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Supernatural - Destiny's Child - Review

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Supernatural “Destiny’s Child” was written by the team of Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Leming and was directed by Amyn Kaderali. The episode features a number of women, included Jared Padalecki’s (Sam) wife Genevieve Padalecki reprising her role as Ruby – and of course, the two met on set. I was at least glad that Ruby’s part was relegated to flashbacks. In the present we have another visit from Sister Jo (Danneel Ackles) – wife to Jensen Ackles (Dean). The most pleasant surprise was seeing Rachel Miner reprise her role as Meg! Ackles and Padalecki get a double workout playing our Dean and Sam as well as dopplegangers of themselves from another world. It’s a busy episode… with a pretty interesting twist at the end.

The episode opens with Dean and Sam doing research, looking for clues on the Chuck problem. They’re interrupted by a weird noise and go to investigate. They open the door to another room and find a Fiat with Savage Garden’s “I Want You” playing out of it. As they watch, AU Sam – with no socks and a man bun – and AU Dean – with argyle socks, a white line shirt, and suede jacket – step out. AU brothers fist bump – and then Sam says Dean and AU Dean says Sam, Dean says Sam and AU Sam says Dean? It’s like the best of Abbott and Costello! Our guys say “What the Hell” and AU brothers say “What the Heck?” But then whatever spell they used to open a rift from their world to ours suddenly sucks them back again.

Dean and Sam try to explain to Cas (Misha Collins) what happened and he doesn’t get it. Billie (Lisa Berry) shows up and tells them that they were running from the destruction of their own reality. She tells them that Chuck is almost done wrapping up the other worlds, and she has the next step for Jack (Alexander Calvert). He shows up eating a sandwich – and I felt badly for how much Calvert had to eat in this episode! He says he’s ready and feeling good about it. Billie explains that the first test was to strengthen his body, and this one is more “spiritual” in nature. I actually loved that because this test is spiritual in so many ways! Who it involves and its ultimate purpose.

Cas wants more specifics. She tells them that Jack must find the Occultum. Sam points out that means hidden in Latin – in case we didn’t pick up on that. Billie doesn’t know where it is – it’s been missing for centuries. It’s not a weapon – Dean’s first thought, but it is powerful. She checks to make sure that Jack is really ready and tells them to be careful – not stupid – because if Chuck gets any hint, everything will come crashing down on them.

Given that this was supposed to be Jack’s test, he does very little. Sam and Dean hit the books with no success. Dean mulls over the big picture. If Jack kills Chuck, they’re still going to be left with Amara, so Jack should kill her – on the family plan – to keep things in balance. Sam wonders who would take over then – Jack? Who at that moment walks in popping bubblegum – a skill he just learned! They agree it probably shouldn’t be him. They ask Jack if Billie has been more specific about Billie’s ultimate plan against Chuck, and she clearly hasn’t been.

Cas gets information from Sergei. The Occultum is divine and was housed for hundreds of years in a temple that was plundered by pirates. I loved this scene as Dean tries to guess what happened next – using every adventure film ever made – and Cas finally says it was taken by Mongul hordes to sell on the black market – and Dean claims that was his next guess. Cas rolls his eyes and Sam just says yeah… Cas says it was owned by a family for years until their son became ill and they turned to faith healer – who was attractive and who healed the child by laying on glowing hands…. Sister Jo, who would only take the Occultum as payment.

Dean and Sam go to see Sister Jo. Sam remarks she’s still in business, and she gets in a nice jab as she says the Healthcare system sucks so she takes up the slack – I’m betting lots of places in the US could use her now. She tells them she can’t talk about gazillionaire Jacobson because of patient-client confidentiality. Dean tells her that Chuck is back and he’s pissed and he’s going to murder the world. Jo asks if they want her to be on their side against God! Dean points out that they are better looking – hysterical as he says this to his wife, who clearly thinks so! She’s not about to make God her enemy because he’s God. They pull angel blades and she tells them she doesn’t have it – Ruby does!

We get a flashback – and Jo’s outfit is hideous! Jo clarifies that they weren’t friends (Genevieve and Danneel are in real life), but they’d pool their talents to run a job together if the opportunity came up. In the past, Ruby tells her that she has a couple of buyers for the Occultum. Jo tells them that she gave it to her – but Ruby never got a chance to contact the buyer because “you cluck-cluck” and we get a flashback to Ruby’s death. Jo tells them that the Occultum is now stashed somewhere in Hell – where Ruby left it.

