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The Walking Dead: World Beyond - Returning Point - Review

  The Walking Dead: World Beyond “Returning Point” was written by Eddie Guzelian and was directed by Lily Mariye. Once again, much of this episode made no sense. I begin to feel like this series really suffers from no writer ever getting more than one episode. The characters almost never feel consistent to me – and I don’t feel that it is a failure of the actors. Things do start to move quickly in this episode. There are hints at a “resistance” working within the CRM – could that be what Rick (Andrew Lincoln) has been up to? I’m not really hopeful that we’ll find out at this point, but let’s dive into the episode…

The episode begins two years ago with Indira (Anna Khaja) and some other artists from the colony installing the metal globe at the Facility. Kublek (Julia Ormond) compliments her on it, and Indira asks Kublek to honor their non-aggression agreement after she is gone. She tells her that she’s dying, and Kublek immediately offers medicine and dialysis – without asking for anything in return. She tells Indira she would worry about who would replace Indira – they might be more difficult to deal with! 

In the present, Will (Jelani Alladin) returns to the art colony. There is no sound at the beginning of this scene – just music. Both Indira and Asha (Madelyn Kientz) clearly realize that Dev is dead. 

At the research facility, Leo (Joe Holt) tells the other scientists what the CRM has done and about the plan to escape. He stresses that Lyla was murdered and that they need to save themselves before they can save anybody else. 

Huck (Annet Mahendru) visits the Culling Facility to get weapons from Dennis (Maximilian Osinski). Huck warns him that Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh) will quickly realize what they are doing and they will be in danger. Dennis insists that they can worry about it later. He tells Huck that she’s the one thing he doesn’t regret. 

Huck tells Silas (Hal Cumpston) that she didn’t send him to Dennis because Dennis is her husband. She sent Silas to him because he’s a good guy. And Silas finishes the sentence because he does believe Dennis is a good guy – and we haven’t seen any evidence to the contrary. Huck also tells Silas that he can hate her, but he needs to trust her.

Iris (Aliyah Royale) tells Hope (Alexa Mansour) that they have to do whatever it takes to succeed. Iris continues to be annoying…

Huck tells the others that she is going to try to get to the civilian government to let them know what the military is doing. She mentions that there must be some kind of resistance, but it sounds like a suicide mission. 

Dennis and Silas make their way to Indira to help them. Dennis hasn’t said anything to the others at the Culling Facility in order to keep them safe. Dennis asks Silas why he never said anything about Omaha when he clearly knew. Silas points out that Dennis is part of the CRM. Dennis tries to explain that you essentially get brainwashed when you enter the CRM. Silas insists that there’s always right and wrong, but Dennis insists it’s more complicated than that. The two are delayed by a herd of walkers that forces them to hide and wait for it to pass. 

Huck goes to Jadis for her promised “briefing.” Jadis, however, is busy as she’s notice power and water and way down at the labs and she suspects that Leo is not holding up his end of the bargain. She decides that they need to show Leo they mean business by doing something to Iris and/or Hope. Huck uses the walkies when she’s alone to warn Iris and Hope to get out of the apartment as soldiers are on the way. They narrowly miss the soldiers and split up – with Hope going to get Mason (Will Meyers).

Will apologizes to Indira – and this scene makes no sense at all. She seems to say that Dev was killed as a direct result of her taking the medicine from Kublek – um… what? Regardless, they decide that things are now escalating and it is likely that the non-aggression pact is over. Indira declares to the community that it’s not safe there anymore and they have to leave. She also promises to step down as leader when they do get to safety.

Jadis starts and evacuation drill to flush out the scientists who are missing. She then ups it to a lockdown. The scientists take refuge in the bio-containment unit. Hope arrives at the very last minute with Mason. The soldiers aren’t able to break in. Huck checks in with them and then returns to tell Jadis it will take two hours. 

I did like the scene with Leo and Felix (Nico Tortorella) hammering at the floor. I thought the two had great chemistry and a pretty natural fatherly-bond. One of Holt’s best scenes actually, as Joe promises to give Felix back his family.

Mason is tied up facing the walker room and wants to know what’s going on – and is worried that’s where they plan to put him! Hope tries to tell him that he doesn’t know what the CRM really is. Mason insists his Dad would never let this happen. Hope reassures him that they are just using him as leverage – they won’t hurt him. Of course, we don’t know what Iris thinks about it – although it’s clear that she has at least figured out that Hope has feelings for Mason.

Jadis tells Huck that she knows about Kublek giving Indira medicine. Brody (Lee Spencer) is outside – clearly having sold out the arts colony. Jadis insists that the colony is working with the Bennetts and she’s determined to eliminate all threats immediately as per CRM protocol. Huck asks about an investigation, and Jadis says no.

When Jadis is called out, Huck confronts Brody, and it’s clear he’s not going to back down on saving himself at everyone else’s expense. Huck shoots him right between the eyes – and I may have whooped and clapped… Jadis is pissed when she comes back. Huck tells Jadis that he threatened to tell about Omaha. Jadis agrees that he was a threat – but so is Indira. It’s hilarious when Jadis admires Indira’s welding – lets not forget Jadis’s cat from The Walking Dead… 

The CRM have shown up at the colony just after Will tells Indira about his vision of the future with a family – and tells her she did nothing wrong in getting medicine for herself. And doesn’t that mark him for death? You have to die in this universe if you start fantasizing about the future….. of course TWD-WB is a pretty wonky corner of the universe, so maybe he will get to live…

The CRM round up everyone. Indira asks one of the soldiers to take her and let the community live. Jadis tells her that her vision is lovely but doesn’t portray reality and therefore, she has to die. Huck tries to stop her, saying they are a valuable resource and perform a useful service, but Jadis gives the order to kill them all.

Elton (Nicolas Cantu) is kneeling beside Asha. They link the little fingers of their upraised hands. Elton tells her that its going to be ok. The soldier is about to say fire, when Will finally acts from his hiding place and shoots him. Silas and Dennis show up in the nick of time – and Silas is apparently a badass with a rifle! Dennis uses CRM protocol against them – as the larger group did with the lockdown. Dennis tells the soldiers to retreat. In the firefight, Indira saves Elton. Who didn't love Silas putting his arm around Elton protectively? Once the soldiers are gone, Dennis tells them to go to the rendez vous and be ready… and then reveals that he’s been hit. Of course, it doesn’t look that serious… but he’s likely our first main casualty.

Back at the facility, the door to the containment room finally opens. As the soldiers rush in, there’s an explosion, killing some of them. The group has escaped through the old mining tunnels and collapsed the tunnel after themselves to prevent being followed. All of the research has been wiped. Jadis tells Huck it isn’t just an escape, it’s a rebellion! She also tells her that this could be the second end of civilization, and she sends soldiers to watch all the exits from the mine tunnels. Jadis gives the order to shoot to kill. She wants to make an example. Killing the Bennetts – and the others – will be an opportunity to make people value being safe…

This was a pretty good episode with lots of action. It’s nice to see something finally happening – even if there were things done and said that just had me scratching my head. Like Indira’s deal – I fail to see the problem with it… Great performances from Mahendru as she continues to play the mole. McIntosh is great at eating up the scenery (in a good way!) as Jadis. Wouldn't it be great if Jadis is actually a part of the resistance and is working with Rick? Now that we are in the home stretch, I’m expecting to see lots of casualties… who will be left standing? Let me know your thoughts on the episode and who you most want to see make it out!

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