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Scene Of The Month - January 2020 + POLL

A monthly feature in which we're trying to find the most compelling, best acted, written, directed and just generally great, memorable scenes that we've seen in the past month on TV.

9-1-1 LONE STAR, "Pilot", January 19, 2020, Actors: Rob Lowe, Jim Parrack, The Scene: Judd comes face to face with the memorial to his previous crew
After accusing the new firehouse captain of tossing out everything that had to do with the previous crew, all but one of whom were killed in an explosion Judd rounds a corner and sees the memorial to his men and proceeds to fall apart. Judd's a character suffering from PTSD, and probably survivor's guilt as well, and trying to avoid dealing with the pain. The sight of the memorial forces him to deal with a little of it and it was heartbreaking. Great work from Rob Lowe and Jim Parrack.

A MILLION LITTLE THINGS, "The Kiss", January 23, 2020, Actors: David Giuntoli, Tristan Byon
The Scene: Eddie explains alcoholism to Theo
I don't think I've ever seen a scene on a tv show where a character calmly explains alcoholism to their child. Usually the child finds out when seeing their parent wasted. But I really loved this scene and the way they explained it. I think a lot of parents who struggle with alcoholism worry about how to tell their child.

ALL AMERICAN, "Protect Ya Neck", January 27, 2020, Actors: Daniel Ezra, Samantha Logan
The Scene: Spencer and Olivia dance at Cotillion
I have wanted these two to get together since the pilot. I loved seeing them have fun together, despite all the hardships they've had lately.

AMERICAN HOUSEWIFE, "The Great Cookie Challenge", January 31, 2020, Actors: Daniel DiMaggio, Meg Donnelly, The Scene: Oliver tells Taylor he doesn't plan to correct Will
Klutzy girl:
After Oliver is falsely outed by Will in an attempt to keep him quiet about his own sexuality, he tells Taylor that he doesn't plan to correct it - he hopes people will be cool about it so he can show Will that it'll be fine. This is a selfless and amazing moment from him, and also shows how far he's grown. I'm really excited to see where this storyline goes next.

