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Better Call Saul - Talk - Review

Talk was badass! Written by Heather Marion and directed by John Shiban. It started with a teaser like none other. A little boy was watching his father pour concrete to build something. We weren't positive who the boy was until wrote his name in the wet cement. It was Matty, watching Mike build the carport. Then it jumps to Mike and Stacy at the support group. They wanted Mike to talk, he talked, about what, we don't know yet.

Jimmy, seems to have changed his mind about getting a job. He got a job offer from the cell phone company CC Mobile, but turned it down, and went back to sleep. As Kim gets ready to leave, she goes to say goodbye to Jimmy and hands him a post-it note. Kim wants Jimmy to talk to someone; Jimmy was a little shocked, and he didn't know what to say. However, he didn't want to disappoint Kim, so he said that he got a job, the cell phone company, you know the one that he turned down a few moments ago. One must wonder, did Jimmy only take that job so that he doesn't have to open up about his feelings.

Kim arrives at the courthouse; it seems that she has put Mesa Verda on the back burner, for now. She has decided to observe some criminal/public defender cases. The courtroom that Kim was observing in, the Judge knew her and was wondering what she was doing. So the Judge asks Kim to join him in his chambers during lunch. He asked her if she was researching for a case, she was observing, simple as that. The Judge didn't like the sound of that, so he told Kim he has a case that she might be interested in, Kim was all ears, it was the plot The Verdict, those cases come around once in a lifetime. He finished off telling her if she wants to make a difference, make tons of money and donate some to charity. If he catches Kim in his courtroom again, he's going to put Kim to work. Kim didn't take that advice to well; she was somewhat annoyed in fact, no one tells Kim what she can and cannot do. She walked out of his chambers and right back into the Judge's courtroom and gave the Judge a nice stare down.

Mike is having lunch with his lady friend, Anita from group; she invites him to go out to see her friend play in a band, but Mike said can't we got group, and he promised Stacy. Speaking of group, Anita told Mike that she was thinking of reaching out to Henry, she thinks he needs a friend. Mike told Anita that Henry's fine, his story changes every time he tells it, nothing adds up. Antia replied care to make it interesting?

A bored Jimmy is a bad Jimmy. Jimmy's first day of work wasn't the most eventful work days. He dusted, swept, made sure all the cell phones were facing forward. Jimmy stepped outside to check out the traffic, but there wasn't any, then the phone rang. It was Jimmy's boss, just checking on how things are coming along. Great! A little slow, Jimmy asked to be moved to a store that had a bit more traffic, but that store was already staffed. Lunchtime came, thank goodness for those lunch break! Jimmy ran out of there like it was on fire. Ira had sold the hummel, so Jimmy went to collect his part of the profit. That little guy was a big hit, and they cleaned up at the show. Ira liked the whole hummel thing, clean, easy money. The problem was getting a hold of those little suckers that are worth a shit load. Jimmy told Ira that they'd do something together soon, Ira told him to call the vet when Jimmy has something. "New Job, new phone, you never know who's listening, "

The Salamanca's are out for blood, and their revenge created one of the most badass shootouts on television. Nacho and the twins pull up to the motel; he sees a silver car, telling the twins it could be the car that high jacked them. Nacho continues to case the motel, saying that they will need back up for sure before they take it. The twins look at each other, get their duffel bag of guns and do their thing. Nacho remains in the car shaken, worried that he's going to get shot again, or worse one or both of the twin gets killed. Then Nacho's father will remain in danger.  However, the Salamanca twins were doing just fine. Nacho, barely able to walk gets out of the car and tries to lend a helping hand. Stumbling along Nacho was able to kill one guy until he falls to the ground and hides behind a barrel. Then one of the twins pulls a Chuck Norris and finishes everyone off.

Mike was right; Henry was full of shit. Henry's story this week was that he and his wife were going to go to New Zealand for their twenty-fifth anniversary. Mike was pissed, not because Henry played right into his hand but because Henry is taking advantage of the group by making up these stories. So when Stacy told her story of how she hadn't thought of Matty all morning, Mike snapped, not at Stacy but Henry.

Mike seems to be enjoying his fake new security job. While he was at one of the warehouses, Mike gets a phone call from Victor, Gus wants to meet. Mike still in a pissy mode arrived at the meet. Gus wanted to know why Mike didn't inform him about Nacho trying to take out Hector. Mike was annoyed by that question; he agreed not to kill Hector Salamanca, not be his protector. That wasn't the only reason Gus brought Mike out there; he had a particular job for Mike.

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