Back at the bunker, Jack is eating… everything! Cas joins him in the kitchen. Jack tells him that when you come back from the dead, you really get into everything life can offer. Cas asks him if he is really into it. Jack tells him that he wants to be… but he still doesn’t have a soul. He still can’t really feel anything. He tells Cas that he used to feel things in his bones – it was glorious and sometimes unbearable… but now, nothing. He goes on to say that he understands that Sam and Dean were angered by what happened to Mary – Cas interrupts to point out “by what YOU did to Mary.” Jack doesn’t even really take responsibility. He does see that he caused them pain and things have changed between them – especially Dean. He asks Cas if Dean will ever forgive him. Cas tells him, you know Dean – and Cas has had a LOT of experience waiting for Dean to get over something. He tells Jack that Dean feels things more acutely than any other human that he’s ever known. He tells Jack that one day, Dean may just explode, let it all out, and move on. But he doesn’t know.

Dean and Sam arrive back at the Bunker with a plan, but Cas meets them and takes to show them AU Dean and Sam trapped between worlds – in a wall in the Bunker! It’s a really great special effect. I loved that Cas at one point says “they’re here” – in a beautiful echo of the famous line from Poltergeist – but not here. Dean asks if they’re in pain, and when Cas says he doesn’t think so, Dean is ready to put them on the backburner and head to Hell.

Collins get a lot of good lines in this episode! When they say they are going to Hell because Ruby stashed the Occultum there, Cas says, “Ruby? The demon you had sexual intercourse with?” Given that he has three children with her in real life… LOL! Sam just gives Cas a look. It’s another funny exchange. Cas is disturbed they are accepting Jo’s word and suggests asking Ruby – but she’s dead… They leave Cas topside to keep the door open to Hell.

While Cas is watching the spell bowl and feeding it, Jack checks on him. Cas for once has figured out that Jo’s story is full of holes. And he wants to ask Ruby – in The Empty. He asks Jack to “almost” kill him. He has Jack drain enough of his life force to put one foot in the empty and watch him in case he starts to really die – and feed the Hell spell while he’s gone. Jack points out that even without a soul, he knows that killing him is wrong. Jack worries he’ll screw up, but Cas tells him that he thinks he’ll do just fine. He tells him to give him one hour and then bring him back.

I thought that we might have had a surprise visit from Rowena (Ruth Connell) but the demon (William Vaughn) who meets them leads them into a trap. Naturally, Sam and Dean defeat the demons. It was Jo who set the trap and told them she’d release them from Hell if they killed Dean and Sam. Meanwhile, Sister Jo takes off…

The first person that Cas meets is Meg! But it’s not Meg – it’s the Empty. She knows that he’s there to find Ruby, so she’s gone with a demon-theme. Cas points out that she’s working with Billie, so she’ll help him. She does and conjures up Ruby. Ruby points out that it’s a bit obvious for a demon to hide something in Hell – clearly, Jo was lying. Ruby asks after Sam, saying she really did like him until he killed her…

Ruby relates a different story. Jo had called her. Jo wanted to make a deal to hide out during the fight between Lucifer and Michael. She reveals that the Occultum is a place. Ruby tells Cas she’ll tell him where she stashed it if he promises to get her out of the Empty – which is far from empty –

This place is full. It's full of sorrow and despair playing over and over again, of angels and demons dreaming about their regrets. Forever.

Cas knows what it is. Cas promises to try to get her out – and she tells him.

Meanwhile, Dean and Sam arrive back from Hell and demand that Jack bring Cas back immediately. But the Empty isn’t done with Cas. The Empty decides to torture Cas while he’s there. Billie has promised to let the Empty go back to sleep – but she hasn’t said anything about hurting Cas or needing him for her plan… Jack pulls Cas back in the nick of time.

Dean is clearly concerned – and proves it by calling Cas an idiot. Cas tells them that the Occultum is the safest place on Earth. He tells them that Jo was never going to give that up – but he knows where it is. I loved the look Collins shoots as Cas asks Dean “Am I still an idiot?” Dean blusters “yeah” and Cas shoots him another look – loved this exchange too – as I’m sure every Destiel fan did.

Sam is ready to go, and Jack points out that it will be a problem if Chuck comes back and looks for them. Dean points out that Chuck would need to see them in Bunker and suggests busting AU Dean and Sam out of the wall. And…. It works!

