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Lethal Weapon - The Odd Couple - Review: Trailermates

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Welcome back Lethal Weapon Fans!! This mini hiatus has been tough but a new ep will be here on Tuesday. So let's catch ourselves up on what happened before the break.

The Odd Couple was fun for a lot of reasons. Mainly it was the first time Riggs and Murtaugh have been roommates and the hilarity from this situation was great, even if it was because Trish and Roger were on the outs. We also got to see Molly again which I will always be a fan of because the girl has sass and can go toe to toe with Riggs. Also, Avery is just the best, I loved his opening scene with Trish. The episode also had some great epiphanies for characters that desperately needed some perspective. That is what is great about this show, it has its case of the week but it never skimps on the personal issues these characters are having. The case of the week tied into Trish's new job she agreed to earlier in the season when a forman on a construction site is killed and as per usual things are never what they seem. It involved a fork lift, several false leads and drug trafficking... Just another day in paradise right?

Gameshow Roger

The war of who is right is raging on with the Murtaughs and people are forced to take sides and by that I mean everyone from Avery to Riggs is siding with Trish. Roger still does not want to apologize and wants Trish to say sorry for running over his motorcycle. Riggs just wants Rog to leave because he knows he will eventually cave and go home and because his Airstream is his safe space to brood and drink himself into sleep and Roger cleaning up the place and going through his stuff is getting in the way. He also uses his gameshow tactics to get Riggs' attention and it drives our disheveled detective nuts! The good thing throughout the episode for Roger is Scorsaise is more than willing to host him at his place, but he is just fine invading Riggs'space and the friendly coroner is left out again.

Roger also happens upon some things that Molly left behind and questions why Riggs has yet to return them. Riggs never explained to Molly why he abruptly ended things and still thinks its fine because he and Molly had been friends for more than 20 years and are floaters which basically means they always come and go through each other's lives. The reality is that Riggs took the easy way with Molly and didn't tell her that he knew his father killed Ben's dog so it is better to just leave and hope she'll get it. Riggs even calls Cahill to get her assurance that he is probably fine with Molly because of their history and let's just say she doesn't tell him what he wants to hear. I like that we have seemed to move past Riggs desperately mourning Miranda and have been peeling back the layers of how Riggs grew up, because I still contend, he was a wounded soul before he lost his wife and child. This plays out later on when Molly lets Riggs know that his issues with his dad have always followed him. While Riggs ignores yet another life issue, their case with the forklift death is heating up and about to get very interesting.

It is a good thing these guys have their jobs as cops because if they ever were left alone to just think of their life choices, things could get ugly! Roger avoiding Trish comes to a screeching halt when they follow a lead on Sam the victim to the groundbreaking Trish has worked on for a grocery store based out of Texas owned by a man named Butler. They chase down a lead and Trish is mortified when her husband literally crashes the party. You see the guys chased their suspect through the area and detained him on the same stage where the big wigs were about to press the button to implode a building that was on the lot for the grocery store. Did I mention that they slammed the perp down on the big button and detonated the explosives in the building which the head honcho was really looking forward to pressing? Well they did and Butler is none to pleased and rethinks bringing his empire to LA, after some good ole Texan schmoozing and the promise of amazing BBQ from Riggs, Butler agrees to delay returning home to give Trish one last time to persuade him to stay. Now I am fuzzy here, but last I remembered Trish was freelancing as an attorney, they made her seem more of a realtor here with the new job she took some episodes back, that part was a bit confusing to me every time she kept talking about sealing the deal... But I digress.

Riggs knows exactly where to find that BBQ and it gives him the perfect opportunity to gauge where a certain single mother is at in regards to her feelings towards him. Molly has been doing wonderfully with her food truck and Riggs goes to see if he can get her to cook for Butler to save Trish's job. Molly is not warm and fun but rather annoyed and put off by Riggs showing up with a box of her stuff after he left her high and dry with no explanation. Riggs tries to play it off and begs her to cook for Butler as it made lead to exposure for her business by a grocery store giant and she reluctantly agrees but is not doing it for Riggs. I am glad Molly didn't act like his behavior was cool, she's a mom and businesswoman and can't have this indecisive man ruining something she's worked for, she has already been down that road and doesn't want to travel it again.

