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1883 - Episode 1.05 - The Fangs Of Freedom - Promotional Photos + Press Release

Promotional Photos
105_1883_photo22.th.jpg 105_1883_photo20.th.jpg 105_1883_photo01.th.jpg 105_1883_photo21.th.jpg 105_1883_photo19.th.jpg 105_1883_photo18.th.jpg 105_1883_photo15.th.jpg 105_1883_photo16.th.jpg 105_1883_photo17.th.jpg 105_1883_photo14.th.jpg 105_1883_photo12.th.jpg 105_1883_photo11.th.jpg 105_1883_photo13.th.jpg 105_1883_photo10.th.jpg 105_1883_photo09.th.jpg 105_1883_photo08.th.jpg 105_1883_photo07.th.jpg 105_1883_photo06.th.jpg 105_1883_photo03.th.jpg 105_1883_photo02.th.jpg 105_1883_photo05.th.jpg 105_1883_photo04.th.jpg
Press Release
105: “The Fangs of Freedom”

Shea and Thomas cope with the aftermath of the river crossing, but there is little time to grieve and no shortage of challenges ahead. Elsa and Ennis share a romantic moment.