Dean and Sam get to know AU Dean and Sam. The AU version still has a Dad – who spoils them! They have a Family Business – but it’s a world-wide corporate monster hunting business! The AU brothers drink vintage scotch, not beer – and it’s hilarious as AU Dean decides it’s not too bad – and another easter egg as Ackles owns a brewery in real life. Sam is incredulous that the AU brothers have their own plane – and it’s another easter egg as Padalecki owns his own plane. In fact, on a recent trip to a convention in Las Vegas, Ackles, Richard Speight Jr, Alexander Calvert and Misha Collins – but not Padalecki – were on his plane when an engine blew and they had to make an emergency landing!

The AU brothers tell Dean and Sam that Hunter Corp does very well – and they get paid for hunting monsters! I loved Ackles face when he hears this! They tell them that their Dad built the empire from scratch – and btw the got separated coming through the rift, but it’s possible there is an AU John running around somewhere. AU Dean thanks them for the rescue, and Dean and Sam tell them about God and how they can help by being decoys.

Padalecki is hilarious as Sam tells his AU counterpart that he’ll have to lose the man-bun – and AU Sam is adamant that he won’t – while AU Dean gasps. Dean tells AU Dean that he has to lose the white shirt – this is a deep easter egg as there’s a really old – but famous – photo shoot with Ackles wearing a suspiciously similar shirt!

Dean, Sam, Cas, and Jack head out to the church where the Occultum is supposed to be stashed. Jack suggests that the whole thing seems a little easy – and then Hellhounds come out of the woods. Ruby said the top of the cross would point the way – and why wouldn’t she just tell them to look under the floor? They find a silver ball in a blue velvet bag. Cas deciphers the Enochian – in order to be in the Occultum, the Occultum must be in you.

Back at the Bunker, AU Sam has discovered cute cat videos – or maybe he’s addicted to them in his own reality. AU Dean points out that he was supposed to lose the man-bun, but AU Sam complains that the hillbilly clothes are bad enough. AU Dean just rolls his eyes. They’ve been told to drink beer in front of computer screens – and Dean discover Busty Asian Beauties. AU Sam says imagine if Dad caught them with it! AU Dean thinks that they’ve got it made – and even AU Sam agrees.

Jack takes the directions literally and swallows the Occultum! At first nothing happens – and then he is in pain and disappears! Jack wakes up in a garden – THE Garden as it turns out. He’s met by a girl (Amélie Eve) who tells him that humans aren’t allowed. She tells him that God loved Adam and Eve as his prized creations – until He banished them and hid Eden away. Hmmmmm – and now he has two other prize creations, doesn’t he? Jack tells her that it was meant to change him somehow. She says he’ll know soon enough if he was the one who was meant to find it.

Back at the church, in typical Dean-style, Dean is furious with Cas and frantic about Jack (who he is also still furious with). Sam tries to hold off the Hellhounds. Cas points out that he had no better idea of what was going to happen than Dean.

Meanwhile, Jack meets the Snake – who looks an awful lot like the snake in “Yellow Fever.” The Snake asks him who he really is – who he was meant to be? Jack sees his life flash before his eyes. And suddenly feels all of it. He returns to the Church – looking a lot like Tinkerbell. The Tinkerbell effect was a bit lame, but when it exploded and revealed the Hellhounds and blew them away – it was awesome! Jack reappears and Dean is the first one to run up to him to see if he’s ok.

Back at the Bunker, Dean shoos the AU brothers out. AU Dean and Sam suggest that they could all live there together – like a club! But Dean sends them off to Brazil. AU Dean tells them that when they were looking around, they saw the car – and they drove it! Which is impossible because it was with the real Dean and Sam…

Cas tells Dean and Sam that Jack seems to have recovered. He tells them that something’s different. Jack’s been to the Garden – the crossroads of divinity and humanity and no one’s been there since the exile. He takes them in and Jack is sitting at the kitchen table, weeping. He tells them that he’s so sorry. Dean is confused about what. Jack tells them he doesn’t know why he didn’t get it – he lost his mother too. He doesn’t understand why he didn’t understand. He tells them that it’s all his fault. And of course, this is why Dean is going to forgive him. Cas explains that his soul is back. He asks them to forgive him. We don’t see Dean do it – but we know he’s going to, right?

This was not the most successful episode ever despite having some truly memorable moments and Calvert giving another stellar performance. I am happy they got Jack’s soul back, and I’m even happy with how they did it. Having the wives on was fun – but I feel like this last season is more about the show getting what it wants more than trying to give the fans what they want – though I am really hoping that when Cas does find himself in the Empty that he also finds himself with Meg…. And one final scene that I liked was AU Dean and Sam doing rock, paper, scissors all wrong – and with Dean winning a game! What did you think of the episode? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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