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The Mosquito Coast - Episode 1.04 - Bus Stop - Promotional Photos + Press Release

Promotional Photos
104_the-mosquito-coast_photo03.th.jpg 104_the-mosquito-coast_photo02.th.jpg 104_the-mosquito-coast_photo01.th.jpg 104_the-mosquito-coast_photo04.th.jpg 104_the-mosquito-coast_photo06.th.jpg 104_the-mosquito-coast_photo05.th.jpg 104_the-mosquito-coast_photo07.th.jpg 104_the-mosquito-coast_photo08.th.jpg

Press Release
The Foxes seek refuge in an opulent hacienda, where a family’s all-powerful matriarch sees them as pawns in her own game.

“The Mosquito Coast” stars Justin Theroux as Allie Fox, Melissa George as Margot Fox, Logan Polish as Dina Fox, Gabriel Bateman as Charlie Fox.