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The Walking Dead - Rest in Peace - Review - "Series Finale!!!"

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  The Walking Dead came to an end with “Rest in Peace” written by Angela Kang and based on a teleplay by Corey Reed and Jim Barnes and directed by Greg Nicotero. As series finales go, I’d give it a B+. It was satisfying in some respects, disappointing in others, and ultimately a bit anti-climactic. Of course, with three spin offs coming, does it really count as a finale? As for the spin offs, like many others, Daryl (Norman Reedus) is one of my favorite characters, so I’m excited to see more of his story. Rick (Andrew Lincoln – finally making it back into the show) and Michonne (Danai Gurira) will always be the ultimate bad-ass pair and both are powerhouse actors. First up will be the Maggie (Lauren Cohen) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) Dead City, and while I am a fan of JDM, Maggie can be a bit much to take on occasion. My biggest worry about the spinoffs is not the talent associated with them, but the fact that for me, the other TWD spinoffs have all pretty much sucked…. So let’s enjoy the ending of the original for now…

Not surprisingly, this episode, unlike all the others from this part of the season, doesn’t start with a voiceover from Judith (Cailey Fleming), but with Daryl bursting into the hospital, carrying her unconscious body and screaming for help. We do, however, get blurry, disconnected shots of what Judith is seeing. And isn’t it fitting that this episode begins with a shot, disoriented Grimes in a hospital? Great shout out to where we all began! Judith, however, watches as troopers go after Daryl and she sees him fall unconscious to the floor as the herd of walkers approach the doors. She manages to get up and get the doors shut and blocked – and those hands coming through the doors looked a lot like the “dead inside” cafeteria! And then Judith passes out beside Daryl. 

Then we are back in the middle of the fray, and get our first casualties. Jules (Alex Sgambati) is bitten, and Luke (Dan Fogler) tries to save her. She is killed outright, but Connie (Lauren Ridloff), Kelly (Angel Theory), and Yumiko (Eleanor Matsuura) manage to pull Luke away even though he’s been badly bitten. It was a nice way to really up the stakes going into this final episode right off the bat without killing off a major character. Arguably, Luke IS a major character, and I always loved Fogler’s character and was disappointed to have so little of him, but he hasn’t been on the show in a long time, so losing him wasn’t that wrenching. It was a good sacrifice to the story-telling. 

Back at the hospital everyone is there because of course, Carol (Melissa McBride) cleared the alley for them to get away. Daryl is unconscious on a stretcher, with Judith in one beside him. He wakes, with a shockingly bad black eye – how can a show with great zombies do this bad a job on a black eye???, to see Connie, Kelly, Yumiko and Magna (Nadia Hilker) working over Luke, who has lost the bottom of both legs. Daryl insists to Carol that he’s fine. Judith is pale, having lost a lot of blood, and Carol tells him all the nurses and doctors are gone. Pamela (Laila Robins) has taken them – and anything else of any value – back to her gated community where she’s holed up. Daryl insists that’s where they need to go. Carol’s hoping they can get in without a fight. Daryl suggests Mercer (James Michael Shaw) can get them in, and Carol tells him that a team’s gone to try and find him. Carol tells Daryl that they’ll look after Judith there until they get back.

Luke is covered in blood. He’s crying, but over the loss of Jules. The others are crying because it’s clear that they can’t save him. He has them check his pocket – and sure enough, his trusty harmonica is still there. The tearfully tell him that they will keep the music alive – always – for him and for everyone. Luke dies, and Magna makes sure that he won’t turn. This really was a terrific death scene, and it was clear that the actors didn’t have to dig too deeply to find the depth of sorrow that was brilliantly conveyed by their sobbing. 

Daryl is even more desperate not to lose Judith. Luckily, he’s a universal donor and has Carol hook him up to Judith. They’ve no sooner covered Luke’s body than there are noises of walkers, and all the women leave to sweep the hospital.

At the jail, Mercer paces in his cell like a wild animal – out of his sherbert armor and in coveralls – while walkers can be heard in the hallway. There’s a great shot of blood and gore coming through the window in the door as a walker is shot. And then we hear Princess’s (Paola Lázaro) voice: “Baby, get back and cover your head!) The door blows as soon as he says he’s clear. Max (Margot Bingham) runs in and hugs him, crying. Once she’s clear, Princess jumps into his arms and kisses him. Lázaro said that the first time they filmed the scene she squealed as she jumped into his arms, and I so, so wish they’d left that in! 

