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The Regime - The Hero's Banquet - Review

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Consequences of Misguided Principles

The third episode titled 'The Hero's Banquet' was in relevance to Chancellor Elena Vernham's deceased father's birthday celebration. It can also be attributed to Elena's 'heroic' annexation of the Faban Corridors, unifying her homeland once more. Corporal Herbert Zubak is taking charge as two months go by after the conclusion of the second episode, even managing to lead a cabinet meeting by himself, with the Chancellor's approval of course, while his grip tightens around Elena's neck, figuratively and physically.

Many more changes have taken hold on the presidential palace apart from a dwindling staff, home-brewed recipes, and Zubak gaining more and more notoriety as the cruel household de-facto leader. With the members of the council seeing the fruits of their labor materializing in the form of Colonel Zubak's rise to prominence, matters of the state have drastically turned against the once beloved Butcher.


Apart from the current political entanglements the Chancellor and Zubak is wrapped up in, we see more of Agnes' perseverance not only as Oskar's real mother but as Elena's ever loyal attendant.

Consolidating Power Through Reunification

Their original plan of Land Reform was sidelined due Elena's hunger to seize control of her diminishing authority, urging for a reunification with the northern country of Faban. Elena's dismissive behavior towards the U.S. not seeing her as a threat, as well as Zubak's continuing aggression towards her policies made her more resolved into doing what she knows best. As the reunification ended, Chancellor Elena Vernham's position and authority can no longer be mitigated or exploited.

Elena Takes Control, For Now?

By the end of the episode, Corporal Zubak unleashes a tirade of anger and fury towards not only the Chancellor but most of the guests in the celebratory reunification party. Shedding light into his destructive past, he once again showed his true colors, blinded by absolute power Elena had given him prematurely.


The show concluded with Zubak's arrest and immediate exit after his brutal meltdown and confrontation with Elena. As the world's eyes quickly turned to Chancellor's Vernham's direction, Elena once again had full control over her nation's interest, either as an ally of the European Nation or as a scheming dictator out to conquer her part of the world, through any means necessary.

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