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Better Call Saul - Quite a Ride - Review

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Hello Saul Goodman! Quite a Ride was written by Ann Cherkis and directed by Michael Morris. The teaser played out as if it was a deleted scene from Breaking Bad. Saul was in a hurry to leave town because shit was about to hit the fan. Jesse found out that Saul took the poison cigarette from him, Huell, Saul's bodyguard, disappeared and Walter White has gone off the deep end. Saul needed to leave town as soon as possible. While Francesca sherds all documents in the office, Saul got his hidden money out of the ceiling and busts through the wall to get the shoe box. Then Saul hands Francesca a business card, and told her, "tell them, Jimmy sent you." Francesca leaves with the bags of shredded documents; Saul makes the call to the disappear.

Jimmy is bored and is hoping that his message on the window will work, and it did, he finally got his first customer. When the man walked in, Jimmy was on one of the cellphones, pretending to make a big sale, when Jimmy hung up, he broke the phone in half. The man was intrigued by Jimmy's sale pitch and ended up buying several cell phones. That got Jimmy thinking, easy, fast money.

Gus's plan to build the superlab is underway. He brings in two structural engineers from Europe, one from France and the other from Germany. The French Engineer arrived at the laundry warehouse, took some measurements with his fancy laser and was quite confident he could finish the lab in seven months or less. Gus was not impressed by the man's confidants. So he told Mike to send him on his way. The German Engineer, examed the space, took handwritten notes and made sure he understood every aspect of the space and what needs to be done. He said he might be able to build the lab. It will be a lot of work, money, and very dangerous, even then, he can't guarantee he can complete the job. Gus liked this man; he was honest and knew the job was hard, to get it done right, you have to be very careful in what you're doing.

Mesa Verde wasn't cutting it for Kim, so she decided to take on some cases as a Public Defender. A young man was assigned to Kim had been charged with throwing a brick throw a jewelry store window, with a witness. Bill, the ADA was in a losing game of chicken with Kim. Bill wanted to send the kid to jail for at least a year, but Kim said no, six months probation. These two argued back and forth over this young man's future for quite a while, but Kim was getting annoyed and now wanted four months probation. Bill was shocked, no way could he make that work. However, Kim drives a hard bargain, and she always wins. Kim continues to take on Public Defender cases, but one got in the way of Mesa Verde. Page called Kim as she was about to leave for court, there was something wrong with the paperwork and Page needed Kim to come into the office right away, but Kim couldn't, not until later, and hung up on Page. When Kim showed up at Mesa Verde, she wanted to apologize for the mistake; Page was mad, we've never seen her this angry before. Everyone makes mistakes when it comes down to paperwork, but Kim hung up the phone when Page needed her right away. It could never happen again.

Kim and Jimmy are at home; they finished dinner, and now Jimmy wanted to watch an old movie with his lady. However, Kim had some Mesa Verde work to do, so Jimmy was on his own. Ever since Jimmy lost his Law license, he has been in a self-loth state. Jimmy feels he doesn't deserve Kim and watching television while she works, doesn't sit right with Jimmy. So Jimmy tells Kim that he needs to go back to work to make a good impression, it's his first week after all. Kim bought it and kissed him goodbye. The man earlier gave Jimmy the idea of selling the cellphones on the street. He pulls up to a laundry matte where three punks where standing outside. His pitch was raw, and the kids thought Jimmy was a nark. So it was time for Slippin' Jimmy to come out and play. Jimmy went to the nail salon to changed into one of his tracksuits ( I can understand why Kim wouldn't let him keep those suits at their apartment) then went to the Dog House hotdog stand to sell his non-traceable cell phones. It worked, the whole thing, until those same three shit heads spotted Jimmy making all that money and decided they want it. After Jimmy sold the last of his cellphones to the biker gang, the three walks over to Jimmy and mugged him and took all his money.

When Jimmy got home, he went to the bathroom to try and clean himself, but it woke up Kim. She saw Jimmy's injuries; he told Kim that he got mugged at the Dog House because he parked too far away. She told Jimmy it sounds like he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Jimmy realized he has some problems and that he needs to talk them out; Jimmy decided it was time to call the shrink. Kim was relieved, she just wanted Jimmy to talk to someone, anyone, even if it's not her.

It was time for Jimmy to check in with his PPD officer, but before Jimmy went upstairs, he stopped to go to the bathroom. Howard was there looking like he rolled right out of bed. Jimmy was concerned, and asked Howard what's up, and if everything was all right. Howard said he was okay, he has insomnia. Jimmy knew the whole thing with Chuck, the guilt, feeling that he cause Chuck to kill himself had given Howard feeling off balanced. Jimmy told Howard he should talk to someone, it might help, Jimmy offered to provide Howard with the number to the shrink that Kim gave him. Howard thanked Jimmy; however, he was already seeing a therapist twice a week. Jimmy was taken back if therapy made Howard become unraveled, what in the world would it do to him.

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