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Barry - Chapter Four: Commit...To You - Review

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Previously on Barry, Barry completed a job for the Chechens, but Fuches negotiated further work without consulting him first, detectives Moss and Loach made progress on Ryan's murder case, closing in on the theatre group, and Barry took his relationship with Sally to the next level.

Barry is now on Facebook! Seems like a bit of a misstep for a hitman, but at least he's using his stage name and he hasn't uploaded a profile picture as of yet. The morning after with Sally definitely feels awkwardly, as she somewhat subtly hints for him to leave (which he doesn't get at first) so that she can prepare for an audition. Barry goes to Fuches who explains the situation with the Chechens and gives him his next job; the raid on the Bolivian stash house that he negotiated last week. Barry is reluctant to take it as it's far from his field of expertise but Fuches doesn't really pose it as a choice. The Chechens wanted them dead but now he's ensured that they're indispensable to them. Barry needs to raid the stash house in order to not give the Chechens a reason to want to kill them again.

This week's class monologue surrounds Glengarry Glen Ross, and Gene once again feels disappointed by Barry's performance. He gives him a pep talk for both his acting and the rest of his life, basically calling Barry a pushover, which fuels Barry to go to Fuches and tell him that he doesn't want to do the stash house raid for the Chechens. The contrast between a riled up Barry and a blasé Fuches on the golf course was pretty funny, but it does highlight the power imbalance between the two. It's definitely interesting how Barry is the one with the power and skills to kill people and therefore should be the one on top and in control but is instead being controlled by someone else. The nuances in all of the main characters and the interplay and dynamics between them are one of the main draws of the show.

We see Sally at her audition, surrounded by other blondes wearing what women would presume are stylish somewhat militarian jackets. It's a scene that echoes a previous episode and I think will happen a lot for her. We find out that Sally isn't actually booked into the audition, and that her supposed agent has said that he doesn't actually represent her because she rejected his advances earlier in the episode. We see her break down in her car, and it's awful that in order for her to get ahead and further her career, she's probably going to have to be taken advantage of in some way.

Later, Barry makes his way to the party and along the way he allows himself to fantasise about a future with Sally where they're rich, married, and friends with Jon Hamm. It's a sweet life but definitely incredibly premature for Barry to be thinking and feeling this way, especially when Sally doesn't react favourably to the Macbook he tries to gift her at the party. Their entire exchange is awkward, and it seems like Barry is blowing their encounter out of proportion because he just does not have the people skills. It definitely doesn't help that he seems to have been followed by someone to the party, and just after he finishes getting a drink Fuches appears by his side. Barry eyes are wide with fear as his two worlds, that he's tried so hard to keep separate, have suddenly collided. Fuches threatens to expose Barry unless he does the job for the Chechens, and Barry agrees to do it so that Fuches will leave the party and not blow his new life up.

Detective Moss arrives to meet Gene at the restaurant expecting information on Ryan's murder, and somehow seems at least a little bit surprised when the setting is more than a tad romantic. After the way Gene was flirting with her in last week's episode, I'm not entirely sure how she didn't know what she would be walking in to, but she decides to act as professional as she can and tries to get straight down to business. The night however evolves more and more into a date, with detective Moss enjoying herself and flirting back more as the hours pass by. They're interrupted by work, and Janice says that nothing can happen between them, but somehow I don't buy that.

After Fuches leaves the party, Barry meets up with an old marine buddy of his, who along with his friends convinces Barry that another partygoer is making moves on Sally. Barry, who has it in his head that Sally is now his girlfriend following them sleeping together, confronts Zach and tells him to leave Sally alone, but Sally is not impressed. She explains that being told what she is to someone makes her feel like she isn't even a person, and just because they slept together once doesn't mean they have to be anything. Barry is apologetic and devastated, but I think they're both in the right in their own ways.

The episode closes with the police having unencrypted the lipstick camera, however even the shooter's (Barry) face is obscured they still think someone will be able to identify them, and Barry may have been found out by someone as the cash and the envelope that Fuches gave him for the new Chechens job tipped off one of Chris' friends, and now he wants in.

What did you think of 'Chapter Four: Commit...To You'? Do you think Barry should enlist Chris' friend, or will it just lead to his downfall? Let me know in the comments.

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