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Better Call Saul - Something Beautiful - Review

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Spikes are dragged across a desert road. A man walks up the road and gets into an old silver Firebird. The car backs up, stops, then drives off at full speed. The Firebird runs over the spikes and skis off the road. A man gets out of the car; it's Victor, he looks back, another car is on its way, a black SUV. Creeping closer to the silver Firebird while dropping broken glass. It stops, a man gets out, it's Tyrone another one of Gus's men. He walks over to the Firebird and opens the trunk, Arturo's dead body was on ice. They take the body out and put it in the driver's seat. Countless shots are fired, the side, the windows, Arturo's head. Nacho gets out of the black SUV and gets into the passager seat. He turns around to look out of the back window, Victor shoots him in the shoulder. Nacho gets out of the car and asks if he could make the call. Another shot fired at Nacho, this one hits his side, Nacho falls to the ground. Tyrone tosses a phone to Nacho, tells him to make the call before he passes out.

Something Beautiful was written by Gordon Smith and directed by Daniel Sackeim, the same team that brought us the fantastic Chicanery episode from season three. Something Beautiful was about bringing us into the character's mindset.   And of course, the introduction of two Breaking Bad favorites, Gale Boetticher, Gus's favorite Chemistry student that (SPOILER) ended up getting shot and killed by Jesse. Ira, one of Saul Goodman's people. Saul introduced him to Walter White and Jesse when they needed a new place to cook.

Jimmy meets Mike at the dinner; he puts a hummel on the table, it looks almost like the one he found at Nuff copy shop. Mike is confused what does this little hummel have to do with anything. Jimmy explains, just how valuable these little suckers are. The one on the table not so much, but the one in the shop is worth over eight grand. Mike sits, drinking his coffee. He sees right throw, Jimmy. Jimmy's only doing this for one reason, greed, and Mike doesn't want anything to do with it. Jimmy continues to explain how easy it would be to replace them, it's easy money, and no one will get hurt. Mike tells Jimmy it's not for him and urges Jimmy to change his mind. Jimmy only sees free money, he walks out and calls the Vet. Jimmy has an emergency; he has a very sick fish!

The call that Nacho made was to the Salamanca twins. When they arrived, the twins observed the scene. One noticed the broken glass on the road, the other, opened the truck. They saw that Arturo was dead, then looked down and saw blood, then Nacho, sun-blistered and barely alive. They quickly assess his wounds and took Nacho to the Vet, Dr. Caldera to seek emergency medical treatment.

Dr. Caldera was on the phone with the interested party but told Jimmy it wasn't his thing. Jimmy took the phone and asked if he shitted gold? Of course not, no one does, Jimmy asked Ira, how fast can he pick a lock, eight minutes. Great, in that time he'll be making four grand. Ira and Jimmy agreed to meet; the plan was set.

As Jimmy walked out one of the Salamanca twins walked into the vet's office, his cold stare scared the hell out of the desk clerk, but she greeted him with a smile. They took Nacho around back, the dehydration, blood loss, and pain from being shot made Nacho coherent. Dr. Caldera did his best to repair Nacho's wounds, but he's just a vet and only can do so much. Nacho started to wake up; Dr. Caldera told him that he had to leave the bullet in his shoulder so he will be setting off metal detectors for the rest of his life. Also one of the shots may have hit his bowel. If that's the case, Nacho could get an infection and die. He needs to see a real doctor as soon as possible. Then Dr. Caldera leans down and tells Nacho, that he never wants to see his face again. This Cartel shit. is too much for him.

Kim's back to work, she arrived at the bank with a new paralegal, Viola, a lovely, eager young lady that could have been Kim at the beginning of her career. Kim jumps right back to work, like second nature. While Kim and Page were going over the new plans, Kevin walked into the room and wanted to see how things were going. Kevin asked Kim how Jimmy was holding up? Kim heisted, and said Jimmy was getting through it. Kevin was glad; he told Kim before they get back to work, she has to see the models! The models? Kim walks into a room full of model designs of different banks that will be built throughout the country. Kevin was like a proud papa; he loved his banks and wanted to show them off. Kim, however, saw it differently. Kim saw her future, and it scared her. The car accident was a wake-up call, to remind Kim why she became a Lawyer in the first place. Kim wanted to make a difference, "fight the good fight."

Last week Kim decided to hold off on giving Jimmy the letter from Chuck. Having to read your brothers lasts words can be painful, and Kim wanted to spare Jimmy from that for a little while longer. One morning Kim thought the time was right to go over the paper, Jimmy agreed. Kim handed him the agreement letter; Jimmy knew what it was and signed it. Then Kim gave Jimmy the letter; she offered to give him some privacy, but he told Kim to stay. Kim listened intently, as Jimmy read the last words that Chuck will ever speak to him. The letter was undated; the words where lovely, he said that he was proud of Jimmy, proud that Jimmy had found a place in this world. Jimmy knew everything that Chuck had said was a lie. Last time Jimmy and Chuck spoke, Chuck told Jimmy he didn't care about him and never had. The whole thing was bull shit, but Kim wasn't there that day. She didn't hear those horrible words that Chuck said to Jimmy, words that broke his heart. So Jimmy read the letter out loud as though he was reading an article from the newspaper. That broke Kim's heart, to see the man that she loves broken, not knowing how or if she'll ever be able to help him, it left Kim in tears.

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