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Quote of the Week - Week of Jan. 2 - 9

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A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the SpoilerTV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

Abbott Elementary
- Dahne
1.  Janine:  “I asked Ava to make a video to promote your wish list because it worked for me and I knew your class needed stuff.  And it got a lot of attention, clearly, because it was a bit over the  top.”  Barbara:  “How far over the top?”  Janine:  “Really, really over the top.  Like if you went to the top, you wouldn’t be able to find it because it was way up there.  I’m sorry.  I just wanted you to have all the tools you deserved and that your kids deserve.”  Barbara:  “My kids don’t have half the supplies they need most of the time, but they don’t need to know that.”  Janine:  “Yeah but, I saw your kids painting with empty water colors.  It’s our job…”  Barbara:  “Our job is to build them up, make them confident.  Is it nice to have stuff?  Sure, but my students do not need to feel less than because they do not have stuff.  So, we talk about what they do have.  Not about what they don’t.”  Janine:  “That was a painfully well-said reality check.”
2.  Janine:  “I’m making a wish list  video for my classroom supplies.  Which by the looks of things you could use.  What happened to your walls?”  Gregory:  “Oh, I took all the old teacher stuff down.  It just didn’t feel like me, you know.”  Janine, looking at all the blank walls:  “I know that if this feels like you, you might be a serial killer.
3.  Jacob:  “So much unnecessary packaging.”  Melissa:  “Would you just enjoy something?  You’re gonna get an ulcer.”

B Positive
- Dahne
1.  Spencer:  “You know, when my Jackie passed, everybody was all ‘How are you?  How you doing?’  I’m like, ‘How the hell do you think I am?’  I’m sad and I don’t know how to work the dishwasher.”  Harry:  “You know what I hate - ‘I’m here for you.’ Well, will you go somewhere else for me?”  Spencer:  “The weirdest thing, I started having terrible heartburn.”  Harry:  “Really?”  Spencer:  “Yeah, so I went to my doctor - American by the way - and he says, ‘Have you had any changes in your lifestyle?’  So I tell him my wife died.  It was like a pipe burst.  All of a sudden, I’m spilling my guts about Jackie like I’m at a slumber party.”  Harry:  “Don’t tell me you cried.”  Spencer:  “Like I was watching Brian’s Song all over again.  But I gotta tell ya.  Right after that, the heartburn was gone.”  Harry:  “So what are you saying?”  Spencer:  “You’re gonna do what you wanna but talking helped me.”
2.  Gina:  “When I looked around and I saw all their faces, um…I realized they’re all gonna die and I’m gonna have to give that speech over and over again.”  Drew:  “You’ve worked here for years.  Other people have died.”  Gina:  “Yeah, it was always sad, but it feels different now.  When I was driving the van, I was just trying to get through the day so I could go back to my real life and now these people are my life.  And when they die, it feels like I’m losing a family member.”  Drew:  “Except you actually like these people.”  Gina:  “I’m just gonna keep getting close to them and I’m gonna keep losing them.  And when they go, a whole new batch will come in and then they’ll become family and then they’ll die and I can’t handle that.”  Drew:  “You’re thinking about this all wrong.  It’s not about losing people.  It’s about connecting with them.”  Gina:  “Drew, that’s what makes this so hard.”  Drew:  “Yeah, it’s never gonna be easy, but you are making a huge difference in their lives when they need someone the most.  Just like you did with me.”  Gina:  “So what do I do now?”  Drew:  “You go back in there with the people you love and you enjoy every moment you are lucky enough to have with them.”  
3.  Bert:  “Pork.  It’s the meat that heals a broken heart.”

Bob Hearts Abishola
- Dahne
1.  Abishola:  “I teach him responsibility.  Not you.  Not Uber.”  Ex:  “And what does he learn, taking the bus?”  Abishola:  “That money is not everything.”  Ex:  “And you believe that?”  Abishola:  “Of course not, but that is what we teach him.”
2.  Dottie:  “It doesn’t seem like she’s talking to you.”  Bob:  “I see that.”  Douglas:  “Did you mansplain something?”  Bob:  “What’s that?”  Douglas:  “If I explain it, then I’m just as bad as you are.”
3.  Goodwin:  “I am surprised his mother is okay with him playing video games.”  Bob:  “She’s not.”  Kofo:  “So are you trying to get us all killed or just the boy?”