ARROW, "Fadeout", January 28, 2020, Actors: Stephen Amell, David Ramsey, Emily Bett Rickards, Katie Cassidy and more, The Scenes: The final scene & Oliver takes out John Byrne's gang & Laurel visits Quentin & Diggle's eulogy
This final season felt like one long goodbye and yet it's still harder to let go than I expected. All these final episodes were filled with memorable moments, important callbacks, heartwarming returns. It was a beautiful surprise, to see that through Oliver's sacrifice he managed to bring back so many of his loved ones back to life - Tommy, Moira, Quentin. I only wish we got to see a glimpse of this other, happier version of the story. Still, it was a wonderful series finale and I could have picked any of the dozen beautiful moments from it. Both Quentin's speech and Diggle's eulogy were wonderfully written and delivered by the actors. Everyone's reactions were emotional and perfectly done. Laurel's brief moment with Lance was everything I would have hoped for these two. Love and acceptance. Even Tommy's quiet presence at the funeral spoke volumes. I could mention every scene in the episode, but in the end I decided to go with the final one. It's a happy ending. Not a perfect one of course, Oliver's gone and he didn't get to spend more time with his family, with his kids growing up. But still, all things considered, this is the best possible ending we could get at this point and I loved that. After all his years of struggle, pain, hell, Oliver Queen has finally found his peace and in this final scene he's joined by his beloved wife. The two of them reunite and reminiscence about their first meeting. It meant so much to actually see him after his death, to know he's truly happy at last. Thank you Oliver Queen, in the end you really did save the city. Kudos to cast & crew for all their work on the show. It will be missed but the story of the Arrowverse will continue. Now that's a wonderful legacy.
Chris: Oliver takes out John Byrne's gang. While this episode was chock full of great scenes, I'll say this was my favorite in terms of pure excitement. Say what you will about the show, but it's always been the golden standard for superhero/vigilante fight scenes. Fantastic camera work with several long takes paired with incredible fight choreography and some great editing (an often underappreciated element when it comes to this show). Aside from the entertaining action, this scene had a thematic element to it as well. With this scene, the show was able to use its signature flashback mechanic to showcase just how different Oliver used to be. He kills dozens of criminals without hesitation, a stark contrast to the hero he grew to become. It's almost unsettling in a way. Overall, despite the fact that John Byrne was a bland villain and was shoehorned in at the last minute, this scene showcased what made Arrow so engaging to begin with.
Marko: E2 Laurel comes to Quentin. Despite the writers continuously trying to undermine E1 Laurel, her E2 counterpartner gave her all the props she needed. Laurel's questioning of her existence on Earth Prime was a brilliantly executed moment and while Quentin's reaction was not really understandable (cause Oliver didn't bring back the daughter he raised) it was still beautiful to see him catch this hurt little bird and tell her there is a reason why she's there and that she is perfect just the way she is.
DJRiter: Diggle’s Eulogy at Oliver’s Funeral - So many touching and heartfelt moments marked one of the final scenes of the show’s finale. There was the mother-daughter reunion of Felicity and Mia; the return of old friends like Nyssa; and Barry and Kara paying their respects. However, it was the heartfelt words of John Diggle, the show’s most underrated MVP-David Ramsey, about his fallen brother that brought me to tears.
Jennifer: Final Scene - The series finale of Arrow had so many poignant moments, with returning and resurrected characters, tearful first meetings, and a final goodbye to the departed Oliver. But for a show that put Oliver Queen through the ringer, the best gift was the last scene where he's shown to be in his own version of paradise, waiting for the love of his life to come join him at last. A couple quick throwbacks - the red pen, an acknowledgment of the real first time he saw Felicity - and a last dose of the Amell/Rickards chemistry, and we're left with the knowledge that finally, this constantly tortured hero has found some peace.

BATWOMAN, "How Queer Everything Is Today!", January 19, 2020, Actors: Ruby Rose and more
The Scene: Batwoman comes out as a lesbian
I loved seeing Kate come out on that cover. It was a brave move considering it could endanger her hidden identity. And the interview was done by Kara Danvers.

CHARMED, "Guess Who's Coming to SafeSpace Seattle", January 17, 2020, Actors: Sarah Jeffery, Felix Solis, The Scene: Maggie confronts Ray
In a simple but beautiful scene Sarah Jeffery delivered an extraordinary, heartfelt speech about how she just wanted to be a girl loved by her dad. She puts all her power and heartbreak into those few words explaining Ray how much he continues to hurt her.

DOCTOR WHO, "Fugitive of the Judoon", January 26, 2020, Actors: Jodie Whittaker, Bradley Walsh, Jo Martin, John Barrowman, The Scenes: Captain Jack's return & Ruth is revealed to be The Doctor
There were many great and memorable moments on Doctor Who last month, but this one was an easy choice. In fact, it's the first scene that I thought of when it came to choosing the scenes for the article. It's been such a long, long time since we've seen Captain Jack and I don't think I even realized just how much I missed him until this reveal. I've been generally staying away from spoilers lately, but this one couldn't be avoided and I truly didn't mind. I was so excited to see John Barrowman back on Doctor Who and his brief return was perfectly done. I only wish we could see the reunion between Jack and the Doctor but now I'm hopeful we'll get it in the future. Such a joyful scene! His interactions with Graham (and the rest of the companions) were wonderful and exactly what I would expect from Jack. His reaction to the news about the Doctor was spot-on and I'm very interested to learn more about the reason behind his warning. This season has been taking some bold steps and I'm not quite sure where we'll end up but I remain cautiously optimistic for now. If only for Captain Jack. Welcome back, you've been greatly missed. Kudos to cast & crew for all their work on the show.
Milo: Ruth is revealed to be The Doctor: What a reveal! I could have picked either this or Captain Jack's return, but Ruth being introduced as a part of The Doctor that 13 can't remember was a really powerful moment that could be the start of something special. Jo Martin was absolutely terrific and her scenes with Jodie Whittaker were a joy to watch. The fan theories about why 13 can't remember her and this Doctor can't remember 13 have already started.

