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Station 19 - Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except me and My Monkey - Review

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While Maya still seems to believe the world is against her and she has done nothing wrong, meaning she still is in full self-destruct mode. Carina has a run-in with Jack and they seem to connect. Is Andy the glue this team need to reconnect or is there more needed? And we get a Powerful Fire sequence of firefighting, story-wise important to show how they work/solve problems but not everything needs conversations.

While we learn that Theo overheard Beckett tell Carina that Maya blackmailed Chief Ross into getting Becketts Job. Nobody actually seems that surprised, since Bishop is the most ruthless person they know according to Vic. They are way more interested in finding out why Maya blackmailed the chief. This mystery keeps them occupied during shift, coming up with various possibilities and possible scenario’s. We can see that Sullivan becomes more and more uncomfortable by this because he sort-of is involved as well.

Andy doesn’t join in with the team, figuring out what could have happened, she goes right to the source and confronts Maya. Seems like she doesn’t really believe Maya did it yet. But with confronting Maya, who immediately assumes her wife send her, and asking the right questions she gets to hear Maya’s side of the story. Which results in Andy telling her to do two things. 1. Not to tell anyone at 19 about this and 2. Listen to her wife.

Meanwhile the team keeps guessing and joking why it was that Maya blackmailed the chief. At some point Andy is done with it and lets the team know that she knows why by telling them a made-up version of it in which Maya stood up for Andy in getting her a spot back at 19. The team accept this and lets it go. Warren even goes to Maya about it, telling her it was good of her for sticking up for Andy. You would think that by now she might have realised that some people still doe have her back and that they do want to help her, but no. She sank even deeper by telling Beckett they had a truce while handing him, a recovering alcoholic, a bottle of liquor.

Jack Finally gets his wrist checked out at Grey-Sloan Memorial, and of course he runs into Carina. Emotionally she is all over the place, she tells Jack that she keeps telling everyone that she is so angry because of the hormones, while in reality she is just mad too, mad ad Maya, Jack, the world. That she is sad that she doesn’t have a happy place anymore, which used to be her work and home too. Telling him all of this makes her emotional, resulting in Jack asking the only fitting question if she is pregnant. To which she answers she isn’t sure. I think we all want to know by now!

Jack has ignored everyone who has reached out to him, while begin at the hospital he does talk to Carina and answers all her questions. It actually seems like he is listening to her when she tells him something similar to what Vic has already told him, he doesn’t have to feel alone unless he lets it. The relationship between those two characters seems really based on hate love, especially from Carina’s point of view. They do respect each other though and that makes this approach so strong and believable.

Dynamics at 19 have changed a lot, the team is nowhere as close as they have always been, losing Dean Miller, adding Theo Ruiz to the team, Jack being gone it causes change. They make fun, joke around but there is also a lot of tension. They also don’t seem too bothered by the fact that one of them is being treated badly by their chief, even though she got herself in this situation. They are more and more isolating while dealing with their problems in their own way, too stubborn to accept help. Andy returning to 19 feels like she is supposed to be the glue. Still having Maya’s back, even after finding out the truth, she is the one who keeps reaching out to Jack, while others don’t. Being resourceful when the fire hydrant is dry. Talking to Sullivan about his dating live, which might not be her business but it also shows that she is still looking out for him. There is a lot of work to do to get this team back in tune with each other.

What do you think of Maya’s move by handing Beckett that bottle of liquor? And do you think Carina is pregnant?


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