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The Good Doctor - Episodes 6.19 - 6.20 - Review: Stand Up With Your Opinions

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We’re back! After catching a bit of air, we're ready to comment on The Good Doctor 6x19 “Half Measures” and 6x20 “Blessed,” two emotional episodes that begin to show some key cracks ahead of the season finale. Ready?

Here we go!

Glassy is cancer free! But this show doesn't give us much time to celebrate when in "Blessed" we discover that something is, indeed, wrong with him. I honestly also thought Shaun was overreacting. Two forgotten screws don't seem to me to be a sign of brain damage. It’s a very big leap to make.

That's why I perfectly understood Glassy's exasperation, exhaustion, and frustration. I was feeling the same way about Shaun. But understanding his motives helped. Shaun wasn't being pushy to prove a point but to be there for Glassy, ​​the same way Glassy had been there for him. Always.

And Shaun has a wonderful way of making me squishy and making me want to hug him when a moment before I just wanted to kill him LMAO.

That being said, I think Shaun didn't act right at the end of "Blessed." Once he found out what happened to Glassy, ​​he shouldn't have told Lim directly. Shaun should have talked to Glassy. Shaun tells Lim directly it doesn't feel good. It almost feels like a small betrayal to him. Almost.

Episode 6x19 "Half Measures" was not a good episode for the team formed by Lim and Andrews. Their disagreement over a patient ended on the personal ground when Andrews pulled rank to do things his way. I'm not going to judge what was the best way to do things, but Andrews loses his manners due to his arrogance and ego.

Respect for a colleague and a friend has to be above all else... and I don't see Andrew taking care of his mistakes — I'm glad he started doing it but still. The point is that Lim and Andrew are the two heads of the hospital, the people, along with Glassy, ​​that everyone turns to for guidance and support, regardless of who holds the official title of Hospital President. So Lim and Andrews can't be like this, they need to be a team. If they aren't…things will blow up soon and it won't be pretty.

“Half Measures” is also a turning point for Jordan, Perez, and the strange love triangle that has formed with Jared. I'm sure Perez is jealous that Jordan and Jared have grown so close…but at the same time, he knows he can't do anything about it or demand anything of Jordan.

Jordan is torn between what could happen between her and Jared and the impossibility of completely letting Perez go. In reality, she has deep feelings for Perez but she doesn't know if he's ever a real possibility. So they both do their best and decide to move on. We'll see how they do.

For his part, Asher has a conflict with his patient — by the way, the death of someone in this series hasn't hurt me so much in a long time — in "Blessed" and I have to say that he crossed the line. I have to confess that, being an atheist, my thinking is more similar to Asher's, however, you have to maintain respect above all else.

Having a different point of view doesn’t make Asher above anyone, nor does it give him the power to disrespect someone who thinks differently. There's a difference between standing up with your opinions and saying moron to anyone who doesn't think like you. So I'm glad Asher realized this and was going to tell — very publicly — his boyfriend. His words…it's like saying I love you without saying those three words, don't you think?

Later, "Blessed" leads to the conclusion that "Half Measures" started. Morgan had a connection to Eden from the first moment she saw her. There was something that clicked on her, something that said “Eden is just what you've been waiting for,” but she wasn't sure if she should follow her instincts. Yet at the same time, she couldn't help but be there for Eden…and that worried Park.

Many things make them apart but he still loves her, even if he doesn't want to accept it. So the prospect of seeing her suffer when a family adopts Eden is… too much. Park is seeing that Morgan loves that baby, even though she tries to deny it, and he doesn't want her to suffer. But love is more powerful than everything else and it speaks for herself.

Finally, Morgan decides to adopt Eden, and not only that, for her it’s not training or a replacement for the baby she wants to have, Eden is her daughter. And we don’t miss the detail that Park is there, present.

This is where our The Good Doctor review ends. We will be back next week with a new review.

Agree? Disagree? Don’t hesitate to share it with us in the comments below!

The Good Doctor airs Mondays 10/9c on ABC.

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