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Finding Alice - Episode Six - Review: "I'm Just Trying To Stay Sane"

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I am sad. What a way to start a review! I'm sad because Finding Alice is already over and I can't believe time flew by so quickly. What is time, anyway? Especially now. I think time can be one of the core themes of the show; time to do things we love, time to restart and give our life a different meaning, time to spend with the people we love and that maybe are not with us anymore. I don't mean to get all dark and twisty, but the show has been able to touch some of the cornerstones of existence and it gave the audience some deep conversations about what it means to lose someone and how to process it.
It's a pretty eventful season finale, filled with moments that make me think of a possible season two. It's not even a wish, it's actually a demand! I'll ask it politely, but I will ask for it. Alice seems to be able to convince Tanvi into developping the land with her, after a very unsuccessful meeting with George's friend. Yes, let's talk about George and about the fact that he is truly a sketchy guy and I'm not surprised. What does he really want? And that recording? Alice got to hear Harry's last words, which had a powerful impact on her. Does he have more kids?
The scene in the bathroom between Gerorge and Alice gave me so many Lindsay Denton vibes that I was glued to the screen; what a great moment for Alice and for her character. I knew she was strong, she's proven herself to be like that many times over, but in that brief scene, she became powerful, she demanded answers, she was the one in control. My favorite scene of the episode, though, has to be the fight between Alice and Charlotte, another one in the car! That could be their thing. Another shining moment for Charlotte, who still proves to be the real adult in the whole situation. The honesty of the argument is why I love the show so much; they don't shy away from the fact that they are two people hurting very much, but they both seem not to show it properly, or entirely. Alice tries to be fun and upbeat and raw, while Charlotte controls herself so much her mother calls her a "zombie". They both say terrible things during that scene, but they are all true. And honesty, sometimes, is brutal. I love Keeley Hawes and Isabella Pappas so much as Alice and Charlotte, they are truly perfect and they always go deep in those scenes, you can tell they are not scared to go there.
Charlotte decides to go and stay with her grandma for a few days and Alice can't stand that. Remember when she asked her not to ignore her, that she wouldn't bare it? That's basically what happens, but Charlotte does it with love, she never does anything out of hate or spite. She cares deeply about her mom, but she needs her space too, becasue she didn't have any, she was too busy keeping up the pieces and keeping it all together. That last scene, when she goes back home and then starts crying uncontrollably, it's the most important moment for her, as a character; she can finally be herself, she can finally grieve.
I can't wait to see what happens next, because there are a lot of possibilities for each character out there; I need more Roger and Sarah being cute while trying to fix their marriage; I need more Nicola, with her taking over the world; I need more Charlotte, possibly becoming a young CEO or enterpreneur and I need more Alice, navigating life after a loss, putting all her strenght into everything she does and with the greatest sense of humor, because we all need some of that, now more than ever. Even when talking about grief.
Thank you very much for following the show with me! Let me know what you think about the episode and your theories for season two in the comments below! 'Till next time!

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