In the next scene, Mercer is back in his armor and the entire group is loading up ammunition. Negan sees Maggie taking a sniper rifle. He tells her that the offer still stands – to take Pamela out together – but she tells him that she’s good. Mercer is about to shoot incoming walkers, when Ezekiel (Khary Payton) stops him when he sees that it’s Aaron (Ross Marquand) and Lydia (Cassady McClincy). Lydia assures them that she’s ok, and the group get in the truck and head for the hospital.

Meanwhile, Eugene (Josh McDermitt) and Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) have gone with Rosita (Christian Serratos) to find Coco. They get the child care house and find all the caregivers being eaten by walkers! As soon as Rosita hears a baby crying, she flies off to the nursery, leaving the other two to dispatch the walkers munching on the caregivers. I loved this scene as Rosita becomes a one-woman wrecking ball. Luckily, someone was thinking to put Coco under her playpen, effectively keeping these standard walkers at bay. Eugene and Gabriel join Rosita, and Eugene picks up one of the other kids. Ezekiel checks in via the radio, telling them that they’ve got Mercer and to meet at the hospital.

Back at the hospital, Daryl is still giving Judith blood and it revives her enough to wake up. She’s disoriented and doesn’t know where she is or why they’re in the hospital. Fleming is (as always) simply amazing in this scene. Judith is terrified she’s going to die – and feels like she is dying. She can’t die because Michonne is going to bring Rick back and they’re all going to be together as a family. Daryl strokes her head and reassures her that she’s not going to die – and just as she’s about to explain about Rick, she passes out and Carol burst in to say the walkers have breached the hospital and they have to go. Rosita checks in with Carol on the radio – she, Eugene, Gabriel and the kids are trapped in an ambulance behind the hospital.

Daryl detaches himself from Judith, barricades her in her room and heads to the lobby with Carol. It’s pandemonium. Some nameless woman is pulled from the lobby and Kelly, Manga, and Yumiko’s hands, and as they can’t save her, they struggle to shut and barricade the door. As they all watch in horror, walkers are coming in through other corridors and a walker breaks the glass with a rock letting the herd in the front. We gets some great knife work from Daryl, and then they are all forced to retreat. Carol gives orders to let the others know they are leaving the hospital, and the group grabs Judith’s stretcher. The scene of them dragging the stretcher through the hallways of the hospital and finding walkers every way they turned reminded me VERY strongly of the scene in The Wizard of Oz when Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Lion, and the Tinman are running about the ramparts trying to escape from the soldiers of the Wicked Witch of the West… and aren’t the walkers Pamela’s soldiers?

Eugene, Gabriel and Rosita burst out of the ambulance but have to find a way out of the herd surrounding them. They decide to go up a drainpipe and Rosita insists that Eugene go first. Both Eugene and Gabriel have kids strapped to their backs and Rosita has Coco strapped to her front. Rosita is last up and the walkers manage to pull her back down into them as Gabriel and Eugene watch in horror, straining to reach her hand.

It’s a total hero moment as Rosita disappears beneath a horde of walkers – everything is in slow motion until she throws them all off of her, coming up swinging. She has on so many layers of clothing that the bite she receives had to be through so many of them that surely it couldn’t actually have gotten saliva in it… but I’m getting ahead of myself… She climbs to the top of the ambulance, and the walkers are hot on her heels. Rosita jumps for the pipe, landing above the walkers this time and being pulled in by Gabriel and Eugene. 

The group is gathering at another munitions warehouse. Mercer uses binoculars to see that the gates to the Estates are closed – but there’s a crowd of people trying to get in to safety. As Aaron and Ezekiel load up more supplies, the two agree to try to do more to save people, but Ezekiel says they have to take care of Judith first. Lt Rose (Dexter Tillis) arrives with a truck to smuggle everyone to a safe house in the Estates – and Tomi (Ian Anthony Dale) to save Judith. 