Chicago PD
- Jessica C.
1.  Celeste:  "Families at your new building, they're gonna love you."  Kevin:  "Yeah? Why you say that?"  Celeste:  "'If I could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint.' Edward Hopper said that."
2.  Kevin:  "I didn't have my radio on me because I was with Celeste."  Kim:  "Is Celeste the girl from the case?"  Kevin:  "Yes, that's the girl I've been seeing. The girl from the case. I didn't call it in. Didn't want to do it on my cell phone, 'cause I didn't want to make it a big thing, and I can't make it a thing, because this girl still doesn't know that I'm a cop."  Kim:  "How is that possible?"  Kevin:  "'Cause my dumb a** never told her. I lied."
3.  Kevin:  "Celeste, you hate cops."  Celeste:  "I hate the police system. That doesn't mean that I hate every single cop in it."  Kevin:  "It--it does."  Celeste:  "Why the hell do you get to say that? Huh? How the hell would you even know that? What, you don't think that I'm capable of seeing two things at once? What do you think of me?"  Kevin:  "Celeste. It's not that simple."  Celeste:  "It is."  Kevin:  "Celeste, no it's not. Because you never would have been with me. Soon as I tell you I'm a cop, that's all you'll see. That's all I will be. You would have left me. And that would have been it. I would have never got to know you. Be with you. You would've been done with me. That's the truth."  Celeste:  "No. No, Kev. I would have seen you. 'Cause I care so much about you. I would have been with you."

The Equalizer
- Dahne
1.  Vi:  “All the drama in this house, who needs a movie?”
2.  Harry, on video to Mel:  “I guess what I really want to say is…um, that you can do this.  You’re incredible.  I probably didn’t say it enough, but you are.  One last thing - it’s really important.  For the love of God, don’t accept any cookies.”
3.  Mel:  “You want him to go back to Military Intelligence.”  Bishop:  “I am confident that if he would do that…”  Mel:  “He won’t.”  Bishop:  “Then convince him.”  Mel:  “To be someone he’s not.  To go against every fiber of his moral being because it’s convenient.”  Bishop:  “Mel, this is his last shot.  All this martyrdom stuff, ‘values his soul over his freedom.’  I don’t even know what that means.  It’s foolish…”  Mel:  “Don’t.  It’s not foolish.  Not to him.  It’s who he is.  It’s the reason why he took the risk to help you in the first place.  That is why I love him.”
4.  Robyn:  “I swear.  Librarians do more to keep track of books than Immigration did with these kids.”
5.  Robyn:  “Truth is, this track would still be locked away if it wasn’t for your help.  I know it wasn’t easy.”  Mel:  “Our pleasure.”  Harry:  “It was a nightmare.”  Mel:  “It was a nightmare.  Don’t ever ask us to do that again.”  Robyn:  “Look, I know not being able to be seen using a computer is not ideal.”  Harry:  “It’s more like impossible.”  Mel:  “Untenable.”  Harry:  “It’s harrowing.”  Mel:  “Bad for our relationship.”

NCIS:  Hawai’i
- Dahne
1.  Jane:  “I’m not here because you’re unemployed.  I’m here because you have a drug problem that is affecting your son and I have a legal responsibility to do something about it.”  Andy:  “Look, I told you, Tommy is fine.”  Jane:  “You can say that as much as you want, but that doesn’t make it true.”
2.  Boone:  “But he’s still dead, which means the killer’s out there like Scrooge McDuck, rolling around in a vault full of dangerous weapons.”  Lucy:  “No, no, that is not what Scrooge McDuck did.”  Kai:  “Who the hell is this McDuck?”  Boone:  “Not important.  Let’s find the truck.  See if it helps us figure out who Goodrick’s co-conspirators were.”  Kai:  “You know, sometimes I think I should have spent my childhood surfing less and watching TV more.”  Lucy:  “Really?”  Kai:  “Nope.”
3.  Boone to Kai, after figuring out what Fabian meant:  “Who knew ancient Roman strategy was so handy?  I did my research.”

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CSI:  NY - 7.08 - Scared Stiff
1.  Don:  “Hey, if we come across a little old lady skeleton in a wig and a rocking chair down here, it’s every man for himself.”  (Dahne)

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