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Tracker - St. Louis - Review

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In the fifth episode of this gripping series, viewers found gritty hero, Colter Shaw, embroiled in a complex case that stretched the bounds of loyalty, justice and the pursuit of truth. Commissioned by Stephanie, the daughter of convicted murderer Clay Porter, Colter is tasked with an almost impossible mission: to find a key witness that could overturn Clay’s guilty verdict. This episode skillfully intertwined elements of suspense, ethical dilemmas and the raw determination that Colter has to fight for what he believes is right.

"St. Louis” – TRACKER, Pictured: Fiona Rene as Reenie Greene and Justin Hartley as Colter Shaw. Photo: Michael Courtney/CBS ©2024 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

As Colter worked the case, he discovered that Clay was convicted of murdering his business partner, a man named Avery. The duo’s seemingly mundane Asbestos removal business was also serving as an illicit gambling operation from which Avery was profiting. This discovery led to a fierce confrontation between Clay and Avery. When Avery was found dead shortly after the altercation, Clay was swiftly arrested and convicted of the murder, despite his adamant pleas that he was not guilty of the crime. This episode once again threw Reenie into the mix, serving as somewhat of an assistant to Colter as he worked to prove Clay’s innocence. Despite Reenie’s skepticism, Colter’s unwavering commitment to Stephanie that he would find the witness that could ultimately free her father from prison, took him through a high stakes race against time to save an innocent man's life. 

Colter encountered several challenges on his journey, including getting arrested for the second time this season, but ultimately his determination led him to the elusive witness capable of clearing Clay’s name. The narrative took a serious turn when Colter realized that his quest wasn’t just about saving Clay’s life, but now the witnesses as well since speaking up could cost her her life. Luckily, Colter has a way of making people feel at ease in his presence and knowing that he would protect her, helped the witness agree to come forward. 

"St. Louis” – TRACKER, Pictured: Steve Eddy James, Ali Tarhouni and Justin Hartley as Colter Shaw. Photo: Michael Courtney/CBS ©2024 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

A poignant moment of the episode was when it seemed all was lost after Clay was attacked in prison. This scene served as a stark reminder of the episode’s underlying urgency and the real human cost of getting justice. It is during this moment that we see Colter’s resolve solidify, refusing to let danger deter him from his mission. 

The case took a surprising turn when it was discovered that Clay’s lawyer had intentionally ruined Clay’s defense to aid the real murderer, who was also his client. This twist intensified the action, especially when the lawyer kidnapped Reenie and tried to make a deal with Colter, offering to exchange Reenie for the key witness. Viewers were taken through a tense moment as Colter relied on his cleverness and instincts, putting both Reenie and the witness’s lives on the line in order to outsmart the lawyer and rescue everyone, ultimately ensuring Clay’s freedom. 

"St. Louis” – TRACKER, Pictured: Fiona Rene as Reenie Greene. Photo: Michael Courtney/CBS ©2024 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Although this episode was a strong installment, it was not without its drawbacks. The slow pace of character development and backstory revelation for key characters such as Teddi, Velma and especially Colter himself, left viewers yearning for more. Five episodes in, and the audience is still left in the dark about Colter’s elusive brother and the reason he was trying desperately to contact Colter in the first episode of the season. This lack of storytelling diminishes the potential for viewers to form a deeper emotional investment in the character’s journeys. Especially when they are left hanging for episodes at a time without answers to key plot points. 

"St. Louis” – TRACKER, Pictured: Fiona Rene as Reenie Greene and Justin Hartley as Colter Shaw. Photo: Michael Courtney/CBS ©2024 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Despite these criticisms, the episode itself was a testament to the series’ strengths: compelling storytelling, intricate plotlines and a deep dive into the complexities of achieving justice. Colter’s relationship with Reenie brings something special to the series, highlighting that doing this work is tough and even a lone wolf like Colter needs someone by his side that he can count on and trust. Even though viewers are eager to learn more about the characters’ backgrounds, the mix of drama and action that each episode brings is likely keeping them hooked. As the season progresses, hopefully character development will pick up, allowing viewers to feel closer to the characters as they follow them through their weekly adventures. 

Over to you, Tracker fans! What are your thoughts on the episode? What elements of the series are keeping you hooked? Do you wish we could learn more about the characters? Share your thoughts below and engage with me on X at @middleofCanada.

About the Author - Cristina Almeida
Cristina is a proud Canadian, and dog mom. She is an elementary school Guidance Counsellor by day and TV buff by night. When she isn't working or binge watching her fave shows, she enjoys spending time with her two dogs, a terrier mix named Penny and Chihuahua/Pug cross named Holly. Twitter: @Middleof Canada. Instagram: @Dogmomontheprairie
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