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FBI: Most Wanted - Gold Diggers - Review

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At the beginning of last week’s episode, we are treated to some personal scenes unrelated to the case of the week. Remy and April are on a date at a gala where he encounters a lot of his old friends. Ray is moving in with Hana, just like Crosby and Ortiz did previously. I hope he sticks around longer than them!

Now, it’s time to dive into the case. A lady is jogging in a wooded area and in what may be one of the creepiest scenes on this show so far, a hand emerges from the ground and a woman pops out of the ground. This woman, Lydia, ends up dying due to a slashed throat and being buried alive. The last person she was seen with and the current suspect is a guy, Leonard Oxridge, who stole documents from the national archives in Washington D.C. Now, we know who the people at the beginning of the episode are, but still what is the secret they are hiding?

Upon research, the team learns that Lydia was a geology professor and she had a side hustle involving precious metals. The documents Leonard stole are pamphlets that belonged to the Knights of the Golden Circle that date back to the Civil War. When they go to question Leonard, they find him bleeding out on the floor, so now they’re are two murders and the orginal suspect is now dead.

Looking into Leonard’s connections, the team finds that he had a lot of contact with the Thorne brothers and they head to Pennsylvania to track down the brothers and the gold. Walking on the property, there are Confederate flags and trip wires, so the team splits up to search the house and surrounding area. Remy finds the brothers hiding in the shed and forces them to lead him and Ray to the cave where the gold supposedly is. But upon their arrival to the cave, shots are fired and a teenage girl, Sadie, walks out of the cave. Sadie is also aware of the hidden gold secret. She discovered it with her grandparents who obtained a permit to clean up the cave and eventually wanted one to excavate it. Her grandparents also state they have a finder’s fee agreement signed by the park ranger, Toby, but it is not a legitimate agreement. Now, it’s looking like Toby might be the killer and the person behind the hidden surveillance cameras outside the cave.

However, there’s now a halt in the FBI’s investigation as the Treasury department shows up in search of the gold which is federal property. The agent doesn’t care that there’s a murderer on the loose, but Remy is persistent in his search of the killer.

The unit continues to track down the park ranger and find out that he’s been out on leave, claiming that his mother died recently, but she actually died years ago. Lydia’s cellphone is also found at his house, so he’s absolutely the guy now. Deputies are sent out to protect the remaining people who know about the secret cave - Sadie and her grandparents and also the Thorne brothers. While under watch, Sadie sneaks away and Toby confronts her in the middle of the road and throws her into his pickup truck. Her grandmother leads the team to her granddaughter’s hiding spot and Ray takes the shot that kills Toby. The killing spree is finally brought to an end.

The excavation performed by the Treasury department results in no gold being located, but Hana adds that people saw armored trucks going back and forth to the cave all night. The agent claims they were empty and the hidden gold was all a myth. Do you think the trucks were actually empty? Remy also has a chat with Sadie and leads me to think that maybe she took the gold before the Treasury department could get to it.

Now that the case is solved, we are brought back to Remy’s apartment where he’s spending a night with April, but they are interrupted by a package alert from his doorman. It ends up being a woman from the gala and Remy’s past, Fiona, and it clearly bothers April. I wonder if their relationship will continue or will this put a wrench into it?

The episode concludes with Sadie going back to the cave to remove the hidden camera in an attempt to delete any evidence of her removing the gold from the location. So I guess she did take the gold.

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