EVIL, "Book 27", January 30, 2020, Actors: Katja Herbers, Aasif Mandvi, The Scene: Ben tells Kristen she has blood on her leg
Laura B:
The season one finale of Evil was jam-packed with so many things going on, it's hard to pick one scene that really stood out or would explain all of its twists, but I chose this scene between Kristen and Ben, as in The Good Wife fashion, if characters have a conversation about seeing nothing, then there is nothing to see, as Kristen tells Ben as she's wiping off the blood in near by sink, that there was never any blood to see and he starts to agree, but the implications that Kristen might have just murdered Roy off screen is a gutsy move for a freshman series and I'm looking forward to the follow through of learning the truth and how that will affect her and the other characters next season.

GOD FRIENDED ME, "A New Hope", January 5, 2020, Actors: Judd Hirsch, Lynn Cohen, The Scene: Abraham and Rose reunite
Holocaust survivor siblings Abraham and Rose reunite for the first time since they escaped the train to Auschwitz. God Friended Me often pulls at my heartstrings, but it is rare that any show moves me to tears. After having faith for decades that his sister Rose may have escaped the Nazis, Abraham learns that his father's pocket watch was found at Auschwitz. Fearing the worst, Abraham finally gives up hope, only to discover that Rose indeed lived and that he has a whole family he never knew of. When Rose and Abraham are finally face-to-face, fears set aside for pure joy, I was sniffling with them.

GREY'S ANATOMY, "Help Me Through the Night", January 23, 2020, Actors: Chandra Wilson, Ellen Pompeo, James Pickens Jr., The Scenes: Meredith and Richard show up for Bailey & Bailey breaks down
Jamie: Bailey breaks down. Having a few of your doctors in the hospital with serious injuries would be stressful any day but on the same day that you have a miscarriage takes it to a whole new level of intense. Bailey held it together quite well until everyone was out of the woods and then finally lets it all out to Richard. This reminded me of the scene she had in the shooter episode when the elevators weren't working. I hate that they keep putting this character through all of this but the actress does it so well.
Nikos: Another emotional catastrophe mid-season premiere ends on a bittersweet note featuring a scene with the remaining original cast members; Pompeo, Pickens, Wilson as Meredith and Richard show up for Bailey after her miscarriage as her people. An already teary-eyed scene hits even harder with the news of Justin Chambers’ departure from the show, everyone’s already missing Alex.

LEGACIES, "This Is Why We Don't Entrust Plans to Muppet Babies" & "What Cupid Problem?", January 23 & 30, 2020, Actors: Aria Shahghasemi, Olivia Liang, Karen David and more, The Scenes: Landon pulls a Superman & Alyssa reveals her plan to Emma
Jennifer: Landon Pulls a Superman - I could pick so many scenes from this wonderfully weird show, but I have to go with often mocked "bird" Landon getting a non-death related power to actually work. As he points out at the start of the episode, Superman doesn't have to flap his arms to fly, and while I was looking forward to see that being proven wrong (because honestly, how much funnier would the flapping be), the floating scene is still really gratifying. It reminds me of the Smallville episode "Homecoming," when Clark and Lois end up floating while dancing. The moment of panic that Landon has when he realizes he actually did it, and then him and Hope dropping to the ground a minute later - that's all Legacies. I'm looking forward to him discovering more powers. And I hope that even if he can float on his own, moving around in the air requires flapping, or maybe some midair dog paddling.
Marko: Alyssa reveals to Emma she sent the Saltzmans to the original Prison world. Alyssa Chang is turning into my favorite character this season, her unapologetic attitude is just refreshing and perfectly messing up the lives of our protagonists. The way she unveiled her sinister plan to Emma was simply a moment to remember.

