well it looks like someone’s only going to have two PhDs by the time they’re seventeen, doesn’t it?!” (Emmaline Harvey)
 Big Little Lies - 
1. Renata: “I will not not be rich.“
2. Renata: “Will somebody give a woman a moment?”
3. Bonnie: “Sometimes I wake up at night in a sweat with this…feeling. It’s gonna get us. It’s gonna get us all.” Madeline: “Who are you talking about?” Bonnie: “The lie.” (Jessica Carnes)

Blood & Treasure -
1. Lexi: “Come on. You really think I just left you down there?” Danny: “What? No, I...” Lexi: “After everything we’ve been through. I mean maybe a few weeks ago, but we’ve shared strudel.” Danny: “Reece got in my head about it, but I trust you. I mean the bond of strudel can’t be broken. I’m glad you’re back.”
2. Fabi: “I see potential for something great in you, Lexi. It’s never too late to choose a new life, a new destiny.”
3. Lexi: “Less talk. More pants.”

4. Gwen: “My Serbian isn’t great but she’s saying something about him getting a win while she takes a hit.” Danny: “Hopefully, that’s not an assassination being planned on my phone.”
5. Danny: “Okay, let’s go over our cover.” Lexi: “Again? Danny, you know I lie for a living.” Danny: “Yeah well, I don’t. Humor me.” Lexi: “We’re here to buy a statue for Jacob Reece. You’re Jake Stone, his antiquities expert, and I’m his art broker, Winifred DeMontague. I swear, do you read romance novels when I’m not looking?”
6. Danny: “Any luck?” Lexi: “I make my own luck, Danny.” Danny: “Oh, so you found something.” Lexi: “No.” (Dahne)

Elementary -
1. Gregson: “Paige told me you came to see me. I don’t know what you said but I appreciate you not pulling the plug.” Sherlock: “Well, it was good to see you so it put everything in perspective.” Gregson: “I’ve got perspective to spare today. I wanted you to know that before all this happened I was gonna call you.” Sherlock: “It’s over. The unfortunate business between us, that’s in the past now. A day like today? I prefer to look forward.” Gregson: “I’d like that too.”
2. Sherlock: “If I wind up in a crate, you’ll know I should’ve left well enough alone.” (Dahne)

Good Omens - 
1. Aziraphale: "You can’t kill me, there’ll be paperwork." (Shirleena)

The Handmaid’s Tale - 
1. June: “Do you think he’s in danger?” Lawrence: “We’re all in danger.” (Jessica Carnes)

The InBetween -
1. Roven: “Neuroblastoma. Sounds like a bad one.” Cassie: “Anything that kills children is a bad one.” Roven: “Hey now, don ‘t give me that evil eye. I never took the life of an innocent child.” Cassie: “Pin a rose on you.”
2. Cassie: “Hey there, do you want me to come with you? (ghost kid nods) Please don’t be like the kid from The Ring.”
3. Tom: “When you first mentioned Ethan, you asked us to check if there was anything suspicious about his death.” Cassie: “Yeah.” Tom: “I’m wondering if he said anything to you about the night he died because it’s not often we get an eyewitness statement from the deceased.” (Dahne)

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