Tomi gets right to work on Judith, and Aaron looks after Lydia. He tells her that she’ll feel it sometimes, like it’s still there. Lydia just nods. She’s far more upset about Luke and Jules – and clearly Elijah (Okea Eme-Akwari) – than her own situation. It’s what happens – people die, cities fall, things just don’t work out. People tell you they do. But they don’t. I have to say that on a personal note, this has been my life recently and I’m with Lydia… Aaron tells her that he hasn’t given up hope… In the after special, Ross Marquand told the very touching story of how the show had saved him in a moment when he didn’t have hope in his own life…

Maggie comes in looking for Negan. She finds him going up a staircase with HER sniper rifle! He tells her that he’s going after Pamela and what does it matter as long as it gets done? Maggie wants to know why he can’t leave it alone and what his angle is. Morgan is just utterly fantastic in this scene. Cohen is good too – but really, it’s his scene. He tells her that he’s doing it for her. If she does it, hell will rain down on her and she won’t come back from it – and she has to come back. Of course, he doesn’t mean that people will be upset but that it will destroy something in her – something he clearly feels is already destroyed in himself. He confesses that when he was down on his knees about to lose everything, he finally understood what she felt the night he killed Glenn. He tells her that he knows he owes her more than just killing Pamela, but he is so sorry for what he took from her and her son. Maggie is stunned but still takes the gun from him and moves up the stairs. She turns though at the top and asks if he’s coming.

Eugene is sitting with a sleeping Max and Rosita is behind them by the fireplace with Coco in her lap. Eugene gets up and offers to take Coco so Rosita can get some sleep. She tells him that she just wants to “soak up” the baby. Eugene smiles and sits down with her. He says he bets that she can’t wait until summer when Rosita can teach Coco to swim at Oceanside. Eugene – as you Eugene does – tells her about research he’s done on child development that indicates the many benefits of teaching infants to swim. Of course, Coco will have inherited confidence from her mother. Eugene tells her that he can’t wait for summer – can she? And she doesn’t answer. And I was reminded here of the famous Emily Dickenson poem: “Because I could not stop for death/ He kindly stopped for me.” 

It’s unclear just exactly when Eugene knows, but I suspect from the moment she said she just wanted to soak up the baby. He asks her ‘when you fell….?” Serratos and McDermitt are amazing in this scene – and it’s clear that real life was intruding here as the series came to an end. Again, at the after show, the two actors could not even discuss this scene. Serratos just looks up with tears in her eyes. She smiles and shakes her head when Eugene suggests that they could maybe still save her – but as she shows him, she’s been bitten on the back – and you can’t cut that off. Again, I’d just like to point out that a bit through that much clothing would be very unlikely to actually kill someone!

Rosita tells Eugene to pull his shit together – no crying – as she’s not ready to tell everyone yet. She tells him that he’s going to be fine. He stops himself from crying and tells her “I just love you so much.” And she tells him that she loves him too. He kisses her on the top of her head as her tears finally fall. He does pull himself together and goes back to Max. She wakes and asks if he’s ok, and he lies and says yes.

Carol and Daryl sit with Judith who finally wakes up. Daryl calls her ‘little ass kicker’ and she calls him ‘big ass kicker’ – and it’s perfect. Judith tells them that what she said about Michonne and Rick was true and was why she never came back. She confesses that she didn’t tell him because she was scared that he’d leave too. And of course, it makes Daryl leaving at the end of the episode even less comprehensible – but maybe it makes Carol staying make more sense…

Meanwhile, things heat up as Pamela has people trying to get over the walls shot. Mercer arms up and Max asks him what he’s doing. He tells her that he can’t just stand by and watch innocent people be killed. He tells the others that the truck is gassed up and can get them home. And he clearly still has no idea who he’s dealing with! He says it’s not their fight – these aren’t their people, and Ezekiel says yes they are! Ezekiel tells the others that they may not think the place is worth saving, but he does and he's with Mercer. Aaron is the first to say they can do more – and they all say that they are with him.

Pamela watches the people screaming to get in with Colonel Vickers (Monique Grant). They look a bit concerned, but it’s pretty obvious Pamela is only worried the gates won’t hold. Maggie cites the back of Pamela’s head through the rifle’s scope. She’s about to shoot, when Mercer comes out and demands that they lower their weapons. Pamela tells Vickers to arrest him – but Mercer is far from alone. Pamela calls him a traitor, and he throws it right back in her face – she’s the one who’s disappeared people and lead the dead to their doorstep – AND she shot a child. And now she’s leaving those citizens out there to die. 

