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A Million Little Things - Mic Drop - Review

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There's a new member of the A Million Little Things family - Javier Chad Mendez. A name that honors Maggie's late brother and Gary's dad who passed away in the season 5 premiere. This episode had a lot happening in it, so let’s dive in.

Katherine and Greta - Katherine devises an entire birthday surprise for Greta including a trip down memory lane of their high school years and a broken down car. It all leads them to the beach where Greta asked Katherine to homecoming, but it’s a much happier ending this time. Katherine proposes to Greta and she says yes! Is it going to be smooth sailing for these two going forward? They still just don’t seem completely on the same page to me.

Eddie - While helping Rome put together Charlie’s old crib for the new baby, Eddie expresses his anger over Delilah permanently moving to France leading to him missing out on his daughter’s life. Rome pushes Eddie to let her know how he feels and he tries to on a FaceTime call at the end of the episode, but Delilah happily announces that her old house sold, so he doesn’t get a chance. I think Eddie might take a trip over to France or maybe tries to fight for shared custody since he’s sober now.
Rome and Regina - While her intentions are coming from a good place, I feel that Regina oversteps and tries to push Dustin into putting his daughter into foster care. He refuses at first, but after seeing Regina with Tyrell (who made a surprise visit home), he agrees to do it. But Val overhears and offers to let them stay at her place in the spare room.

Rome learns that Regina used their airline miles on a hotel for Dustin and his daughter and he’s not happy about it, but by the end of the hour they’ve made up.

Tyrell tries to surprise his girlfriend by attending her high school formal, but Vali already has another date and they break up. He meets back up with Sophie before leaving town and gives her the corsage originally intended for Vali and they make plans to meet up when Sophie’s band will be playing at Yale in a few weeks. Is this foreshadowing for a potential Sophie and Tyrell relationship?

Gary and Maggie - We quickly learn that the contractions Maggie had at the end of the previous episode were actually just Braxton-Hicks and she’s not in labor yet. The couple has also decided on a home birth with the presence of their midwife, Mallory. Maggie goes to work, determined to work until the last minute, and learns that Dr. Jessica will be shadowing her. Gary is a worried mess and shows up at Maggie’s office and thinks that she is now potentially in labor. Maggie refuses to give up her microphone, so Gary puts aside his anger and turns to Dr. Jessica to have her try to persuade Maggie that her show is in good hands and that she can sign off to go have the baby. Jessica’s heartfelt speech works and as Maggie is giving her goodbye message on air, her water breaks.

They rush back to the apartment and Gary begs Eddie and Rome to stay and they agree, waiting outside the apartment door. Katherine, Greta, Regina, and Sophie eventually join them as they anxiously await the baby’s arrival. For a brief moment, the baby’s shoulder gets stuck and there’s a moment of silence, but then a baby’s cry is heard signifying a healthy baby boy is here.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Are you surprised at the baby’s name? What do you think happens next?

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