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The SpoilerTV Favourite TV Series Competition 2023 - Nominations now closed

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Welcome to the 14th edition of the annual SpoilerTV Favourite TV Series Competition!

This is the ninth time I've run this thing after taking over from Adam, who thought it up and managed it so well in the early days, and while it means plenty of work for me to operate the competition, it also means plenty of intrigue, and plenty of support from you, the fans. Some of this website's best and most iconic moments have come during this competition, and it's always a joy.

Anyway, enough rambling. You're here because you have TV shows you love and you want to shout about them, right? Right?! Good. On we go, then.

Of all the thousands of TV shows out there, we need you to narrow it down to just 64. Among those 64 will be an even split between current and finished shows.

There are a couple of really fun things about this competition. One is that you get to shout loud and proud about the shows that mean the most to you, that you love beyond belief, that you are desperate for everyone else to enjoy. The other is that it has become incredibly open: the last six years have all seen different winners, with only one having won it before. The last three years have all been won by shows which hadn't even appeared in the previous year! The full ranking of every show to ever compete in the competition is viewable here.

The point is that your support for your show goes a long way, and anything can happen here.

The nomination rules are simple: submit two current and two finished shows. A current show is any show that has aired or will air episodes after 31 July 2023.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to nominate in the correct category. If you submit in the wrong category, that part of your nomination will not count! Please ask in the comments if you are unsure which category your choice falls into.

Don't submit the same show more than once in the same entry, as doing this means I will tally it zero times! Putting the same show multiple times into your nomination will not help its cause.

Similarly, please only submit the form once. Multiple entries by the same person all get removed. If you make an error in your submission, or wish to change your entry, simply leave a comment below.

Please note that only scripted, English-language shows; or non-English language shows covered by SpoilerTV are eligible for nomination.

Nominations will close on Thursday 31 August, with the voting stage of the competition beginning the following Monday.

Notable shows (any others brought to my attention will be added to the top of the post and the bottom of the list):

Don't forget to cast your votes, spread the word of the competition, and most of all, tell us who you voted for in the comments below.

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