LEGENDS OF TOMORROW, "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Five", January 14, 2020, Actors: Caity Lotz, Grant Gustin, Melissa Benoist and more, The Scenes: The Memorial and Justice League's beginning & Sara and Barry grieve together
Such a great ending for "Crisis on Infinite Earths". We get to see a whole new Multiverse being born, even if the people of Earth-Prime don't realize that yet. A short glimpse into the different realities, from Stargirl to Kingdom Come Superman, accompanied by the Spectre's speech and wonderful music, ends with our heroes united on Earth-Prime. They gather to say goodbye to a fallen hero, Oliver Queen, who sacrificed his life first to protect the universe and then to create a new one. The memorial is emotional, with those closest to Oliver thanking him for all that he has done. His memory will stay with them always, his legacy will live on. It's something that the Green Arrow never expected but absolutely what he deserved. The sadness of this loss is not where this crossover ends. Instead, Barry offers a hopeful future and uses the opportunity to finally form Arrowverse's version of the Justice League. It's perfect. There's even an empty place left at the table, one where Green Arrow would have been. It's a beautiful way to finish the story but also to begin a new exciting one. I certainly hope to see this group together in the future, fighting side by side as a team of heroes they are. Kudos to cast & crew for all their work on this episode and the crossover overall.
Chris: The heroes say goodbye to Oliver/the Justice League is formed. This one is a little weird because it's a part of the "Crisis On Infinite Earths" crossover and there's confusion behind the numbering of the episode (some sources list it as unnumbered while others list it as the season premiere). That said, this scene was, in my opinion, the best scene in the entire crossover. Seeing Barry, Kara, Sara, J'onn, Kate and Jefferson grieve for their fallen comrade really hit emotionally. It was the memorial the Green Arrow deserved, and the reveal that Barry is finally attempting to form the Justice League was just icing on the cake (now we just need them to say the name for goodness sake!). I'm incredibly excited about what is to come.
DJRiter: Sara and Barry grieve together – It was one of Caity Lotz’s best moment as she and Barry sit quietly on the steps in a park and mourn the loss of their friend. For Sara it was a much harder emotional punch because with the death of Oliver, she had lost her last physical tie to Star City. Lotz’s grief and acceptance of Sara’s new family was masterfully played.

MAGNUM PI, "Desperate Measures", January 3, 2020, Actors: Zachary Knighton, Beulah Koale, Jay Hernandez and more, The Scene: End scene at Rick's bar
End scene at Rick's bar. After successfully rescuing Junior, the two teams celebrated by dancing and winding down and it was a nice conclusion to the crossover. As Junior and Tani danced, you could feel that they were done dancing around (no pun intended) their connection and were finally giving into their feelings. On the other side, Magnum and Higgins toasting to the successful mission was the perfect way to end a very satisfying crossover.

