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The Equalizer - Second Chance - Review

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Client:  Tim Fells asks Robyn to save his younger brother, Shawn.

You’d figure that serving time for and never implicating the mastermind of the crime would warrant a little more than a thank you.

At the very least, you wouldn’t expect them to kidnap your baby brother to use as leverage in forcing you to commit another robbery.

Which is what former partner Randall Grayle has done to Tim. Tim barely says he won’t do it when Randall shows him a picture of his baby brother.

What a way to say “thank you for not turning me in too.”

Robyn needs to find Shawn quickly so Tim doesn’t have to break his promise to stay out of trouble with the law.

There weren’t any twists and turns in this episode; just complications.

The most stressful complication from my point of view was when Robyn learned that Dante was already prepping to take down the robbery’s mastermind, Randall, and she’d put Tim into his crosshairs.

This is where I began to pay a little more attention.

I just knew that somehow something was going to go wrong and the relationship I’ve been watching build between these two would be severely taxed, if not destroyed.

No question that Robyn was going to rescue Shawn. But by the successful rescue of Shawn, Robin let down Dante.

Robyn wasn’t there when Mel got into trouble. So Dante was forced to let Randall go in order to save her.

Dante had a lot on the line with regard to catching Randal. He’d killed a cop, and Dante was the one who had to deliver the news to his family.

Note: How awesome were Mel’s fight scenes this week?

Will Robyn and Dante ever regain the closeness we’ve seen grow over the past few weeks?

Family Life:  Vi destroys a bigoted appraiser’s career.

There are moments when I really wish I could see the 20-something-year-old Vi fighting injustice.

When she heard about what had happened to her friends, she calmly asked for the appraiser’s name.

Vi calls a friend with the power to hire/fire appraisers, to check this guy’s work.

Yup, Mr. Wallace Potter used all of rope he was given to hang himself or rather, get himself fired.

Vi never even had to raise her voice.

What did you guys think of the episode?

The major point I’m contemplating is that two of Robyn’s most important relationships are now fractured.

Is that pressure going to get worse or better before the season ends?

I’m guessing that she and Mel will be okay pretty quickly. It’s not as easy for me to bet on how the Dante/Robyn person story will shake out.

And dang it, we’ve still go the custody story hanging out there.

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