The dinner is set and the guys are trying to be on their best behavior ahead of the big event. Roger starts to turn to corner and seems to want to get home at this point and thank goodness, his foolish behavior as of late is not a good look. Just before dinner the guys must chase a lead involving some brothers who had threatened the victim awhile back and the obligatory scuffle ensues.

The guys arrive to dinner late of course and Trish is annoyed with Roger and informs Riggs Molly does not want to see him while she's cooks so just leave her alone. Butler is already there as well as Trish's boss and things are tense. Butler seems very protective over his blueprints as well, could it be that he knows something about their case?

Riggs ignores Trish warning and goes to visit Molly, his presence in the backyard makes her burn the food and makes things even worse between them. Molly is clearly hurt here and Riggs really starts to take notice and does what he is told by watching a chicken in the food truck Molly is cooking. He screws that up royally when he gets a call from Bailey about the perps that they arrested before the dinner. She tells them they aren't their guys but they did say the land under the murdered forman's site is filled with subway tunnels prime for drug trafficking. Riggs begins to suspect Butler is involved and swipes his blueprints to see if these tunnels also run toward the land he already purchased. During all of this the dinner turns to garbage and Riggs burned the chicken Molly asked him to watch and she throws them all out of her truck.

I'm like a bird
The case is heating up and so are the seats under Riggs and Murtaugh with their respective ladies. Riggs has a session with Cahill where he admits he was selfish with Molly and he screwed up royally. Cahill tells him that people make mistakes but that doesn't mean he should give up. Trish is also now more furious with Roger for ruining her dinner by helping Riggs steal those blueprints out from under her boss. These things will have to wait because Bailey got a lead that Butler is playing a fun game with squash deliveries from his warehouses. He is clearly moving the drugs that way and had big plans to set up shop in LA until he saw how hot the operation was getting thanks to Riggs and Murtaugh.

Roger's thoughts immediately turn to Trish who is on her way to convince Butler to please stay and honor the deal. He calls Trish and tells her everything he has found out but she is on her way to Butler's private plane in a last ditch effort to salvage the deal doesn't believe him and hangs up. I love Trish but she should have listened to Roger here, this goes beyond their feud, he was trying to protect his wife and she dismissed him. She soon regrets this choice when she overhears Butler talking to the guy he hired to kill the victim about the mess they made and she tries to leave until Butler Confronts her. She uses her savy to get away from him but Rog doesn't know that and is about to take flight.

He and Riggs come in hot and jump on the departing aircraft to save Trish. She calls Rog and let's him know she is on the ground just as the plane is wheels up. They get found out and a midair fight ensues with a gun going off that blows a hole in one of the windows and also kills the pilot. Our guys are flying blind and begin to assess their life choices as of late. Roger laments that he didn't just apologize to his beautiful wife and mother of his kids and the last thing he said was 'I told you so' he is desperate to make it on the ground. After a comment by Rog that Riggs isn't afraid to die, Riggs blurts out that he is and wants that life one day with a family to come home. I loved the shift here, Riggs no longer looks at death like a sweet release, he fears it and it is about dang time. The guys make it down to Earth with one of the most entertaining yet outrageous stunts this show has ever pulled. It involved a rouge parachute that needed to be caught midair and Roger clinging to Riggs as the chute deployed.

With the perps caught, the guys are ready to issue their mea culpas, the only question was would Trish and Molly forgive? Trish and Roger talked it out and we got a great moment that I think we all have been hoping for between these two. I wish Riana, RJ and Harper were in this one because I wanted to shout 'Hey guys! Our parents aren't fighting anymore!!'. Riggs goes to Molly and apologizes for everything and wants back in. She isn't having it until he tells her why he did this. Riggs hesitates but finally tells her about Ben's dog and his dad. She is miffed as to why he wouldn't just tell her that and is open to a reconciliation, but refuses to until he is free of this weight he has put on himself regarding his father. It has always been there and she can't move forward with this until he figures it out.

So what did you think? If Riggs resolves these issues with his dad will Molly be there? Let me know!

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