NEW AMSTERDAM, "Hiding Behind My Smile" & "14 Years, 2 Months, 8 Days", January 21 & 28, 2020, Actors: Cole Tristan Murphy, Tyler Labine, Ryan Eggold, The Scenes: Trey's recording & Max's prayer
This show is filled with touching, memorable moments, so choosing just one from this month wasn't the easiest task. Max's prayer, Iggy's breakdown, Vijay calming Ella down - each worth a mention in the article. But in the end I decided to highlight a scene focused around a guest character, a young patient named Trey who learns that he's dying and chooses to spend his last months doing everything he's dreamed of but not letting his parents know the truth. That is until Iggy offers to record a message for his parents and Trey's attempt at saying goodbye to them makes him change his mind. I didn't expect this moment to affect me as much as it did. We barely know this character, his initial decision may be hard to understand and yet this moment stayed with me for a while, long after the episode ended. The idea of "5 most important memories" also made me remember an old favorite from LOST, but ultimately it's the things Trey says that hit me the most. It's a list of ordinary moments from his life that felt truly special and significant because he spent them with his loved ones. The memories that mattered because he felt loved, safe and stronger with his parents by his side. The realization hurts Trey, his voice breaks down several times until he finally asks to stop the recording. We see him later in the episode, admitting the whole truth, making the choice to spend his final days with the ones he loves. Maybe not doing all the incredible things he had planned, but making important memories all the same. "He can't finish his story without them." Cole Tristan Murphy who played Trey does such a wonderful job in this episode. Kudos to the whole cast & crew for their work on the show.
DJRiter: Max prays to God. When a series of inexplicable setbacks beset the hospital one day, a skeptical Max, influenced by the prayer group that had been in the lobby, sends up a prayer to God when things look their worst.

PRODIGAL SON, "Alone Time", January 20, 2020, Actors: Tom Payne, Bellamy Young and more, The Scene: Jessica and then Malcolm take on the Junkyard Killer
Jessica and then Malcolm take on the Junkyard Killer to save their family. Although the whole episode was a series of great scenes, in the end, I chose first Jessica and then Malcolm defending their home and family. While Jessica is trying to soothe her injured daughter, she is also desperate to keep a determined serial killer from slaying them all. Armed with just her will and a pair of scissors, she's a lioness not going down without a fight. Still, she's outmatched until her son, Malcolm, enters and draws the serial killer away by using his knowledge of criminal profiling to emotionally cripple the killer before taking a crowbar to him. Both characters were exemplary throughout this fast-paced, high-tension episode.

SCHITT'S CREEK, "Smoke Signals", January 7, 2020, Actors: Annie Murphy, Daniel Levy and more, The Scene: Alexis mixes up the dates
Schitt's Creek has been killing its final season so far, and it's already really hard to pick which scene was the best of the first few episodes (and special shoutout to Moira's crow headpiece from last week). But my personal favorite is when Alexis realizes that she's switched the dates on her plane ticket, so now she won't be leaving for another month. David slowly catches onto the mistake while Stevie is having the absolute best time laughing at the "car crash" of a situation, with Annie Murphy being typically brilliant as Alexis tries to navigate her embarrassing error. I think Murphy, Emily Hampshire, Dan Levy and Noah Reid play off each other so well and I can only hope that the wedding planning means we'll get to more scenes like this and the suit shopping scenes from last week before the show is over. Plus, that Titanic reference and poor Billy Zane getting thrown under the bus as a fellow mixer-up of dates - it's excellent.

SCHOOLED, "Titanic Love", January 29, 2020, Actors: AJ Michalka, Brett Dier
The Scene: Lainey realizes that CB is in love with her
Klutzy girl:
Lainey finally figures out that CB is in love with her. It's been a long time coming, and she only realized it just as he told her he was trying to move on. I'm looking forward to the angst that's ahead.

SEX EDUCATION, "Episode 7", January 17, 2020, Actors: Emma Mackey, Simone Ashley, Aimee Lou Wood and more, The Scene: The Not Breakfast Club scene
Stick a group of girls in a room and ask them what they have in common, and the unfortunate answer is probably sexual harassment. After Aimee admits that she's still thinking about the man who assaulted her earlier in the season, the girls, who had been at each other's throats until that point, commiserate with their own stories. It highlighted how these kinds of incidents are often power plays, intended to make victims feel afraid and helpless, and make places and situations that used to feel safe, feel dangerous. In the last few years, different shows have tried to tackle these Me Too inspired stories with varying degrees of success. This one worked in part because of the talented cast, but also because of writers who understand what day-to-day harassment looks and feels like.

