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The Regime - The Foundling - Review

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 The New Elena Vernham

The second episode for the series The Regime entitled The Foundling is respectively on-point with its overall narrative. For the ruler to bring about rebuilding the nation, one must provide a respectable amount of providence and authority, a foundation to build upon restoring a legacy. Though not evident in the opening scenes, Chancellor Vernham and Colonel Zubak's bond grew stronger as three weeks had passed by since the events of the debut episode. Now, the hierarchy has shifted in the palace for the rugged Colonel, being appointed as Chief of Palace Health and Safety, which has quietly agitated a number of the Chancellor's close advisors as well as his beloved husband.

Nonetheless, the Chancellor's health is still a priority, and with the significance of Zubak aiding her with the help of his own personal knowledge on traditional medicinal customs, their shared goal of protecting the country starts with the country's leader. Safeguarding both her physical well-being as well as her standing in the world stage is a combined effort being revealed as The Regime first began its weekly airing.

As a series of events unfolded, we learn more and more about each character revolving around Elena and Zubak. Elena's female attendant, Agnes, is revealed to be the Chancellor's surrogate, helping her birth her son Oskar who is currently suffering from epilepsy. Agnes was secretly providing western-based medication for the boy, which was later found out by Mr. Laskin in secrecy.  We also learn more about the machinations surrounding the distrust between Zubak and other members of the household and council. 

Pushing Back Against The West

Also, a new player enters the scene as the alarming speeches made by Elena against the tyranny of the West was seen as an aggressive move, making the United States tread with cautionary warning to what's to come. Senator Judith Holt, played by Martha Plimpton, is the chair for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and is bound to be in the Chancellor's country as an envoy of the White House to deescalate any disagreements to the West. After a pulsating interaction with both Elena and Zubak, the U.S. Senator is put in her place by a deliberate confrontation. Though that interaction was limited in terms of verbal communication, the mere presence of The Butcher, alone inside a room with the foreign delegate, translated into a fearful and memorable event.

The Founder of Nations

As far as genealogy and legacy is concerned, the Foundling, a national myth about the first person to establish the founding of the nation, was found to be in Zubak's D.N.A., though the ploy of this circumstance was deviced by Elena's advisors to further elevate Zubak's stature in the hope that the Chancellor will grow tired of the soldier and move on. Unknowing to them is the ever-fervent connection of the Chancellor and her retainer linking up tighter and tighter with each moment. As the Council and the First Husband gathered to find more intel about the rising star of the palace, they slowly uncover his tumultuous and violent past, even his participation in the infamous Site Five incident in which he was evidently the first one to shoot at the protesters.

The Foundling is a great step forward after the trails of the previous episode. The Regime is turning out better than expected as escalations between the country and other foreign nations are left up in the air. Many other characters are sure to steal the spotlight as the story unfolds but right now, The Regime is shaping up to be a wonderful addition to anyone's weekly show consumption.

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