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2022 Character Cup - Round 2C

Again, round 2 is full of surprises. With at little over 10 hours left in the round 2B polls, it looks like they will continue the upsets. Will these polls also turn the Cup upside down? It’s been quite the ride so far. Be on the lookout for nominations to the mini-contest, which will start in round four. We will be doing Favorite Opening Credit Sequence this year, so start thinking about your favorites. Just remember that no show with a character still in the Cup at round 3 can be part of the mini-contest.

Below is a link to all the 2022 Character Cup posts, rules, prediction contest, brackets, and most importantly, the daily TV Talk Topic. We have a new TV Talk Topic every day and all are encouraged to participate. It's my favorite part of the contest. The Character Cup goes by very quickly so don't forget to check SpoilerTV every day to vote, look at the prediction standings, and participate in the daily discussion. Happy voting!

Earlier Posts

Prediction Contest

Round will end at approximately 1:30 am CST on Wednesday, August 3. The round 2 polls will overlap due to some prior commitments this week.

TV Talk Topic: Episode Run Times

How long should an episode of TV run? Should comedies be longer or dramas shorter than typical? Is it necessary to have all episodes of a show be around the same length? (Thanks to Noor for the topic.)


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