STATION 19, "I Know This Bar", January 23, 2020, Actors: Jason George, Chandra Wilson and more
The Scene: The flashback sequence
In the flashback sequences taking place before the bar car crash, we see the 19 crew celebrate Ben (George) and Bailey’s (Wilson) new pregnancy in a moment of pure happiness before everything falls apart. In many ways this episode complements and adds more to the Grey’s Anatomy plot even if it’s a ploy to get viewers to tune in for a crossover it is twice as enjoyable because of it.

STUMPTOWN, "The Past and the Furious", January 15, 2020, Actor: Cobie Smulders
The Scene: Dex has a conversation with a higher power
Life has beaten Dex down pretty good, and while looking for the birth parents of a fellow veteran, she finds herself in a small church chapel. As only she can, Dex has a conversation with God asking what she’d done for the world to be so down on her at that time.

SUPERGIRL, "Back From the Future - Part One", January 26, 2020, Actors: Melissa Benoist, Jeremy Jordan, The Scene: Winn and Kara’s balcony talk
Our little Winn has returned from the future all grown up. Never was that more evident than in the heart-warming talk he has with his old friend Kara about his daughter and how her name is revered in the future. It was a lovely scene between Melissa Benoist and Jeremy Jordan, picking up like they’d never been apart as Kara and Winn.

SUPERNATURAL, "The Trap", January 16, 2020, Actor: Jensen Ackles
The Scene: Dean's prayer
Klutzy girl:
After losing Cas in Purgatory, Dean breaks and prays to him, telling him that of course he forgives the angel. Jensen absolutely knocked this emotional scene out of the park.

THE BOLD TYPE, "Legends of the Fall Issue", January 23, 2020, Actors: Aisha Dee and more
The Scene: Kat owns the boardroom
I love seeing the girls kick ass and watching Kat change the minds of a bunch of old white men was absolutely fantastic.

THE GOOD DOCTOR, "Fractured", January 13, 2020, Actor: Freddie Highmore
The Scene: Shaun's meltdown
Shaun has a meltdown cause he is scared that everyone is going to leave him. Freddie Highmore once again proved he is a masterclass. With deep emotional distress, he went into a profound panic attack. While intimidating and scary the emotional breakdown was also beautiful and emotional.

THE GOOD PLACE, "Mondays, Am I Right?" & "Whenever You're Ready", January 16 & 30, 2020, Actors: Kristen Bell, William Jackson Harper, D'Arcy Carden, Ted Danson and more, The Scenes: Eleanor lets Chidi go & The final scene & Team Cockroach get to the Good Place
What a beautiful and meaningful journey this show has been. It's hard to say goodbye, even harder to choose just one scene to highlight from the list of all the memorable moments during these last few episodes. I'm so glad that the group actually managed to come up with a great new plan for the afterlife, find their purpose and ultimately their peace. There's something both beautiful and heartbreaking about all those goodbyes and "a wave returning to the ocean". Also, I've always loved that moment when Eleanor comforts Michael and tells him that "all humans are aware of death, so we're all a little bit sad. All the time." It rang so true and it felt right to have this sentiment return at the end. With all this in mind, I decided to highlight the scene where Eleanor realizes that she has to let Chidi go. Even though it breaks her heart to stay alone she knows it would be selfish for her to keep him by her side when he's ready to leave. In fact, it turns out he's been ready for quite a while but couldn't bring himself to tell Eleanor, knowing it would hurt her. These two are very different people but they're also a perfect match for each other. It was wonderful to see them grow and Eleanor's realization shows one more time what a truly good person she's become. "What We Owe to Each Other" book was such an important part of their story. It makes all the sense in the world that it would be the inspiration for Eleanor at its end. Kudos to the fantastic cast & crew of the show. It will be fondly remembered and dearly missed.
Jennifer: Final Scene - Another show wrapping up with another take on life after death. We spend the last two episodes watching each of our heroes decide that they've had enough of their afterlife and move on, to some unknown final fate. When Eleanor finally steps through the door, we finally get to see what happens to the humans when they move on as she disintegrates into particles of floating light. One particle influences a man to do a small kind deed for Earthbound former demon Michael. It's a beautiful final summation of the themes the show has always espoused - that trying to be better matters, that kindness can inspire more kindness, that friendship and love will last beyond anything else, and that for things to have meaning, they eventually have to end. And with one last "Take it sleezy," TGP wraps up what has essentially been a four year long thesis on human behavior and morality with a lot of Blake Bortles references. I'm gonna miss it.
Klutzy girl: After four seasons of watching Team Cockroach try to improve and get into the actual Good Place, they finally make it in.