Everyone watches in horror as the herd closes in on the people at the gates. Gabriel has had enough and he calmly walks up to the gate. A soldier appears and trains a gun at his head, and Pamela shouts to shoot him. Daryl tells everyone to stop! He asks Pamela what she’s doing: they all deserve better than this. And Daryl gets the f-bomb! He tells her “You built this place to be like the old world. That was the fucking problem.” Pamela tells him that the dead will get in if she opens the gate – not just the living. He tells her that if she doesn’t, she’ll lose everything anyway. He tells her there’s one enemy – and it isn’t the dead…

Vickers has finally had enough and tells the others to lower their weapons and give the key to Gabriel, and then she gives command to Mercer, who immediately arrests Pamela for high treason and has her put in handcuffs. Maggie sees her getting arrested and tells Negan. He tells her that for a person like that, it’s worse than death – and he’d know, right?

They open the gates and the people rush in – accompanied by Jerry (Cooper Andrews) and Elijah! Lydia throws herself at Elijah, and we get a very satisfying reunion. Jerry is frantically calling for Nabila (Nadine Marissa), and Ezekiel tells him that she’s safe in Alexandria. 

The dead are now pushing against the gate – and in a wonderful cameo – Hornsby (Josh Hamilton) is front and centre. Pamela walks up to him, and it looks like we’re finally going to see that “kiss” between them. And then Judith is there, telling her there’s people to help and it’s never too late. Pamela pulls back just long enough for someone (Maggie) to get a shot off and kill Hornsby. I wondered at the time if we’d see him again because that arrow – still in his neck – WAS just in his neck! Maggie gets the last word of the scene as she vows that now, they’ll take the place back. 

Mercer tells everyone that the variants are too dangerous to just lead away, and he’s got a new plan. They send a truck to the fuel depot. Meanwhile, they are luring all the walkers to the Estates with music. They’ve wired the sewers and set dynamite. We get a great explosion as the Estates are completely and utterly destroyed – along with supposedly, all the walkers.

Carol and Daryl visit Pamela in her new cell. She’s telling them it’s not easy having so many lives in your hands. She really has no idea what they’ve been through. How do you decide who does the job nobody wants? Carol points out that they’ve already had to make an ugly decision: keeping her alive! I love Carol so much… She then tells Pamela that they’ve all done things, but they’ll figure it out. Then she really rubs salt in the wound by telling her that they don’t have to worry about who gets Pamela’s house! LOL! 

Negan is sitting alone by a fire and throws his whisperer mask away. Maggie comes and joins him – and we get just another spectacular scene from these two. There’s no question that if the spin-off falters, it won’t be because of the acting. Maggie thanks him for what he said, but she can’t ever forgive him. She tells him that Glenn was perfect and she’ll never love anyone like that again. And I loved that we got this nice little tribute to a much beloved character. Cohen is brilliant in this scene, and Morgan is completely there just reacting to showcase her moment – he has no dialogue at all. Maggie also tells him that she’s grateful he saved her son, and she knows he’s trying. She tells him that she doesn’t want to hate him anymore and she doesn’t want her son to see anyone has that kind of hold over her – after all, that too is a kind of prison. Maggie tells him that he’s earned his place. She then tells him that if she can’t work with him or look at him some days, it’s because all she has are her memories, and she doesn’t want to remember Glenn like that. 

After Glenn's death, there was the fantasy ‘family dinner,’ so it’s totally fitting that that’s what we shift to now, only this time, they really are all gathered and celebrating. Even dog is there! Yumiko proposes a toast to Luke. Daryl looks out the window and nods at Negan who is walking by – but not invited to dinner. Yumiko and Magna are clearly getting back together. Rosita sits at the table and watches the others, smiling. 

Gabriel joins her at the table – everyone else except Judith has gotten up and are socializing nearby. He asks if she’s ok. She tells him everything’s perfect, and she just wants to remember this moment. Judith smiles as she watches the two. And then Rosita leans over and whispers to Gabriel. We see the shock and sadness on his face – but his back is to Judith. Rosita brushes away a tear. And then Fleming almost completely steals the scene from these two and their heartbreaking moment. The camera focuses on her fact – I’ve run out of superlatives for this young actor. You clearly see the moment she realizes that Rosita has just told Gabriel that she’s dying.

