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Quote of the Week - Week of August 16

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A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the SpoilerTV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

Little Voice - (Folie-lex)
1. Mary: "Let us be a family again." Bess: "We are a family. When you were gone we built this family. Me, Dad and Louie. I will never forgive you." Louie: "I forgive you."
2. Bess: "Hi Dad. I don't know where you are. I don't even know if you're ever even gonna hear this. But I... I had to tell you, you know how you always say music doesn't lie? You were right. Even when I lie, music doesn't. Wonder of wonders. I miss you. Can you come home?"
3. Sam: "Hey." Bess: "Hey. Thanks for coming." Sam: "I don't scare easy."

Star Trek: Lower Decks - (Folie-lex)
1. Boimler: "You almost phasered me!" Mariner: "Calm down. It's set to... Uh... it was... it was set to 'stun'."
2. Mariner: "Ah, circled by spears. This is a classic. What am I, Kirk? Is this the 2260s? Alright!"
3. Boimler: "This crew has their limits. They're only human... Well and Vulcan. And Orion. There's that Benzite guy in tactical...-" Shaxs: "Damn it, man! If you're trying to inspire some sort of resolution then inspire it now!"

Ted Lasso - (Folie-lex)
1. Ted: “What happened now?” Roy: “Just the usual: Jamie being a little b** prima donna.” Ted: “Roy, let me ask you something. What were you like when you were 23, playing in this league, making all that money?” Roy: “Little b** prima donna.” Ted: “Yeah... You know how they say that youth is wasted on the young? Well I say don’t let the wisdom of age be wasted on you.”
2. Keeley: “So when I was 18, I dated a footballer that was 23. Now I’m close to 30 and I’m still dating a 23-year-old footballer. I’m Leonardo DiCaprio! They are pretty fun though. Simple, rich, fit.” Rebecca: “What about accountable?” Keeley: “What do you mean?” Rebecca: “Well, I mean, everyone makes mistakes, but... I was married to a man for 12 years, who never once took responsibility for any single one of them.”
3. Ted: [re Rupert] “What a charmer, huh?” Rebecca: “Indeed.” Ted: “You know you may think you’re the only one that can see who he really is, but you’re not.”
4. Roy: “Hey, do me a favour, don’t use me as a prop in your little fights. Made me feel like an idiot.” Keeley: “I’m sorry. I... I shouldn’t have done that.” Roy: “Thanks.” Jamie: “No one was bidding on you anyway, mate. Just fuck off. Go on. What are you saying sorry to him for?” Keeley: “Being accountable matters, Jamie"

United We Fall - (Folie-lex)
1. Bill: "You don't have kids. When there is no school... there's no childcare." Yassir: "Bummer." Bill: "You don't understand! The weekend is worse than the week!"
2. Jo: "The kids are still asleep. So...?" Bill: "You wanna have nervous, silent sex while we stare at the door?"
3. Bill: "Come one babe, why do we have to go to all your family events?" Jo: "Because, otherwise we're not a family. We're just a bunch of people on the same city with the same nose."
4. Emily: "My weekend by Emily Ryan. I went to two parties and ate six pieces of cake. My uncles fought in my living room. Plus my parents don't work on weekends, so I got to spend two whole days with them. I have the best family." Jo: "Ooohh!" Bill: "You see? She has no idea we're completely inept."

Yellowstone - (Folie-lex)
1. Monica: "Yeah, I don't think your father and I share the same parenting values." Kayce: "He never spanked me once." Monica: "No, just burned his brand into you." Kayce: "He was different then. So was I. I see it different now. I understand it." Monica: "Well, I'll never understand it. And you gotta promise me something, baby. Promise me you'll see that for what it was. Don't ever see it different. Promise." Kayce: "I promise."
2. Willa: "And after the sting of this fades, you should give me a call. You could do very well working for me." Beth: "When all this is over, I'm gonna hang your diploma above my toilet in my guest house. You have my word." Willa: "Like I said, you gotta let the sting fade. Then we'll talk." Beth: "The sting never fades with me. It is a painful lesson, and one you're about to learn." Willa: "I really like her."
3. Garrett: "I killed everything I ever loved and everything that ever loved me. You don't want to know me... son. [...]” Jamie: "I need to. I've never known who I was. I've never felt like I was whole. I need to know you, or I will never know myself." Garrett: "You want some coffee?" Jamie: "Sure."
4. John: "You can't reason with evil, son. Evil wants what it wants and won't stop until it's won or you kill it. The only way to kill it is to be meaner than evil. That's gonna be your last lesson son, how to be meaner than evil and still love your family, and still enjoy a sunrise."

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