THE MAGICIANS, "The Wrath of the Time Bees", January 22, 2020, Actors: Olivia Taylor Dudley and more, The Scene: Alice comes to terms with losing Quentin
The show didn't take long to bring back Quentin - or a version of him at least, his younger self, and it was a powerful moment that showcased what everyone on this show was missing. Instantly recognisable as a young Q from the get go, this second farewell to the character was just as effective, letting Quentin perform one more magic trick to break our hearts once more.

THE OUTSIDER, "Roanoke", January 12, 2020, Actors: Jason Bateman and more
The Scene: Terry Maitland's assassination

Milo: If there was a moment that changed the game for this series, it was Terry Maitland's assassination on the courtroom steps. It was a chilling scene, brilliantly directed, and created the right amount of tension and unpredictability that just made this show even harder to guess what is going to happening next.
DarkUFO: Terry Maitland is gunned down as he makes his way to the courtroom.

THE UNICORN, "If It Doesn't Spark Joy", January 9, 2020, Actors: Michaela Watkins and more, The Scene: Delia falls apart during the garage sale
Another surprise newbie for me this season, The Unicorn combines heart and laughs, making it hard to choose between episodes. I ended up choosing this scene because Michaela Watkins is brilliant. Previously, Delia spoke with Natalie and Grace about how it was okay to sell some of their mother's old things because she is not in her possessions, that she was in their hearts and memories. However, once the garage sale occurs, it is Delia who cannot part with her best friend's stuff. From leaking mugs to a hideous hat, it's just too much for Delia to take as she mourns her friend again.

THIS IS US, "A Hell of a Week: Part One", January 21, 2020, Actors: Sterling K. Brown, Justin Hartley
The Scene: Randall calls Kevin
Klutzy girl:
After dealing with the anxiety the break-in caused, Randall falls apart and calls Kevin, who tries to calm his brother down. I love how far their relationship has come since season one and it hurts to know they'll be on the outs in a few months.

YOUNG SHELDON, "Body Glitter and a Mall Safety Kit", January 16, 2020, Actors: Iain Armitage, Mckenna Grace, The Scene: Sheldon listens to Paige talk about her parents' divorce
One of the biggest problems for me with The Big Bang Theory was that, for several years, Sheldon was just short of intolerable. I think that's why scenes of Sheldon learning to be compassionate resonate so much more on Young Sheldon. In this episode, Sheldon calls his mentor to ask about how to help his friend Paige, who doesn't want to be smart anymore because of her family's divorce. Learning that the best thing he can do is to simply listen is very hard for Sheldon, who doesn't do emotion well. In a very well-acted scene by both young performers, Paige pours out her heart as Sheldon tries to comfort her the best he can, with listening and a hot beverage.

ZOEY'S EXTRAORDINARY PLAYLIST, "Pilot", January 7, 2020, Actors: Jane Levy, Peter Gallagher
The Scene: Zoey’s unresponsive dad sings True Colors to her
A lot of the pilot worked better for me than I expected, none more so than the character that never talks. Zoey's dad is non-responsive due to a medical condition. As she is pouring out her fears to her silent dad, she gets a vision of him singing "True Colors" to her. It's a perfect match of song and sentiment, and a great opener to the series.

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