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For The People - 18 Miles Outside of Roanoke - Review: Supergirl vs Wonder Woman + POLL

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Clash of the Titans would be an understatement in this case. The face of between Sandra and Kate in the third episode of season one was of epic proportions. Still, the episode delivered other strong side stories keeping the episode interesting and up to beat. The episode was directed by Shondaland´s very own Tom Verica and written by Eli Attie.

The strongest part of this episode besides the great performances of Susannah and Britt was the writing and directing. The episode was so well paced, the transitions between scenes were great, the momentum was captivating throughout and the background music was just spot on, Molly Kate Kestner`s compromise is still echoing in my head.

Now onto the actual plot of the episode and the clash of fierce and powerful women of FTP. The whole case and the grey area it was floating throughout the episode was really captivating. The way the writing encouraged their strengths and made them step up in this case just elevated this episode above the first two outings. Kate and Sandra really pulled out all the big punches and Leonard and Jay pushing the girls to research each other was hilarious. The interactions between the two lawyers were top notch, Sandra´s fiery passion going against Kate`s coldhearted black-white vision was explosive and kept me glued to my seat. They way they each tried to get under the skin of the other but got a counter punch right back was simply stunning and so enjoyable, as said Clash of the Titans.

Obviously, the set up pushed us to cheer for the war veteran who did the right human thing but Kate wasn´t wrong with her point of and defending the vision of the state and how Dani betrayed the government. But, Sandra`s line was still a clear winner and broke down the majority of Kate´s point.

Sandra:Why are the rules more important than the people they are meant to protect.

Kate´s speech in Judge Byrne`s chambers was impeccable in writing and execution. The episode title was so weird when I read it and I watched the whole episode wondering when it would come around. Susannah Flood`s voice had the perfect tone, her face was on the right balance between falling apart and seriousness the topic required. I do hope Kate will visit the Capitol this season I really do.

Kate:Because Richard Prince decided the rules didn`t apply to him. Is this what I wanted to be when I was growing up? Yes. Injustice isn`t only felt by the loudest person complaining about it.

And while I really dislike Leonard`s snobby attitude and the way he speaks or breaths, he is really an entertaining character. There isn`t a line he is afraid of crossing and I love it. His ploy against his hook up attorney Hanna Fane (Alice Hunter) was so funny, hot and so true to his character. Putting Seth, the lost puppy, into the mix and his weather expertise just upped the hilarity of this case. Leonard´s cockiness clashing on screen with Seth`s nerdiness was adorable and watching the trio of rookie prosecutors going out on a drink was really sweet and gave me early Grey`s Anatomy vibes. I know I was very harsh against Ben Rapaport and his portrayal of Seth in the Pilot review, but all that went out the window here. He is such a nerdy sweetheart and I can`t wait to see them polishing their edges.

And while I was harsh towards Seth in the Pilot review, I completely adored Jasmin Savoy Brown`s Allison and that didn`t change this week. I love her drive, her motivation and the spark Allison brings to her cases. This week was no change and the realistic approach and fight against the computer system was a really good one. It was an interesting approach with Allison being set against the cold computer programme on one side and her "cold" calculated brother on the other side. The frustration built up in Allison resulted in something productive and got her clients 18 months less than the government intended. A great side of this episode was that they showed off how deep Sandra & Allison`s friendship is and how well they know each other.

What are your thoughts on this week`s Clash of the Titans? Was it epic enough or a let down for you? Share your thoughts in the comment section down below and don`t forget to tune into next week`s episode of For the People Tuesday at 10pm on ABC.

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