Carol and Maggie lead Rosita, who is very close to the end, to a bed where Coco is sleeping. There are no words. Daryl watches from the doorway. Gabriel kneels beside her and prays – last rites? – he’s barely holding back tears. He goes to the other side of the bed as Rosita leans in to kiss Coco. Gabriel smiles at her and tells her “We’ll see you again someday” as he takes Coco and leaves the room.

And then it’s Eugene’s turn – and he sits down. He tells her that he wouldn’t be the man he is today if he hadn’t met her – and isn’t that the truth! She tells him that she’s glad it was him at the end. And then she’s gone. Daryl is clearly there only to make sure that she doesn’t turn – to spare anyone else from having to do it.

We jump a year and Eugene is placing flowers on a memorial to Rosita, Luke and Jules. We pull back and Eugene takes baby Rosie from Max – so Eugene has a happy ending. We’re in a town square and Ezekiel is giving a speech, declaring while they are not bonded by blood, they are family. It’s the theme of the season in case you haven’t been paying attention. The scene cuts out to Connie, Kelly, Yumiko, and Magna sharing a bottle of wine and picnic. Ezekiel is now Governor and Mercer is Vice-Governor. And I’m not going to lie, but Mercer’s orange sherbet armor finally made sense – he’s Ezekiel’s new Shiva!!!!!! I also considered that this was a way for the show to help balance the criticism it's taken for treatment of BIPOC characters. Princess is a one woman cheering section for Mercer. 

Daryl arrives and Connie runs up and hugs him, asking how the Frontier is. He tells her quiet for now and asks how her work is. She’s continuing to be the local reporter – keeping the new administration honest! I don’t thinks that’s going to be much of a challenge. It doesn’t seem like their relationship has really gone anywhere and they are still just good friends. It’s also clear that Daryl has not settled down. He tells Connie she seems happy, and she says she is – and we get another adorable little giggle from him. 

Lydia and Elijah also appear, and clearly aren’t living in the Commonwealth. They have a present for Judith. It’s the compass that she gave Negan, and he’s returning it to her. He tells her that it’s helped him to find his way, and now, he hopes it will help guide her to her dreams. 

And that’s the transition to pick up where things are in Alexandria. Daryl and Carol – who is back to the short hair! – walk outside, looking at the names – or some of them – that are memorialized on the wall, including Glenn, of course. Inside, things have been mostly repaired and the windmill painted with a glorious mural. Judith and RJ (Anthony Azor) are also there. Gracie (Anabelle Holloway) runs up to hug Judith, so I’m confused as to where she’s living. Lydia has a present for Gabriel from Father Grant’s congregation, so clearly Gabriel has moved back to Alexandria. Carol hugs Aaron, and we see Jerry and Nabila in the distance.

Aaron says he never thought they’d get back to this – we’ve also been treated to shots of horses pulling wagons full of fresh produce, restored homes and solar panels. Aaron says that they’re very lucky. Gabriel says it’s not luck, it’s effort. He points out that they have a lot to be proud of – family, community – and the future as he points to Coco. 

Then the group visits Hilltop. Maggie is clearly in charge. She’s asked Carol and Daryl to come by to talk about the future. She says there’s a lot “out there” to find out about and it’s time they did – so setting us up for the spin offs. 

The next scene – which for me, is really the last scene of the episode – sees Carol and Daryl sitting on a bench. She tells him that it’s a beautiful day to set out. As with all of these final scenes, it seems clear that the actors were also saying goodbye to each other. Daryl tells Carol that he wishes she was coming with him. And I’m sure that’s also Reedus telling McBride that he wishes she were coming with him… Daryl tells her that he’s proud of her – she’s taken Hornsby’s job!!! And made it her own. It’s perfect. He tells her that she’s made everything better – for everyone, including the kids. So, I guess that means that Judith IS living in the Commonwealth and that Carol has taken over the primary care. Which, is perfect in its own way. Daryl assures her that it’s not like they’ll never see each other again, and she tells him that she’s allowed to be a little sad. He’s her best friend. 

The shot widens out as Daryl and Carol come out of the woods to where Daryl’s bike is parked. Judith and RJ – now permanently wearing the iconic hat – run up to hug Daryl and say goodbye. Judith promises to keep an eye on Dog, and as he hugs her, Daryl tells her to keep an eye on Carol too. He tells her that if he sees or hears anything, he’ll find both Michonne and Rick and bring them home. Judith tells him that he deserves a happy ending too, and he tells her that he’ll be back. Ezekiel is there too, having brought the kids – so… are he and Carol back together? That’s left ambiguous…

Carol and Daryl are left alone. She straightens his poncho and he tells her that he loves her, and she giggles and says she loves him too. They have a final hug, and Daryl gets on his bike and rides out of the gates. Daryl rides past a group of walkers – and one is clearly identifiable as Greg Nicotero, which is perfect. He was in the first group of walkers by the deer that Daryl had killed in the first season, so it’s a nice bookend. 

