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2022 Character Cup - Round 4

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Welcome to the Elite Eight! Today’s matches will will be the toughest so far for the remaining characters, especially in the first 2 polls. Gil Arroyo had a tough match against Dexter Morgan last round, which resulted in a last minute victory and the most votes in a single round for this Cup. Scylla Ramshorn, also, comes from a fandom known for rallying, making this the hardest round for both so far. Today’s polls will be determined by which fandom can sustain the rally. However, the real contest for me will be between Raymond Reddington and Rebecca Pearson, who have both toppled giants. Raymond toppled Lena Luthor, while Rebecca took out Sam Winchester and has the most votes for any character in the Cup. The last 2 polls have characters with more lackluster voting, although Olivia had a rally in round 3, when she was up against Superman. I’m curious to see if having all the polls on the same day affects the number of votes the remaining characters get as well.

Today, we also start the mini-contest. Nominations were close but in the end, the Best Opening Credit Sequence nominees are Game of Thrones, Westworld, Daredevil, Only Murders in the Building, Fringe, Wheel of Time, Arcane, and Peacemaker. There are some awesome openers among them. Check the links below to see them.

Over in the prediction contest, Luana and AmberLacy continue to trail no name, but Pao Andrade is coming up fast. It will all depend on how Hailey does today. The Character Cup goes by very quickly so don't forget to check SpoilerTV every day to vote, look at the prediction standings, and participate in the daily discussion. Happy voting!

Mini-contest links: 


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Prediction Contest

This round will end at approximately 12:15 pm CST on Monday, August 8.


TV Talk Topic: Opening Credit Sequences

The round 4 TV Talk topic is always about the mini-contest so what makes a great opening credit sequence for you? Is there a style you most prefer? Are you first attracted by the visuals or the music? Is it more important to you that an opener give you an idea about the series, set a tone, or just be eye-catching? Should networks spend the money to make an opener stand out or do you usually just skip them?


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