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Grown-ish - Body Count - Review: "Time To Dive"

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This week's episode of "Grown-ish" deals with a topic familiar to everyone: jealousy. Oh yes, it's time for our Zoey to be jealous in the age of social media, where everybody knows everything about the others.

Luca is showing his work at the Arts Festival on campus. Zoey, of course, is super proud of him, but her joy might not last very long; she notices that one of Luca's work has one of his ex-girlfriends as subject. While trying to keep it cool, but also realizing that she wants to know everything about this girl, Zoey ignores it, at first, but when she sees that Luca still has the same tattoo as his ex, she decides to do a "deep dive" and find out who this girl is (and how much she meant to Luca). With the help of Ana (who, I have to say, is a pro at finding information online), Zoey goes on a full social media search. Did she find what she was looking for? She did. Was it useful? Kind of. Did this deep dive make her spiral and sort of paranoiac? Absolutely.

In the meantime, Ana and Aaron are trying to find out what they are. They both really care about each other, but Ana feels guilty because of Aaron's past with Zoey. I have to say that I am pretty excited to see where this relationship is going, especially after seeing what happens at the end of the episode. But I am also curious to see how Zoey will actually react. Sure, she tells Ana that what she had with Aaron wasn't an actual relationship and that they were never in love, but do you think she is going to accept Ana and Aaron being together?

Nomi is focusing on finding out more about queer culture, with the help of Professor Hewson. She goes to a Queer Performance Art, but that only freaks her out even more. She leaves, but a guy at the show reassures her, telling her that "it does get better". She then writes Professor Hewson, telling her that she needs more information to understand her community, because she feels like she doesn't know much about it. Hewson offers to help and, at the same time, makes her understand that she might be interested in her. Are you guys excited about this?

I really enjoyed this episode. It was interesting to see how social media has now shaped our perception and our understanding of relationships in the modern era. It is hard not to be noticed and everyone leaves traces online. It feels like we are pressured to post and to show our lives, but that also means that we are exposed to the world around us. It can be a great tool, but also very dangerous.
I am also pretty excited to see Nomi and her professor interact and to see where they might go next.

Favorite line:

Luca: "Two places I never visit: that's Bora Bora during rainy season and my past".

What did you guys think about the episode? And what are you thoughts on Ana and Aaron and Nomi and Professor Hewson? Let me know in the comments below!

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