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Superman and Lois - Forever And Always - Review : You Have My Heart

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Beware of spoilers for the episode in the article. Please do not continue reading if you haven’t watched the episode yet and you are not okay with being spoiled.

Lois :

This week was particularly bad for Lois , her cancer treatment is beginning to affect her quite badly physically. She has also grown closer to Peia Mannheim who she still doesnt know is Bruno's wife. Lois showed Peia a picture of her boys and Peia conveniently said she didn't have her phone so she wouldn't show Lois pictures of her family. Peia lies to Lois about knowing Mannheim , her husband and she gets mad when Lois asks her if she knows Mannheim or ever met him. Lois eventually sucks it and apologizes to Peia and Peia reveals that Bruno is her husband towards the end of the episode after Ckark visits Bruno for an interview.

Clark and Bruno :

Clark showing up at Bruno Mannheim's house to ask for a story was an interesting development. Clark spends so much time as Superman it's easy to forget on this show that he is also a reporter. Clark calls out Bruno on how every business investment he has ever made has been profitable all except the hospital. We know Bruno’s concern is really with saving his wife , but Clark doesn't know this. Bruno says the people of Hobbs bay (his home) are disproportionately getting cancer compared to other people and he wants to help them ,which is a good cover to hide his personal investment in the hospital and treating cancer. Bruno asking Clark how far he was willing to go to save his wife was a very big thing. Clark loves Lois but he isn't willing to hurt other people to save Lois , Lois wouldn't want that either. That's one of the differences between Clark and Bruno as people.

John Henry and Natalie :

This week John finally gets to meet Matteo and it doesn't go very well. John Henry and Lana have a talk about Natalie's boyfriend and Lana tells him not to scare away Matteo, John is very overprotective of Natalie. John Henry's face when Matteo said Natalie looked stunning was hilarious lol , it looked like John's life flashed before his eyes. I feel like you could have played Lauryn Hill's Doo woop that thing and it would have probably stated everything that was on his single facial expression through a song. Lana and John are clearly going to end up dating if the show lasts long enough but I'm glad the show is taking its time with them actually having a friendship together before it gets there. I like the idea of Lana and John as a couple , they compliment each other well.

Lana Lang , Sarah and Chrissy:

I'm glad Lana isn't mad at Chrissy and she told Sarah off about being rude and disrespectful to Chrissy. Sarah still gets the mildly annoying storylines on the show sometimes , Chrissy only recently started dating Kyle and I'm glad she made it clear to Lana that there was never any overlap with Kyle and Lana's marriage. Chrissy did call out Sarah on her mean girl behavior which helped Sarah come around and the girls ended up watching a movie together and bonding without Kyle. I do get Lana being a bit bothered/ jealous after watching Sarah and Chrissy happy together especially after her rocky relationship this season with her daughter. Lana had an honest conversation about her feelings with Sarah, that's a good step for their mother daughter relationship. The firework scene at the end of the episode was a nice moment for Lana and Sarah.

Jonathan :

Poor Jonathan, his meltdown was heartbreaking. I think Jon took his parents keeping secrets from him more personally because he feels a bit lonely and separated from Clark and Jordan because of not having powers. Jon is a teenager and he is scared and seeing his Mum's end of life documents pushes him over the edge. I'm glad Lois and Clark had a conversation with Jonathan and Jordan and they told them the truth about why they can't use the fortresses technology. I do wonder how General Sam Lane will feel if he finds out that kryptonian technology might be able to save Lois but Clark and Lois don't want to use it for ethical reasons. At the end of the episode Jonathan apologized for shouting at Clark and I'm glad Clark told Jonathan he is just as Kryptonian as his brother , I feel that's something that bothers Jon a lot even though he acts like he has accepted it.

Natalie and Matteo :

My suspicions were finally confirmed this week , Matteo is indeed Bruno Manheim's son and it appears for now that he isn’t aware of his Father and Mother being crime bosses. Matteo does seem to genuinely like Natalie which is really making me think of Romeo and Juliet. I can't imagine them killing off Natalie but I wouldn't be shocked if Bruno's actions ultimately cause him to end up losing both his son and wife. Bruno doesn’t have time to probably keep tabs on Matteo since he is preoccupied with Peia because I’m sure he would know Matteo was seeing John Henry’s daughter. Matteo is genuinely excited to introduce his parents to Natalie and I’m guessing the truth will be revealed next week in the episode titled “Guess who's coming to dinner”.

Bruno Mannheim and Peia :

This weeks episode also focuses heavily on Bruno and Peia's romantic backstory. They grew up together as kids and both eventually worked for the same crime boss at a certain point in time. In the past , Bruno Mannheim wanted to give Lex Luthor Metropolis in exchange for him leaving the Suicide Slums to Bruno. We know Lex is coming soon, so clearly they are setting up Lex coming on the show by establishing that Mannheim and Luthor have a history with each other.

Well also discovered an interesting fact about Peia Mannheim , she has had her powers for years since before she had cancer. I was laboring under the false impression that she was like Mannheim's other powered henchmen and she received her powers from Brunos experiments to save her. This information opens up so many more questions. Matteo is the same age as the boys and Natalie so it's very likely the flashbacks happened before Matteo was born since the flashbacks seem to be about how they got together romantically. Peia's powers mean other metahumans might exist on Superman's Earth without his knowledge. I wonder if Matteo could get powers if his meta gene is triggered. This was probably the most far reaching reveal of the episode, it could have consequences beyond this season in the event that the show is renewed for another season.

Conclusion :

This episode largely dealt with matters of the heart and the question of whether love can truly conquer all things. This week felt like a set up episode without a single action sequence or Clark suiting up as Superman which didn't bother me because I know a big superpowered showdown is coming on the show and it was probably for budgetary reasons to save up for that.

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