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The Good Fight - The One Where A Nazi Gets Punched - Advance Preview

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Previously on The Good Fight, Lucca became a meme, the office examined the racial culture at Reddick, Boseman & Lockhart and Maia was fired as a result of her face off with Roland.

In this week's episode, following his visit to Diane's office last week, Roland Blum manages to con his way into being made co-counsel on an important case belonging to Adrian, Diane and Julius. His usual antics almost threaten the case, but it seems as though Adrian and Roland have more in common than they thought and their courtroom styles complement each other well enough that finding a break in the case may not be the task they thought it would be.

Elsewhere, after the fallout of Maia's firing, she attempts to move on from Reddick, Boseman & Lockhart by finding a new job, but securing suitable employment that is as enjoyable as her previous job is a tough game. At Reddick, Boseman & Lockhart, the associates are still feeling the effects of the racial divide, and the partners feel a little sensitivity training wouldn't go amiss. Enter Diane and Liz as the guinea pigs, who although they initially may find it absurd, may also have more in common than they thought.

Lucca and Jay are tasked to watch a nearby special election polls as the democratic part, but what should be an easy gig quickly devolves when neo-nazis decide to show up and discourage people from voting. In a direct reference to Richard Spencer and the infamous interview where he was punched, The Good Fight breaks the fourth wall to examine tolerance and violence in the face of the extreme right. As Lucca and Jay spend time together, we get a bit of an insight into Jay's personal life including some hints that viewers may have picked up on in previous episodes.

As we now reach the halfway point in the season, has anyone else noticed that both Maia and Lucca seem to have less screentime compared to last season?
The Good Fight airs Thursdays on CBS All Access.

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