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Could it be a TV show? - Hitman 3 Review

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This is a series of articles looking at Computer Games and discussing the game's potential of becoming a TV show. We will review the game and how that could transfer to the screen. All views are that of the author and are not influenced by any copies of games provided by publishers.

This game was provided by Square Enix to support the article

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I am a massive geek for TV, Movies, and Games. Many times these mediums cross over into one another. This inspired me to write a series of articles looking at games and deciding if they deserve to be made into a TV series, based solely on the individual games and not if it is part of a series.

For this article, we will be looking at the new game Hitman 3. We will look at many features of the game and how this could look/transfer to TV screens.

Visuals / Cinematography 

It has to be said straight off that Hitman 3 is visually stunning, I played the game on the PlayStation 5 version and the first level set in Dubai just blows your mind right from the offset. The upgraded power of the next generation of consoles really helps to add to the cinematic feel of the game. Using the same game dynamics of the previous games (which is not a negative thing by the way), mixed with greater visuals shows the developers have become a master of this genre and use it effectively.

With such a cinematic feel, you would expect a TV show to have a similar aesthetic, wide-open shots of the locations, big set pieces. This would be a show that would need a large budget to have all of the different locations, wardrobe, and equipment to meet the standard the game displays. Part of the charm of Hitman 3 is the striking visuals and set pieces and a TV show would be expected to meet these high standards and it may struggle on a smaller screen.  

Level Design / Setting

One of the greatest parts of Hitman 3 is the level design. A game with only 6 levels may sound short, but in the Hitman universe that is 40 hours' worth of gameplay. The hitman series has a great story that continues throughout but it’s the replayability of the levels that make it more enjoyable. Levels including Dubai, an English Manor, China, Germany, and more. New challenges open after each completion providing different ways to complete your mission to keep the game interesting. Hitman 3 even has a level that makes you think of the popular movie Knives Out, and the murder mystery is a fun addition to the game. Very few games make you want to keep going back to the same levels, but Hitman 3 rewards you for doing so. 

As a TV show and having a new location each episode would keep the story interesting but would limit the number of episodes for the series before things became repetitive. The TV show could do something unique and have each season set in the same location, but goes groundhog day and Agent 47 replays the mission but in different ways as we learn more about the characters in that location. Could be an interesting show. 

Gameplay / Episode Content

One of the aspects that makes the Hitman series and Hitman 3 a must-have title is down to its gameplay and replayability. Every level you have an assassination target but how you complete the mission is so diverse and enjoyable. The assassinations can be as simple as sneaking up and shooting the target or finding a banana peel and watching them fall. Of course, there are challenges for those that want to test their hitman ability. 

How would this apply to TV? There would be two routes a show could take. A dark gritty story with espionage, twists, and turns and really focusing on the story elements of Hitman. Personally, I think something more fun, not afraid to make fun of itself type of show could work really well with a few story elements would keep the core feel of the game intact. Something similar to their knives out level would be great to see but a full 22 episode series may be a struggle.

Final Verdict

Game: 9/10

As a game Hitman 3 is visually stunning and epically fun. Each level makes me want to go back and try new methods and has challenges to keep the replay value past 40 hours. With next-generation consoles lacking in games, Hitman 3 is a must-have for any collection.

Conversion to a TV Show: 6.5/10 

 If it keeps its cinematic visuals and insane assassinations Hitman 3 would be an enjoyable short series that many would appreciate but it may struggle to bring the fun elements across that makes the game playable. The potential is there if it is handled the right way.

Do you think a game like Hitman 3 could make it as a TV show? Sound off in the comments below and I’d love to hear your suggestions for other games we could rate to become a TV show.

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