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Better Call Saul - Something Stupid - Recap

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Something Stupid written and directed by two Better Call Saul newcomers (written by) Alison Tatlock and ( directed by) Deborah Chow. The teaser illustrates a timeline where Jimmy and Kim's relationship has become flat; there's no more scoot in their boot. They are living separate lives, Kim, with her work at Schweikart and Cokely while doing her public defender work on the side, as Jimmy works at the cell phone store and sells drop phones on the street.
The drop phones had a propose; Jimmy was selling them to save money to lease an office for the new Wexler - McGill law office. Jimmy found an office building, four blocks from the courthouse, convent for Kim's new love for Criminal Law. Before Jimmy signed the lease or showed Kim, Jimmy took Huell for a quick tour. However, it wasn't up to Huell's standards, forthy floor glass building, that of course when he's not on this boat.

Don Hector has been recovering quite well, thanks to Gus's interference. Don Hector's awake, making eye contact and can make one figure move. The question that Gus wanted to know is the monster still in there? While the doctor was doing his therapy, a nurse came into the room to give Don Hector his lunch. He noticed her and knocked over his glass of water. The doctor told Don Hector it was most likely a muscle spasm, but Don Hector wanted to see down that nurse's shirt and watch her bend over. When Gus saw the video, his question was answered, Don Hector was there, and so Gus decided to stop his treatment.

Over the past few months since Kim has been Schweikart and Cokely she hasn't introduced Jimmy to the other partners as her boyfriend. Until now, they had an office party, and it was time for everyone to meet Jimmy. It was going great until Rich Schwikart started to talk about their office retreat and Jimmy's male ego began to show. Yes, it's great that Kim and the other partners get to go on a day ski trip, but what Jimmy heard was Kim was slowing slipping onto this white-collar world and leaving him behind. That scared Jimmy, which caused him to act out.

Jimmy's new side business, selling drop phones on the street was going along smoothly with Huell by his side. Until a cop, in regular clothes approached Jimmy about his side gig and asked him to stop or move his van to sell his phones to some soccer moms or old folks. Jimmy disagreed, he mentioned he had a permit and collecting sale tax, he's going to stay put. The men where arguing, Huell walked up wearing headphones and thought Jimmy was in trouble, so Huell hits the cop on the head with the bag of sandwiches. The cop falls to the ground, and Huell gets detained for assault on a police officer. Appearly the officer arrested Huell three years prior to pricking pocking. Because of that, the DA wants to give Huell two and a half years of jail time, which is outrageous. Huell wanted to run; there was no way he was going to jail for almost three years. Jimmy told Huell don't it's not worth it because then he'll have a warrant for his arrest, then assured Huell that he could fix it.

Jimmy, of course, couldn't represent Huell because he won't get his law license back for another month, so the first thing Jimmy did was ask Kim for Jimmy did her help. Mined you Kim had no idea that Jimmy was selling drop cellphones on the street so when Kim found out she was pretty annoyed. Was it because Jimmy was doing something so reckless or was it because Jimmy's been lying to Kim by not being truthful. However, at the end of the day Huell was being miss treated and needed someone to have his back, so Kim said she'll help. Kim's talk with the DA didn't go as well as it had in the past with Bill. The woman wanted to throw the book at Huell and did not want to hear any deals. Kim turned her game face on when the DA called Jimmy a disbarred sleazeball, who was the only witness, therefore uncreditable. Sure Jimmy has problems, but Kim loves him no matter what and for that woman to call him that upset Kim.

Jimmy was outside the courthouse waiting for the next move. Kim told him that Huell cannot run and that he will have to do some jail time. Kim asked Jimmy to have her back on this one; they needed to be on the same team. However, Jimmy and Huell had other plans.

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