The last part of the “episode” feels more like an ‘after credits’ scene in a Marvel movie than part of this episode. It’s really just there to generate interest in the Rick/Michonne spinoff. A match lights and we see a very dirty Rick. There is also a shot of Michonne, writing by firelight. It looks like the two are together – but spoiler alert – they aren’t. Rick says he thinks of the dead all the time, so we get a nice montage of many we lost over the seasons: Carl, Lori, Shane – and early shot of Daryl from the first scene as the living – and then back to the lost: Dale, T-Dog, Glenn. 

The narration shifts to Michonne, writing that she tried to get to “you” (Judith) and your brother, but it’s too far for the radio. The montage continues with Abraham, Donna, Siddiq, Bob, and Jesus. Michonne says that they are all connected, and Rick says he thinks about them all the time – their faces and what he learned from them, and we see Hershel, Beth, Carol, Tyreese. Michonne says they’ll always be together and love is endless, and we see shots of Judith and RJ through the seasons, Maggie, Sasha, Tara, Enid, Aaron, Deanna, and Rosita. And then Rick remembers a montage of him with Michonne – clearly to spark our interest again in their relationship. Begging the question, of course, of whether it’s just been too long. Have fans lost interest? Personally, for me, it’s going to come down to the writing. 

We pull back from a shot of them on either side of a fire to the morning and they are sitting by very separate fires that have burnt out. Michonne is wearing some kind of leather armor – pretty fancy for the apocalypse really, and Rick is in what looks like a CRM military or prison jacket, is filthy and without shoes. Clearly, not because Michonne has his boots – but she does… Both are writing. 

Michonne has a horse, but Rick is putting his note in a bottle and throwing it in a river, barefoot and dangerously close to semi-buried walkers. We hear a helicopter and Rick panics, saying no. He throws his pack onto an abandoned ship. A voice from the helicopter tells him: Surrender. You’ve been located. C’mon Rick. It’s like she told you, there’s no escape from the living. And we cut to a shot of Michonne – so clearly there’s no escape from her – but is the her the helicopter is referencing Jadis?

The last scene with the two is Michonne galloping into a gigantic herd of walkers. Her horse has leather armor too – does anyone think that leather armor is really that much protection? As she does so, and this is possibly the worst CGI shot ever on the show – we do get a nice montage of people saying “we’re the ones who live” – a bit blunted by shots of people who didn’t – but another nice way to shout back to so many memorable episodes. Rick’s hands are up – and there’s a skyline that I can’t quite place – behind the helicopter. As it descends, he smiles – has he just decided to live or does he have some plan to get away?

The very final shot is Judith and RJ, looking down the road that Daryl took from the walls of the Commonwealth. Judith tells RJ, you get to start over with the ones you’re with. So really, from the kids standpoint a pretty sad commentary – but it’s clearly meant to be a shoutout to the audience that we get to start again with the new shows. 

I thought the episode was pretty good and satisfying – up until it became a giant set up and commercial for the spin offs. However, I did ADORE the actual commercials during the episode that featured former cast members – those were AWESOME! If you didn’t watch live and skipped the commercials, you really need to go and watch them - Here!

I’ve really loved this show even when it faltered, and I’ve really enjoyed reviewing it. I’ll be back for the new spinoffs, but I’m going in with some trepidation. Will the actors carry it off? How will the writing and directing be? As a big Daryl fan, I’m probably most excited for that spin off. However, both the Michonne/Rick and Maggie/Negan spinoffs have the advantage of not one but two familiar faces which may make it easier to pull off – particularly Cohen and Morgan as they went right from filming TWD into filming Dead City. Lincoln and Gurira may have the most difficult time as they haven’t worked together or on the show for some time. I’ll be interested to see if we ever see any of the footage that was shot right after Lincoln left the show for the movie that never happened… But what are YOU most excited for? And more to the point, what did you think of this final episode? Let me know all the feels in the comments below!

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