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Prodigal Son - Pied-A-Terre - Review: The Fun Kind

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"Darling, we're rich! We don't do normal."

They find a dead body in an apartment and it turns out it was Caleb, a member of a sex club of which the owner of the apartment, Beth, was also a part of, the coordinator was called Jasper. Malcolm goes undercover but apparently, this means a woman called Simone has to "sample" him first, they don't get too far before the team jumps in. They find Jasper dead and find out Simone was his wife, Beth was in love with Caleb and she apparently went on a killing spree, which seems a little bit overboard to tell you the truth.

Malcolm has been avoiding telling his mother that Paul confirmed the existence of the girl in the trunk, perhaps because he couldn't look at the guilt in her face, so he avoids doing so and she ends up going to Gil for answers knowing something's wrong, he admits it right away and she feels horrible about making Malcolm feel like he was insane, so she takes on a determined look and says maybe it's time for a little payback, and I have to say she's quite scary.

After a very weir dream, Malcolm's therapy proposes he tries normalcy for a change, and of course, this is where Eve comes in and he asks her out and he decides to take JT's advice to go play pool. We learn JT has been married for seven years, did we know that? His character deserves more than just an off-camera background story so I'm glad they decided to show us a little bit more about his home life even if it is a bit sudden.

His wife, Tally (Carra Patterson - The Arrangement), is lovely and the fact that they always play pool together fits right in. But then Malcolm gets tricked into profiling Eve and he goes way too deep, so much so she leaves in tears, and I'm sorry but it was obviously never going to end well for any of them. He even said she got into trafficking probably because she lost a sister to it, which is not exactly a first-date subject.

Later, she shows up and he apologizes, they sleep together and everything seems to be going great until he hallucinates the girl in the trunk again, she asks why he doesn't remember who she is, and asks him to find her but then she attacks him, this is when he grabs a knife to defend himself and, of course, scare the hell out of poor Eve.

"All women should be a little dangerous."

What did you think about this episode? I look forward to your comments.

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