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Station 19 - It’s All Gonna Break? - Review

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Miranda Bailey and Carina are about to cause some trouble, and Warren is unhappy about it. It is Ruiz’s first day as Captain of Station 19, and he might be too careful. Lastly, Travis' electoral debate is coming up, where things take a turn.

Bailey and Carina are planning to go undercover at a women's health clinic. They are suspecting the clinic is not acting in the women's best interest and using Bailey's name to lure people in. Warren is not having it and even follows the women to the clinic, showing up unexpectedly. Carina would pose as a pregnant woman who is seeking an abortion but is not met her needs. At the clinic, they give her a pregnancy test, which she needs to read herself, something she could have done herself. They use a urine sample from a pregnant co-worker. When the test turns out positive, Carina gets emotional since it is her first positive test and it is not real.

While Carina keeps telling the woman at the clinic she wants an abortion, she receives all the reasons why she should not, involving risks based on false facts and other options like adoption. That is when they call the women out for not caring about the women. When the three of them are escorted out they are met at the entrance by friends protesting the clinic and referring the women who go there to visit Bailey's clinic.

After being promoted last week to Chief of Station 19, until Beckett is fit to return, Ruiz is acting captain. On his first day, he seems to have trust issues with the team. He is double-checking their findings, declining ideas to solve the problem, and keeping the team on a short leash. Causing friction between him and the team, but most of all with Vic. As a result, it takes them way longer to get everyone to safety than it usually would.

Two things play part in Ruiz’s behavior. He does not want to be like Beckett and become an involved captain for his team. And there is old trauma, since this is not the first time Ruiz has been captain of a firehouse, which did not end well the first time. Eventually, his behavior causes him and Vic to fight back at the fire station. Does his promotion mean it might as well be the end of their relationship?

It is time for the electoral debate, and Travis is nervous. Practicing with Eli does not go well until he drops his flashcards and starts speaking from his passion. Putting even more pressure on is the nasty video Dixon has made about Travis, negatively framing him. At the actual debate, Travis blacks out when asked to comment on what Dixon has said about him. He eventually retakes himself but not in a way you would expect, or maybe you would from Travis. Being a fireman first, spotting a fire hazard, a ripped cable, even though he is not on the job. Instead of answering the question Travis asks for electrical tape and fixes it while telling everyone that he would rather fix something in five minutes and have everyone safe than have to deal with an escalation.

Travis’s speech hit off, he seems to be having it off his charm, passion, and a lot of luck this electoral campaign. He is winning people over. Upon arriving back at the apartment, both Eli and Travis are on a high and end up hooking up with each other.

Dixon, who is feeling like he might lose the election, is waiting for Maya at her apartment when she gets home. He hands her an envelope with photos of Ross and Sullivan, proof of their relationship. Trying to talk her into blackmailing again. We have to wait until the next episode to see how this turns out.

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