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Barry - Past = Present x Future Over Yesterday - Advance Preview

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After Barry's failed assassination attempt on Esther at the end of last week's episode, our resident comic relief Noho Hank finds himself with a bigger problem on his hands than the one he originally had. As Cristobal allies himself further with Esther, Hank has the option of either turning his back on Barry once and for all, or allowing Barry to help him.

Fuches, in a tight spot, seems to have turned on Barry and be working with the police, but at the end of the day are the pair of them actually friends?

Tasked with an assignment by Gene to write about their past, both Barry and Sally struggle to put into words an event which truly affected them. As Sally turns to an old friend for advice and hears a conflicting story compared to her own memories, she encourages Barry to do the same, but does he have anyone left who could help him?

Elsewhere, Gene is still attempting to reconnect with his son who is more than a little reluctant.

As the season kicked off to a slightly dramatic start tonally, this episode leans more back into the comedic side that we've come to expect from the show whilst still dealing with some serious topics with an ending scene that is incredibly well acted and slightly chilling. Also, if you missed the news then Barry will return next year for a third season. Barry airs Sundays at 10.00 on HBO.

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