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Ghosts - Alberta's Descendant - Review: Cod-blocking 101

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It was about time for Ghosts to return to Sam's podcast, and what a way to come back to that.

Alicia (played by the wonderful Ashley D. Kelley) arrives at the B&B to find out more about her great-grand aunt, the one and only Alberta, which stirs up a series of unexpected and hilarious scenes. Alberta's Descendant, both the episode and the character herself, surprisingly shifts the focus from Alberta's podcast to Alicia's career. I say surprising because I walked into this episode fully expecting twists and turns about Alberta's murder (though the ending certainly didn't disappoint!), and I walked out of it feeling much more satisfied and slightly emotional.

The episode focuses on parenting in more ways than one, but more prominently with Alberta arm-twisting Sam into stopping her descendant Alicia from falling for creepy Todd no matter what. It's quite endearing, if you ignore how brutal Sam rips into Todd on his date with Alicia--though to be fair, she makes excellent points about him living with his mom, running the Alberta museum from the garage, having a tattoo of her face on his back, and of course the toenail. Even though I thought Todd and Alicia had a little bit of chemistry (I'm sorry, Alberta), I'm glad the episode shifted its tone entirely to focus less on the date shenanigans and more on Alicia wanting to drop her law career in favor of singing.

Ghosts has a tendency of delivering bittersweet moments, which is certainly expected in a show about ghosts, but it doesn't make the impact of those moments any less gratifying and sentimental. Watching Alberta sing alongside Alicia (who sang her heart out, holy moly!) was phenomenal and one of my favorite scenes this season; I've loved Danielle Pinnock for a while now, but her facial expressions as she watches her descendant and feels like a parent for the first time in her life is an excruciatingly beautiful moment and one I won't forget for a while. What a lovely scene.

Elsewhere, Nigel uses his knowledge of Hetty and Trevor "playing a game of nug-a-nug" to take over Trevor's bedroom with the TV in it. I'm genuinely surprised this is resolved by episode's end though it's likely for the better instead of dragging it along for multiple episodes, and even more surprised to see Trevor's soft side come out as he admits he is hurt by Hetty refusing to let everyone know about this hookup. The secret's out, and what I appreciate even more about this reveal is the open-endedness of it all: are they a couple now, are they still just hooking up, is it all actually over? It's hard to tell, but I love Nigel stepping in for some ghosts drama this week and, of course, Sass realizing he's slipping when it comes to Woodstone mansion gossip. Step it up, Sass!

Finally, Alberta's Descendant brings it all back to Sam and Todd (and Jay)'s podcast to delve deeper into the note that was found between Alberta's ex Earl and a woman called "T" about plotting to murder Alberta. The big unexpected reveal here is that her great-grandmother Reese was with Earl after Alberta's death, bringing into question whether T is short for Teresa, which is short for Reese, and therefore the mega reveal that Alberta's own sister could have killed Alberta! Ghosts, I'm begging you to give us more podcast scenes to investigate further because I am on the edge of my seat here--and yes, even if that means sitting through more Todd!

Scary Delights from the B&B:

- "I'm not losing sleep over that British twerp."
- "It's intolerable. I do not like being in this position."
- "Well, I know a position that you do like being in."
- "How dare you? Oh, meet me downstairs in five minutes."

- "If the problem is Alicia is unaware of Todd's weirdness, you must simply illuminate her, like we did with the colonists when it came to the evils of King George."
- "Oh, get over it."
- "Truth hurts, sweetie."

- "Yeah, she drive landship with seats made of cow."
- "Okay, I've heard you say 'leather' before. Are you messing with us?"

- "Reality TV making Thor catty."

- "Okay, Thor, what should I do?"
- "You should be okay with Alicia marrying Dane because she does not know better."
- "Child, what?"

- "For the past three months, Trevor Lefkowitz and I have been engaged in amorous congress."
- "Hetty's in Congress?"

- "I can't wait to find out who their third is."

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