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Performer of the Month - June 2023 - Results

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Below you will find the Top 3 finishers for each side listed out in placement order. All of these graphics will be available on my Twitter account as well as the official SpoilerTV Twitter and Instagram accounts. We are happy for you to share them, but please share them from one of these official sources to ensure you are sharing the best quality version of these graphics. For the highest quality, please click on the slides to enlarge them.


The Bear's Ayo Edebiri held off a last-minute surge by Silo's Rebecca Ferguson in a staff round of voting that saw no less than 5 lead changes. Aaron Paul of Black Mirror was in the mix from the get-go and hung on to take 3rd. Ayo Edebiri's ability to convey Sydney's emotional landscape in The Bear is a testament to her nuanced acting prowess. Her performance in this episode is subtle yet potent, demonstrating that the power of acting often lies in the unspoken. She doesn't rely on verbose dialogues to communicate Sydney's feelings. Instead, she employs a rich tapestry of non-verbal cues - her facial expressions, body language, and even the many in which she handles her utensils, all contribute to the narrative. Each of these elements coalesces to paint a vivid picture of Sydney's internal world, making the character come alive. One scene that particularly underscores Edebiri's talent in this episode is Sydney's solo culinary journey across Chicago. In this sequence, Sydney explores some of the city's finest eateries, indulging in a variety of new and exciting foods. Edebiri's performance in this scene is nothing short of mesmerizing. She beautifully encapsulates Sydney's joy and exhilaration as she savors new flavors and textures, making the audience almost taste the experience. Edebiri's portrayal of Sydney is a masterclass in acting, a testament to her innate ability to breathe life into her character. Her performance is a clear indication of her immense talent and potential. As an actress, she possesses a rare gift, one that is sure to propel her toward a long and illustrious career. Her performance in "Sundae" and The Bear is a testament to her potential, and it is clear that she is a rising star to watch. Ayo Edebiri is SpoilerTV's June Staff Choice Performer of the Month.


Misha Collins took a commanding lead early in Reader voting and never looked back. He takes the title this month with an astonishing 87% of the votes. Like him, his Gotham Knights castmate, Keegan took firm control of 2nd early with Edebiri making a quick claim on 3rd. Exceptional acting is so much more than just saying the words on the page, and in "Night of the Owls" (Ep. 113) of Gotham Knights, Misha Collins gives a stellar performance in just a few short scenes. As the captured Harvey Dent we see his vulnerable side as Collins' character tries to match wits with his captor, and later as he desperately tries to make amends to and reason with his also captured daughter. It's clear in his eyes and in his emotional pleas that the last thing he wants to do is bring the other side of himself out. He knows the consequences of what happens if he does. Finally, he realizes the only way to save his daughter and the city is to let his evil side out. That is when a truly masterful transformation takes place, illustrated not just verbally by the deepening timbre of his voice, but physically as well as his whole poster and demeanor changes making him an imposing character despite him being tied to a chair. Harvey Dent sacrificed himself to save others, the other guy's motivation is pure self-preservation even after his face is marred by acid. At that moment Collins and Dent become the physical and emotional personification of the iconic DC villain Two-Face. It is a genuine shame the show has been canceled before viewers could witness the additional depth he surely would have given this character. Misha Collins is Spoiler TV's June Reader's Choice Performer of the Month. 

Please join us in the comments and on social media in celebrating winners Ayo Edebiri and Misha Collins as well as the incredible runner-ups. Both winners have secured a place in the 2023 Performer of the Year competition that will take place in January 2024. 

Come back to Spoiler TV on Tuesday, August 1 at 12 pm ET for the start of the July round.

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