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The Regime - All Ye Faithful - Beginning of The End

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The Heir and The Leader: The New Power Couple

Six months after Colonel Herbert Zubak, also known as the Butcher, reunited with his love Chancellor Elena Vernham, things are slowly heating up to a fever pitch. Both are now engaged in co-dependency, even sharing and analyzing both their dreams with the help of a professional. 

Sharing their sexual fantasies to a 'dream reader', in the hopes of unlocking their true nature, or in some cases, reading Zubak's dream in a way that can help Elena have total control about how the Butcher needs to feel about her.

Zubak, meanwhile, is having doubts about their relationship. He contemplates on his actions from the previous episode where he had killed Keplinger with his bare hands in the hopes of getting Elena's attention and love once more. After that ordeal, it seemed it was the right choice at the time and the once dysfunctional couple is now back together, albeit more dysfunctional than before.

Meeting with the Chancellor's council seemed unfruitful as well. While Elena is busy dealing with her 'image problem' the ministers are focused on dealing with the problems of insurgency creeping slowly towards the palace. With one district at a time, the 'liberators' of the country are closing in on Elena and her administration with the help of the soaring popularity of the rebels, marching closer to the Palace District.

Elena is still unmoved by the Westgate rebels' actions, deeming them agitators being fed lies by NATO allies and other countries out to get her government. She even fooled herself into believing that staying in the palace would not have consequences, and that her people are just misinformed and will surely realize her love is constant and unwavering once again.

As for Zubak's role in any meeting, he defends her statements with utmost loyalty and love. Elena staying in the palace would mean defending her because without her, life does not make sense.

Christmas In The Palace

As Christmas rolls near, and civil war is looming in the background, Elena tries to be as cheerful as ever, ignoring the impending coup around her while she facilitates her holiday warmth throughout the country. As a tradition in their country, they acquire a number of fishes for their Christmas Carp celebration, in which he gives Oskar one to take care of. 

The facade of a joyous celebration is slowly interrupted by sounds of roaring planes and rifle shots from afar, though this did little to negate the Chancellor's delusion of her people's love and trust in her. So much so that she totally ignores the signs of mistrust and disloyalty in her cabinet.

The Barber of Seville

The rebels have taken over the broadcasting systems, leaving Chancellor Vernham no choice but to try and abdicate her supreme rule to Zubak, a man of the people, as she steps down and tries to save what's left of her dwindling image. She turns to a live broadcast through social media to perform her last act as their Chancellor but was interrupted by the sound of gunshots and hollering masses trudging their way towards the Palace grounds.

With no hope in sight, Elena is reminded once again of the reality of her actions as the rebels finally made their way to the palace. Betrayed by her own people, she is left by the last helicopter to safety, as Zubak and herself rush through the secret tunnels beneath the palace to escape their fate.

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