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Killjoys - Run, Yala, Run & Blame It on the Rain - Review

Killjoys returned with a new bizarre world in which our characters aren’t quite the characters either we or they remember – or in their case don’t remember! My apologies for having to play a bit of catch up on the episodes. “Run Yala Run” was written by Michelle Lovretta and directed by Peter Stebbings. The episode pretty much picks up where we left off. It seems the Lady (Lily Gail Reid) has won and enslaved our heroes by stealing their memories.

Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen) runs Pree’s (Thom Allison) bar and is married to John (Aaron Ashmore), who works in a mysterious factory. It rains a lot and when people aren’t getting rained on, they seem to be triggered by contamination bracelets to take decontamination showers. Really, did it take anyone long to figure out how the Lady was controlling everyone? Meanwhile, D’Av (Luke Macfarlane) is still a Killjoy – and is trying to serve a warrant on his own son Jaq (Jaeden Noel) – who everyone thinks is Dutch and John’s son.

        Pree also works for the Rack – and has a whole new look. His hair clearly grows very quickly because we’re told eventually that only 43 days have passed…. It’s adorably sweet that even in the midst of all this mind-bending, Pree and Gared (Gavin Fox) are still lovers, but they are having an affair.

When Dutch and John realize that D’Av is after their son, they drug him and then break onto his ship – Lucy (Tamsen McDonough). He tells them he’s chasing Jaq because he ran away from boarding school on Kresh. While on the ship, Lucy tries to talk to John, which triggers his memories and contamination bracelet and renders him unconscious. He showers before he really wakes up.

Meanwhile, Zeph Kelly McCormack) – who is known as stinky-raincoat-girl because she doesn’t shower – isn’t quite awake or quite asleep – she’s still really, really annoying – and I still wish they’d killed her and not Pip. Regardless, she leaves one of Khylen’s (Rob Stewart) red boxes for Dutch, locking her into her room until she does wake up. Dutch tries to wake up John but fails and ultimately ends up teaming up with Zeph.

Jaq is actually with Kendry (Mayko Nguyen) – who seems to have taken on Dutch’s personality and look. We get a pretty good fight scene with her! D’Av, John and Dutch catch up with Kendry and discover that Westerly is being terraformed again – that’s what the plants are really doing. Kendry won’t tell Dutch what’s going on because the Lady has been in Dutch’s head – it’s not safe. D’Av runs into Jaq, who reminds him that D’Av said he’d never forget him.

Dutch goes to Lucy to get dirty little secrets on the boys to wake them up. She shows Pree himself singing, she reminds John of Pawter, and she reminds D’Av of his military career. All three start to wake up only to run back out into the rain and be re-brainwashed. The Lady then changes the game and has the Killjoys go after Dutch. Zeph comes to her rescue but is shot.

Finally, we catch up with the Lady who is in a child’s body and who has Khylen held captive. How is he still not dead? And why are kids always so creepy?! Regardless, she wants to know from him how Dutch can be awake. Kyhlen accuses the Lady of being afraid of Dutch.

I loved that the second episode was called “Blame It On the Rain!” I’m hoping for more pop culture riffs all season. This episode was written by Nikolijne Troubetzkoy and was also directed by Peter Stebbings. We pick up right where we left off – and Dutch has to perform emergency surgery on Zeph. Dutch still isn’t good at this stuff! We also catch up with a couple more of our favorite characters. Turin (Patrick Garrow) is a street thug, dealing in black market goods. Dutch goes to him for antibiotics and pain meds for Zeph. Turin has a newish look too – at least his hair looks longer to me! He also still gets some of the best lines! I loved him wanting to throat punch John when they come to him with a proposition.

The Lady now has everyone hunting for Dutch – Pree has a 5th level black warrant – which he explains to John means that it’s an open warrant – all Killjoys can hunt – and it’s a kill warrant.

Zeph manages to recover enough to make a protein inhibitor that restores her – painful – memories. She forgives Dutch for Pip’s death and just wants to make the Lady – bitch – pay for it. Zeph needs more information, so Dutch goes out to steal a key from someone with access to information. It turns into a funny scene with Fancy (Sean Baek)! Typical Fancy goes on about how people don’t like him and hDutch uses the inhibitor on D’Av and John at the factory, and they wake up and we’re treated to more great banter between the three. When Pree also shows up at the factory and they stun him – with some nice brotherly banter to go along with it.

Dutch finds containers full of some creatures which she torches. Are these the Lady’s babies? Is she terraforming Westerly for them? Are the humans to be there food? We’ve already seen the Lady (Alanna Bale) possess a new body – in a chamber with the same fog as is in the “babies’” containers. I suspect that the weird mark we see on both bodies when the Lady jumps from child to woman, is how she moves between hosts and that the humans are to be the hosts for her babies.

The Lady “feels” it when Dutch torches the babies and goes crazy. The power in Zeph’s lair goes out and she ends up in the rain. She carves a symbol on her arm, but she’s clearly gone back to sleep. Meanwhile, Dutch, D’Av, and John are trapped and surrounded by security.

Back with Khylen and the Lady, she tells him that she’s captured Dutch. Khylen tells her that Dutch will never break. The Lady tells him that he can save only one – he’ll have to choose between his daughter and his grandson!

I hope we’ve blasted off the season and we are done with bizarre world. One episode was fun, but I so much more enjoyed getting our heroes and their banter back in the second episode. What did you think of the first two episodes? Let me know your thoughts and theories in the comments below!


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