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Finding Alice - Episode Four - Review: "A Family Of Misfits"

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When we are grieving the loss of someone we loved, we often forget (or try to) that the world still moves on and that there are things to be done and papers to sign. Yes, banks, documents, burocracy are the pragmatic steps which come after denial and anger, two of the five stages of grief. The fist three episodes of "Finding Alice" focused a lot on Alice's denial of Harry's death and the consequent anger towards basically everybody, except Charlotte, who skipped the anger step in order to support her mother; episode four feels like bargaining. Bargaining with life going on, bargaining with the fact that there is no money and so you have to sell your kitchen to the guy from bereavement group who clearly fancies you and maybe you're not so bothered by it, but only the thought of it makes you feel a bad person. Where did punctuation go in that sentence?
This episode is also when Nicola, Harry's brother and absolute queen, takes center stage. We finally get to see her being sad about her brother's death and we finally get to see her show her true feelings. She wants to get closer to Alice and Charlotte, and she will get the chance to do so once she's moved in with them. I have to be honest, I was actually hoping for it to happen, they seem like the best trio and they can navigate life and grief together and be there for each other. Nicola's top ten list of Harry's best moments made me weep a little; she let it all out, as if no one had given her permission to do it, because she has to be the cheerful one and always be happy. It made me think about how much we expect from people just because our opinion is based on what we see, instead of what actually is. Nicola has always tried to be strong and happy, without showing too much sadness and that made her bottle up all her emotions, but she finally wanted to address that pain that she never had a chance to express and I'm happy for her.
In this episode, Alice finds herself looking for money, and she also has to deal with her house being sold under her nose. Things seem to be turning around when she finds a deed for land in Harry's name and that Harry made her co-owner of his business together with Tanvi, who doesn't seem to want to share this position with Alice and also basically threatens her to sell her house if she insists on keeping the land Harry was working on. What do you do in situations like these? Do you step away and take the "easiest" way or do you try and fight it, because it's the love of your life and your family we're talking about? I'm really curious to see how far Alice will go in order to protect what she loves the most.
In the meantime, Charlotte is warming up to George and getting to know him better, understanbly so, given that he's her biological brother. But I have to say that I feel very protective of Charlotte, I really hope he's not trying to hurt her in some way, I wouldn't bear it. She deserves nothing but the best. Also, I loved her when she was talking to her mom about the papers Roger has drawn up to make him and Alice trustees of her inheritence; "I'm not signing anything until I've read it properly". Yes girl! Spoken like a true CEO in the making. Where are your power suits? I've alawys been pretty clear from the start that I think Charlotte is the MVP of the show, but with each episode, Isabella Pappas just knocks it out the park, bringing out layers of Charlotte that we haven't discovered yet. What a great performance and what a great character!
So what did you think about episode 4? How do you think things will turn out between Tanvi and Alice and are you excited to see Nicola and the girls live together? Let me know in the comments below!

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