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Prodigal Son - Family Friend - Review: Welcome To The Whitly Family

"A figment of my imagination."

Hey, all sorry about the late reviews, I will be catching up as soon as possible. So, without further ado, we pick up right where we left off, we see the phone hasn't been moved in the slightest since it was part of Martin's study, which is a bit weird, but I guess we'll go with it, Malcolm picks up the call, they'll refer to him as Paul, for now, he says something about him being delivered to him which sounds creepier than anything we've heard before.

After that, the whole team goes to the house and I have to say it was very funny seeing Dani and JT interact at Jessica's house and her assumption that everyone knows what it's like to have so much money that she wasn't even aware her phone bill was being paid all these years was especially hilarious.

Eve is worried about Jessica when she finds her drunk in the middle of the day and waving around a loaded gun, feeling unsafe after the phone call, so she goes to warn Malcolm, he says the drunk part is rather normal but he's worried about the gun so he goes to see her. I have to say I like Eve but something tells me we should definitely be suspicious about the way she's inserting herself into their lives.

They manage to find a victim of Paul's and though he's in no state to talk it leads them to a church, but before they get much information, the priest's hand gets delivered to Malcolm and Paul calls Martin's old number that's now rerouted to the precinct, at first Paul seems on edge about them closing in on him but then he brings up the girl in the trunk and Malcolm is the one who loses it.

He sees Paul outside and follows him, and because of it he almost dies, but Paul makes him admit he's his father's son which is why he can think like them, so Paul says there might be hope for him yet and he gives him a phone to contact him. Gil is angry but Malcolm explains that he had to make Pauk think that he was more interested in the truth than catching him or there would be no chance for them, he says Paul's a mission killer, perhaps that why he treats killing like work and not a passion, and he usually kills only those that are marked for death. When he calls, they set up a meet and he manages to save the priest but Paul is nowhere to be found.

It turns out it was a decoy so he could go to the hospital to finish the job with his other victim. He does manage to do that which means a very close encounter for Ainsley who was there with Jin even though she seemed more interested in anything else. When he realized she filmed the surgery making her dad look like a hero, he breaks up with her and she leaves. Honestly, I'm tired of her being so easily manipulated and honestly too dumb for how smart she thinks she is.

For once it seems Gil decides to believe Malcolm about the woman he saw when he was a kid but finding out what happened gets harder when the FBI takes over the case, especially since they don't exactly love Malcolm. I am interested in the introduction of Meagan Good, though, I really liked her on Minority Report even if the show didn't do so well.

"You can't save me."

What did you think about this episode? I look forward to your comments.

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