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Quote of the Week - Week of October 21st

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A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the Spoiler TV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

American Horror Story - 
1. Bubbles McGee: "I know that a male Supreme is a tough pill to swallow, but it won't be the literal end of the world."
2. Dinah Stevens: "The only thing that matters in this world isn't white or black. It's green. You got money, all the doors open."
3. Papa Legba: "The last time a conspiring Mambo and Witch Queen summoned me, they brought me the greatest offering." Nan: "Cordelia! Long time no see, bitch." (Sam Dinsmoor)

Bull - 
1. Bull: “Let’s not forget about freewill. Our DNA is not our destiny. We can change it piece by piece, choice by choice, if we’re strong enough, which you were.”
2. Bull: “You didn’t lie to a suspect. You lied to a public corporation.” ADA: “It has no effect on the legitimacy of the evidence.” Benny: “It doesn’t say a whole hell of a lot about the integrity of the DA’s office.” Bull: “Kind of hard not to wonder what other rules you’d be willing to break.”
3. Benny: “She just told you that?” Chunk: “I’m like a human can opener. People spend time with me and they can’t help themselves.”
4. Bull: “Words lie. Body language doesn’t.” (Dahne)

How to Get Away with Murder - 
1. Annalise: “This is a law school. Not a daycare.” [It's about time someone said it. These students can be so childish. - Dahne]
2. Frank: “I know you’re telling yourself you need to find out the truth, but just consider the other option. You do nothing ‘cause you’ve been happy - way more than I’ve ever seen. But no one, I mean no one, Bon, deserves to be happy more than you. So if you just want to pretend you never found this out, leave the past in the past, know I fully support that.”
3. Michaela: “You think I’m a heartless bitch. I understand why. But your heart...your heart is big and kind and that’s why I fell for you.” Asher: “Stop. Look, I have a good thing going with the DA. Alright, I’m finally getting my life back on track and now you want me to risk that all for you and Annalise?” Michaela: “Just take me and Annalise out of the equation. If Nate was the one coming to you right now, you’d do this for him.” [It was hard to choose thise quote because I was going back and forth on a few of them. In the end, I picked this one because it reminded me that Asher has some great qualities in a season where not many of them are on display. I also liked his concern over Bonnie. -Dahne]

A Million Little Things - 
1. Maggie: "You're a numbers guy. You know that I can fight this and have what doctors say is a 30% chance of living, or I could keep doing exactly what I'm doing right now and have a 100% chance of loving the time I have left." Gary: "Wow... I don't want you to take this the wrong way, but I really wish you hadn't met me."
2. Heller: "Is there a history of depression in your family?" Rome: "There's a history of 'we don't talk about that' in my family."
3. Eddie: "Katherine has done nothing but support me, and I want to support her." Gary: "And you think getting her to this second-grade play is going to make up for years of alcoholism and infidelity? You might want to check your math on that." (DarkUFO)

NCIS: Los Angeles - 
1. Admiral: “What the hell? Is this flavored coffee?” Deeks: “Cinnamon surprise. Don’t worry. It’s...uh, fair trade and sustainably harvested. Cage free cinnamon.” Admiral: “And you wonder why the rest of the country hates California.”
2. Director Ochoa: “The Special Prosecutor’s looking for blood from Moseley, Hetty, and everyone else involved. And don’t think for for a minute that he’s gonna limit his investigation to Mexico. He’s gonna dig deep into all of you and in your case, Agent Callen, your associations with an ATF agent who is currently under investigation, Anna Kolcheck, and rogue CIA Officer Joelle Taylor aren’t gonna help any.” Callen: “Any advice?” Director: “You might want to consider celibacy until this is over.”
3. Kenzi: “It is cake. It is not wine. You don’t spit it out.” Deeks: “You do if your blood sugar’s about to redline. Are you kidding me? I’m gonna spend the rest of the day sweating out Skittles. I’m done.” (Dahne)

NCIS: New Orleans - 
1. Hannah: “Pretty sure DC wouldn’t approve of me bringing the regional SAC onto a tactical op.” Pride: “Can’t disagree.” Hannah: “As long as we’re clear on how we’re p** them off this week.”
2. Cassius: “Seeing my two boys together just warms my heart.” Pride: “Could have happened a lot sooner if you’d had been honest.” Cassius: “We all got regrets in our lives. I guess that I’ve got more than my share.” Jimmy: “I regret ever letting you through my front door.”
3. Gregorio: “Cassius Pride, New Orleans legend. Fixer to politicians and gangsters alike. Had his finger in every corrupt pie in the city.” Hannah: “Guess that apple fell far from that tree, huh?” Patton: “Whole other orchard.” (Dahne)

New Amsterdam - 
1. Helen: "I don’t know why I’d want to bring a child, a brown child, into this world. There are a thousand reasons not to, but the only way to beat death is life." Max: "There’s a word for it." Helen: "Surrogacy?" Max: "Hope." (Donna Cromeans)

Supergirl - 
1. Mercy: "The people are angry, Agent Danvers. Their fear is metastasizing." Otis: "And you can’t stop it." Alex: "You’re right, I can’t. Changing hearts and minds, that’s not really my thing." Supergirl: "It’s mine." Alex: "And she’s really good at it."
2. Alex: "The next time someone tries to hurt you, you send them my way." Brainy: "You’re a true friend. All aliens deserve an Alex Danvers."
3. Nia [to James]: "When innocent people are being attacked it’s not about balance, it’s about justice." (Donna Cromeans)

The Walking Dead - 
1. Rick: "For a long time I wanted it too, maybe more than anyone.But killing each other when the world already belongs to the dead? It's not the way. Not anymore."
2. Rick: "Thank you." Michonne: "For what?" Rick: "For everything you've done. For everything you're doing. For you." (DarkUFO)

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