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October Game Releases and Staff Picks

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You can find a list of the major game releases for October at the bottom of the article. We have also highlighted our picks for what we will be playing and what we think could be the best of the month. Let us know what games you are looking forward to in the comments below

Staff Pick - Sonic Superstars - 17th October
CJ: As a Sonic fan the past few years have been disappointing for sonic games that bring back the magic it once had. Frontiers was an amazing start in the right direction, but Superstars may just be the best Sonic game this decade!

Staff Pick - Super Mario Bros Wonder - 20th October
Chris C: Super Mario Bros. Wonder looks like everything I've ever wanted in a modern 2D Mario game—and more. From the beautiful animations to the various multiplayer modes to having a playable Elephant Mario, this is without a doubt going to be one of my most played Nintendo Switch games of the year!

Staff Pick - Spider-Man 2 - 20th October
CJ: The biggest and most anticipated PS5 game of 2023 is nearly upon us. The original Spiderman was a masterpiece, and this game promises to improve, refine and increase the already epic size. If this game matches even a fraction of what made the original great, this is going to be a must buy for any PS5 owner.

Staff Pick - Ghostrunner 2 - 26th October
Chloe: I never had so much fun dying in a video game than I did in the first Ghostrunner and the sequel looks set to bring the same level of kinetic and dynamic combat with the added addition of a motorcycle to heat things up. If the demo is anything to go by, Ghostrunner 2 is on track to meet and exceed the energy of the first game - and the soundtrack sounds amazing as well

Staff Pick - Alan Wake 2 - 27th October
Milo: The world of Alan Wake is a fascinating horror that draws heavily from the influences of Twin Peaks and Stephen King, and now that it's gotten bigger with the addition of Control, I can't help but jump at the chance to recommend that you keep an eye out for this one. Any fan of the first game should eagerly be anticipating this: and if you haven't you can easily pick it up before release and play, especially now the remaster is out.

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