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Quote of the Week - Week of January 10

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A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the SpoilerTV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.


1.  Mary:  “Here's a sentence I've never said before. Can you hack the Batmobile?”  Luke:  “I'll try. Until 10 minutes ago I didn't even know it was in here.”  (Prpleight)

2.  Ryan:  “Trust me.  I know I’m not a symbol or a name or a legacy.”  Mary:  “Exactly, so why do you think you’re worthy of wearing it.”  Ryan:  “Because I’m a number.  I’m the 327th baby of a black woman who died during childbirth that year.  I’m a $20 a day check to a group home.  I’m inmate 4075, serving 18 months for a crime I didn’t commit.  But I can live with all those numbers because the Mama who adopted me, I was her #1.  But it turns out she’s just one of a quarter million murders in this country who have not seen justice, and that is a number I can’t live with.  So you can have this damn suit back when her killer is dead.”  (Dahne)

3.  Ryan, as she finishes putting on the Bat Suit:  “Time to be powerful.”  (Dahne)

4.  Ryan:  “That’s bigger than me.  It’s one thing to put it on and it’s another thing to wear it.  Like you said, Kate was a hero.  I’m not.”  (Dahne)

MacGyver - (Dahne)

1.  Riley:  “You took someone very special to me from this world and I will be there every step of the way to make sure you rot in a cell.” 

2.  Vitez:  “I got to know Jack a bit over the last year.”  Bozer:  “In a good way?  Because with Jack, sometimes it took awhile to appreciate his...Jackness.”  Vitez:  “We called him cuvar stada.”  Desi:  “Cowboy.”  Vitez:  “Yeah, and more.  Keeper of the flock, protector.  You were once his flock too, yeah?”  Riley:  “Family.  We were his family.”

3.  Mac, voiceover:  “Normally, this is when I go on about how to best use science to solve a real-world problem.  But on top of the science, it seems right to ask, ‘What would Jack do?’  Because there are times when being bold and brash and even a little bit crazy, is how you gotta play it.”

~~~I loved this Ode to Jack episode.  I’m sorry they killed him off before we saw him again but it was a touching tribute to the quirkiness that was Jack.  (Dahne)

NCIS: LA - (Dahne)

1.  Sabatino:  “How long have you two been quarantined, because I’m picking up a very weird Bert and Ernie vibe?”

2.  Callen:  “Pietra Rey.”  Sabatino:  “Yeah.  You know her?”  Sam:  “Yeah, she tried to blow us both up.”  Callen:  “Twice.”  Sabatino:  “Does anyone actually like you guys?”

3.  Rountree:  “We have to set an example and a standard that’s above and beyond what people expect from us.  We should be seen as a solution, not a problem.  Does that sound stupid?”  Fatima:  “No, it sounds commendable.  If not a tad ambitious.”  Roundtree:  “You and I are the future of this service and we need to decide what we want that future to look like.”  Fatima:  “I’m with you.”

~~~There’s nothing like a Sabatino one-liner.  He stole the episode this time.  (Dahne)

The Rookie - (Folie-lex)

1.  Lucy: "Who hikes halfway up to the Hollywood sign to steal someone's car?"  Jackson: "I'm surprised they got it to start."  Lucy: "Do not speak ill of my baby!"  Nolan: "Did you lock it?"  Lucy: "Wow. Way to blame the victim. That's..."  Nolan: "So you locked it."  Lucy: "It doesn't actually lock."

2.  Harper: "Listen, you do not know these moms. They go all out! I swear, I... not one of them has a job."  Nolan: "Judging other moms. Now you're getting the hang of parenting."

3.  James: "The lock was there to protect us. To protect our kids."  Nolan: "Look, you shouldn't have to trade a place to play for safety."  James: "No. We shouldn't. But we do."

