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For The People - Who Are We Now? - Review: "Supergirl vs Wonder Woman: The Sequel"

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Last year ahead of episode 9 of For The People we got the surprising season two renewal, this year sadly we got the cancellation news. And while the cancellation decision was understandable from a profit angle, I am still saddened by the fact For The People isn`t anymore. Despite the cancellation For The People delivered another heavy and powerful outing, as Supergirl and Wonder Woman crossed paths again and a Jill & Rogers romantic relationship got pushed to a new test. “Who are we now?” was written by Alexander Newman-Wise and directed by Daisy Mayer.

A lot has changed since Sandra`s and Kate`s epic face off in 18 Miles Outside of Roanoke, yet one thing hasn`t the spark that Brit and Susannah bring to their respective roles and how their interactions take this whole episode and show for that matter to a new level. Their clash during this episode seemed very straight forward and like Kate had this one in the bag but the benefit of the doubt aka reasonable doubt Sandra brought into play would take a valid swing at any offense prepared by Kate. As viewers, we`ve got the bts stuff we knew Sandra`s client was guilty but as a Jury member only seeing what was presented I would`ve had my doubts. It was just a precious piece of writing and a challenge for the jury. Everything Sandra presented made sense, Theo was a liar, when he got caught, he changed his story and of course, he would protect his sister over a random girl. And as she was hitting right into the spot you could see Kate`s offense fall apart and take this whole story to a new level.

The interaction between Sandra and Kate was just too good. It is tough to maintain a friendship as you are put into a situation where you or your friend has to lose. The performance of the actresses felt natural and relatable, with the pace and character moments perfectly creating tension and relief as the story progressed. Still, this time around Sandra pulled ahead with her closing. I remember how good
and strong Susannah`s performance was as she explained her 18 Miles Out of Roanoke story, but just as good as Sandra`s closing. She was poignant, with a perfect word choice and certainty in her voice that made her closing that much more convincing. The case took a majorly unexpected turn when Jill and Roger interfered and closed the case with a bargain deal. Sandra`s rage was unstoppable and Britt´s performance beyond anything she delivered in the previous 18 episodes. The frustration that built up within her over the last couple of episodes finally unleashed. Jill had no counterarguments, as every sentence out of Sandra`s mouth was the painful truth her emotions toward Roger were covering. And while it pains me to say, cause I love Jill & Roger to the bones, it looks bad. Being in the power position both of them are making any choice they make seem biased.

This certainly wouldn`t be a Shondaland show if this argument didn`t happen just when Roger was about to make a big move in their relationship. Roger`s scenes with Tina were hilarious. The way she drew out the emotional dude out of Roger was sweet and hilarious. Their banter was just working so well, with a perfect flow which countered the other two heavy stories happening during this outing. What will the writers do in the series finale? No clue, Sandra`s words hit Jill quite hard, yet her and Roger`s relationship is a long way coming. My only hope is that we get a decent closure considering the cancellation.

On the other side of the Prosecutor-Defense face off were Allison and Jay and Seth and Leonard. While Leonard and Seth didn`t have active cases this week the writers found a way to keep them around as Allison and Jay fought hard for a struggling war veteran. The fact that we probably won`t get a proper Leonard-Allison to hook up is a shame. The writers were slowly working towards it and now it can`t flourish the way it should. The story of the war veteran took quite the dark turn as they started recording him. The writers were going to emotionally destroy us, that was obvious but instead of a splashy little movie, they showed the painful reality that stabbed right into the heart, even Judge Guillotine.

That`s the wrap on For The People`s penultimate episode. What are your thoughts on the events of this episode? Would Sandra convince her into her truth? Or would you stick with Kate? Sound off in the comment section below. Till next week. . .

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