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Quote of the Week - Week of June 2

A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the SpoilerTV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

Blood & Treasure -
1. Danny: “Chuck’s just bad at geography.” Chuck: “And yet I always know the lay of the land. Have fun storming the castle!” ~Any quote that incorporates The Princess Bride is an automatic winner.
2. Danny: “When did you guys get so chummy?” Chuck: “Uh, now that I’ve gotten to know your girlfriend…” Danny: She’s not my girlfriend.” Lexi: “Not his girlfriend.” Chuck: “Uh huh...I can see that my previous doubt was a little extreme.” Danny: “Doubt? You said she was the devil.” Lexi: “Well that was before we bonded over making fun of you, actually. I learned all sorts of interesting things.”
3. Chuck: “Sounds like it was worth the build up.” Lexi: “Whose side are you on?” Danny: “Mine. When did that start being a question?”

Chernobyl -
1. Boris Shcherbina: “Do you remember that morning, when I first called you, how unconcerned I was? When they told me they were putting me in charge and they said it wasn't serious, I believed them. You know why?” Valery Legasov: “Because they put you in charge.” Boris: “Yeah. I'm an inconsequential man, Valera. That's all I've ever been. I hoped one day that I would matter, but I didn't. I just stood next to people who did.” Valery: “There are other scientists like me. Any one of them could have done what I did. But you? Everything we asked for, everything we needed. Men, material, lunar rovers. Who else could have done these things? They heard me, but they listened to you.” (Ellys)
2. Ulana Khumyok: “You told me to find out what happened. I spoke to dozens of people. Every word they said, I wrote down. All in these books. These are the ones who are still alive. These are the ones who are dead. They died rescuing each other. Putting out fires, tending to the wounded. They didn't hesitate. They didn't waver. They simply did what had to be done.” (Ellys)
3. Valery Legasov: “I've already trod on dangerous ground.” (Ellys)

The Handmaid’s Tale -
1. June: “To be a man watched by women must be entirely strange. To have them watching him all the time. To have them flinch when he moves. To have them wondering, what is he going to do next? Does he like me? Will he keep me? Am I safe here? Cora wasn't.” (Darthlocke)
2. Commander Lawrence: “You think if you get me to like you, I'll help you.” June: “I think you might try. I think you might try to do the right thing.” Commander Lawrence: “What do you know about the right thing?” June: “I know you let Emily escape with that baby, and I know you let the Marthas run a resistance network out of your house.” Commander Lawrence: “You have to let the rabble-rousers blow off a little steam or they'll smash everything to bits.” (Darthlocke)
3. Rita: “You will get through this mam, by his hand.” Serena: “What's left of it.” (Darthlocke)

The InBetween -
1. Cassie: “What do you want?” Roven: “I was hoping you and me could be friends.” Cassie: “That is not gonna happen.” Roven: “You speak your mind. I like that.” Cassie: “Then you’re gonna love this. Get the hell out of my house. Don’t come back.” Roven: “Alright then, but if you find yourself wanting a little help from over on my side, you just give me a holler and I’ll come running. Hear?”


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