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Finding Alice - Episode Five - Review: "This Is How People Have Nervous Breakdowns"

When you lose someone, you would do anything in your power to bring them back in some capacity; photo albums, videos, cards they wrote for you on your birthday, and yes, maybe having their child with the sperm they froze for you. How romantic! I sort of get it why Alice wants to do this; it's a way to keep Harry alive and to keep him closer to her and Charlotte. But I also understand Charlotte's frustation at first and Sarah's reluctance. It is a big step, a very important one and one you should carefully consider.
Alice decides to reject Tanvi's proposal regarding the land Harry left, but that decision is quickly overshadowed by Nicola moving in and with the news of Harry's gift to Alice at the fertility clinic. There is a little mix-up, because Alice can't retrieve the sample herself given it was in Harry's name, but Nicola steps in and helps her get it by saying that she is family and she needs it for DNA tests. Go Nicola, saving the day and being the queen that she is. And speaking of Nicola, she broke my heart during the scene at the hospital, talking to her dad. She really is sad about her brother passing away, but for someone to say "It should have been me", it means that the level of pain and feeling umcomfortable can be overwhelming. She is so vulnerable in that scene, so authentic and real, she loves her parents so much it hurts and she misses Harry, who was more than a brother to her. He was her guide and her rock, someone who was always ready to help her.
In this episode, there is also space for some fun. Alice and Nicola go out with the bereavement group to the bowling alley and let's just say that it is not a boring night. Firstly, Alice meets Nathan's wife, who already warns Alice about staying away from her husband because he seems too caring towards her; secondly, there's a kiss. A very "oh my God no, I'm drunk" kiss between Alice and Graham. I feel very protective towards Alice, if I'm being honest I'm not 100% on board with his guy. What do you think?
It was also the episode where Roger finally tells Sarah that he doesn't like the situation they are in. He cannot accept his wife cheating on him so blatantly and tells her that he will use his legal skills to make her life miserable. I have to say that I am loving Roger more and more and I love the relationship that he has with Alice. I feel like we should talk about it more. Alice trusts him and he is always ready to help her daughter out when he can. It's so refreshing to see these kinds of relationships on TV.
A special shoutout to my girl Charlotte, who still proves herself to be essential and higly reliable. You know that you can count on her for keeping you on the right track, you can count on her for being the calm voice amidst the chaos and for being the one finding out something dodgy about George, who is clearly after the money. Charlotte notices on the CCTV of the night his father died that George had his phone out, surely recording the conversation, so they can eventually find out Harry's last words before dying. Next week is the season finale, so I'm expecting something big to happen. I cannot wait! Do you think George is a gold digger or is he the real deal? And what are your thoughts on Alice having Harry's baby? Let me know in the comments below!


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