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Younger - Friends With Benefits/The Debu-Taunt - Double Review

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Friends With Benefits:

Human beings can be restless creatures, we are always searching for what fulfills us and how we can get to that place. When Younger began, the premise was an interesting take on ageism in the workplace; Specifically how woman are perceived once they are out of their 'prime years'. Liza has always toed the line between shameless liar and sympathetic hero. Part of that new beginning was Josh, and their romance reawakened Liza in many ways. The questions posed in Friends with Benefits by several people were if he was simply an itch she needed to scratch, and now that she is with Charles she can get serious about her second coming. Liza took exception to this and even took one last ride on Josh's soon-to-be-sold motorcycle after a few of her old friends made her question what role Josh played in her new life. It is obvious Liza doesn't look at him this way and that is all that should matter. Josh himself is growing and becoming a man that no one can call a 'good time' boyfriend. The only thing lingering in the background is if Liza herself can turn the page on that chapter or if she will always gravitate back to Josh because his pull in her orbit is too strong. The show seems intent on making us question what it is every time we think we have the 'triangle' pegged, so this should be interesting to see what Liza will choose for herself as we continue in this storyline.

Speaking of romance, Enzo and Diana served up one of the sweetest moments of the season when he dropped down on one knee to and proposed marriage in front of his disapproving family. This moment had all the sugary goodness I love, but I also had this nagging feeling that Enzo's spur of the moment decision was also to show his mother and family that they can't control him. Was this proposal actually something he was thinking about or was it a moment of defiance? I truly hope it is the former and Enzo wanted to propose to Diana and finally found the perfect moment.

Odds And Ends:

* Charles and Liza running from the Gala really made me see them in a new light. As the show set up that Liza may be slowly falling back into what she got away from when we began this journey, we are reminded that Charles is not the type to care about big society galas because he's had his fill and wants to live for himself.

* Zane is just not coming off well this season. His behavior and grand standing throughout the episode was irritating and he needs to get his emotions in check.

* They finally mentioned Caitlin, I was starting to think we should pretend she doesn't exist.

* Who else wants to read the novel Charles wrote about his hot summer romance? I know I do!

The Debu-Taunt:
It finally happened people! In the most game-changing moment in Younger thus far, Liza was outed in a room full of the who's who of publishing including our last three in the darkers, Lauren, Zane and most importantly Diana. The way this happened was quite a silly slip-up from Liza, but she has become so sloppy in how she keeps her secret that I shouldn't have been surprised. Pauline was the catalyst after the nosy school secretary showed her Liza's ID. To have Pauline get sanctimonious about this was quite rich considering she abandoned her family to awaken herself and write a book. As she whined about being lied to on stage at the ball, my eyes rolled. Call me crazy but Liza lying about her age is not something you get your custody lawyer involved in, she is great with the girls apparently and that is all that should matter. Perhaps Pauline winged it and hoped she might drum up interest for her stalled sequel, but she was the last person I felt bad for.

Diana's hurt and anguish was very emotional to watch. As most viewers over the seasons have pointed out, she most likely wouldn't be mad at the lie itself, but that it was kept from her. That is exactly what happened and it was gut wrenching to see her hear from Liza that Pauline was not lying after Diana had jumped to her defense. It was never about the age, it was that Diana is always the last to know. She has been wrestling with this all season and the one person she put her trust in had not been honest with her. In her own way, she had shown Liza that their friendship meant something and her pain in finding out that it may not of been the same for Liza played out in a way that was extremely realistic. Although the experience of everyone finding out was mortifying, at least now the secret is out and everyone knows how old Liza is finally. Although the show is called Younger it has evolved past that a long time ago as we've gotten attached to these characters. This move was long overdue and I for one am happy the show finally got it out there. It also seems that Diana can get past this, but may torture Liza a bit in process which I think Liza will take happily because it means she still cares.

Odds and Ends:

* In typical Lauren fashion, she took the reveal in stride and even connected dots about Liza that suddenly made sense.

* It is probably better that Charles and Liza are pumping the brakes on her moving in after this.

* The phone call from Josh was very sweet. He wanted to congratulate her on the big move and had no idea what happened. Whatever happens with this, these two have established a great friendship outside of their romantic history.

That is it for now! What did you think of these episodes? Let me know.

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