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Vida - Episode 8 - Review: "If There Was A Zombie Apocalypse..."

What a difference a simple gesture can make. When you can actually help someone who needs it; when you try to step out of your comfort zone and everything seems right; when a person can change the trajectory of your day and make you think differently about certain aspects of life. That why I love "Vida" so much: the exact amount of happiness for one character may equal to the despair of another, but it's all because we, as human beings, face every day as a work in progress and we just react to what life throws at us. "Vida" does it with such elegance that I can't stop thinking about its stories and the people who live them.

The death of Don Fulgencio has come as a shock to Emma, Lyn and Eddy. Lyn seems very interested in what his letters have to say about him as a person. I wonder where the story will go in terms of discovering his secrets, because there sure is something there.
Emma is busy trying to get the bar up and running with renovations and money, which seems to lack at the moment. I am really loving how much effort she's putting into the bar, especially because her attitude towards it is so different from season one. She now really cares, while also finding out herself in ways she never anticipated.

Mari continues her work as an activist but that doesn't seem to go along well with her job. Unfortunately, she looses the one she has, and after Yoli suggests her she goes to a party to clear her mind and have fun, that's when the unexpected happens: she meets Tlaloc, who she hasn't seen since the video he shot of hers without permission. The two start having a heartfelt conversation about mistakes, consent and hurt feelings and it was actually really interesting to see.
I am enjoying Mari's personal journey. Her trying to find a voice in this chaotic world. Souls like hers are what we actually need more of in this world. It would probably be a much different place.

I really loved the ending scene of the episode. It makes me so happy to see Emma and Lyn in a good place. Their relationship has evolved so much from season one. I can't wait where it's headed next. I'm not sure it's all going to be great, but I'm just glad to see them supporting each other and helping each other and being there for each other. Those last two lines of the episode... my heart just could not handle it!

Favorite line:

Cruz: "It's the zombie apocalypse and I've been infected. What do you do?".
Emma: "You know this is exactly why Trump won".

So what did you guys think about episode 2 of "Vida"? Let me know in the comments below!

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