Servant - (Folie-lex)

1.  Natalie: "I slipped some melatonin in her tea."  Julian: "Homeopathic medicine saves the day, said no one ever."

2.  Dorothy: "You have such reassuring eyes."  Julian: "I use minerals."

3.  Dorothy: "I'm gonna tell you something right now that you're not gonna wanna hear. But it's the truth."  Sean: "Hit me."  Dorothy: "I thought you'd be a better father than this. I honestly did."

Superstore - (Folie-lex)

1.  Dina: "I thought my legacy as acting manager was gonna be the new forklift pallet clamp, but turns out it's racial justice. So... okay, Ken, do you wanna do the honours."  Ken: "Oh! Six foot bubble everybody. And watch your fingers I just had these sharpened."  Dina: "Ken on the count of three, you're gonna bolt cut us into the 21st century. One. Two. Three.”  [lock doesn't budge]  Jonah: "Or, you know, since we put the lock there, maybe we have the key."  Dina: "Less ceremonial, but fine."  Ken: "Oh, that's my house key. This one's for Gram Gram's skate rink. This is my Orangetheory locker. Ah yeah, key to the racist lock."

2.  Dina: "Pretty big day, huh? Justice: one. Racism: zero."  Jonah: "I'm not sure that's the score."

3.  Garrett: "Look, it's pointless, alright? You're new here so you don't get it, but to change anything around here is a lost cause. I mean just look at Jonah. He tried to start a union and ended up throwing away a whole year of his life."  Jonah: "I well... I did learn some things. But, uh, yeah... no, yeah, it's uh... I wasted that year."  Nia: "I don't know. I mean, seems like things are actually gaining some momentum. Might as well try to change some of that stuff, right?"  Garrett: "Be my guest."  Nia: "Okay, so once again Black women are the ones everybody expects to drive social change."

WandaVision - (Folie-lex)

1.  Agnes: "Forgive me for not stopping by sooner to welcome you to the block. My mother-in-law was in town, so I wasn't."

2.  Mr.Hart: "No skeletons in your closet, eh Vision?"  Vision: "I don't have a skeleton, sir."

3.  Vision: "That man through there is my boss, Mr. Hart! And his dear lady wife, Mrs. Hart! The heart on the calendar was an abbreviation!"  Wanda: "You move at the speed of sound and I can make a pen float through the air. Who needs to abbreviate?!"

4.  Vision: "Today, we will lie to you and yet you will believe our little deceptions, because human beings are easily fooled due to their limited understanding of the inner working of the universe. Flourish!"  Wanda: "You just do it, you don't say it out loud, honey."  Vision: "Pff! And now my wife and I will delight in your dumbstruck little faces."

The Watch - (Dahne)

1.  Cheery:  “Alright, listen.  One song can change everything - make people cry the same tears, even save the world.  So let’s get this right.  Otherwise we’ll get kicked out of the building, Lady Ramkin will die, and Ankh-Morpork will burn.  Okay?  Let’s shred this.”  

2.  Lady Ramkin:  “Understand this.  When I ride, I ride hard.  So saddle up your ponies, keep kicking, or stay in the stables.”  Vimes:  “I don’t understand what that meant.  Did anybody understand any of that?”

What Else We’re Watching:


1.  Pilar:  “Come on! You never go toward the creepy noise. Have you never seen a horror movie?”  (Prpleight)

The Practice - 5.12

1.  Eugene: "Now I know you were acting as a worried husband, but Bobby... if stupidity were a crime, your ass would be serving life!"  (Lindsey)

The Watch - 1.02

1.  Cherry:  “A bit dark for a library.  If these freaky books turn mean on us, you fight the encyclopedias.  I’ll fight the periodicals.”

2.  Vimes:  “It’s time for the truth.  That night when I had Carcer hanging off the edge of that roof, part of me wanted to push him over, but a part of me, that part, wanted to pull him back.  So in the end, I did nothing.  I just watched and I don’t know if what I did was out of courage or cowardice, but I do know one thing - I’m done watching.” (Dahne)

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