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Lucifer - Exclusive interview with producers Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich

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In the build up to Lucifer returning on Netflix Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson the producers of the show took the time to answer a few questions about the save Lucifer campaign, meeting the fans and season 4 of Lucifer.

SpoilerTV Exclusive Interview
The cast and crew have been so vocal on how much they appreciate the fans online for their support. What was it like meeting so many fans recently in the UK (Starfury Lucifer Con in Brighton) and speaking to the fans face to face about the support of Lucifer?

It was absolutely mind blowing. We had been living in a bit of a cocoon for three seasons - pretty clueless as to who was out there watching. So getting cancelled was the best thing that could've ever happened to us! I mean... considering there was a happy ending, of course. But if we hadn't been cancelled, we never would have known how connected people were to the show. And to get to meet so many of them in Brighton, was once in a lifetime stuff. Our fans are very special people with giant hearts -- which some might say is a funny thing for a show about the devil -- but they really are. And I think all of us will remember that experience for a looooong time.

With the move from Fox to Netflix some fans have been concerned that the move may change the tone/feel of the show we all love. How much of an impact has the move to Netflix had on the overall production of the show and the new season? 

Having just waged a passionate battle to save a show we loved making and clearly people seemed to like watching, we knew we didn't want to reinvent the wheel. We knew we wanted to make the same show at its heart... but then since we WERE on cable now, just push the boundaries ever so slightly. So the dark parts got just a tad darker, and the sexy bits... just a tad sexier. ;)

The new season of Lucifer will only have 10 episodes compared to a 22 episode season. What challenges has this added as producers/writers for the show?

Challenges?? You kidding?! We LOVED having less episodes. That gave us the chance to come up with a much tighter, more streamlined season arc. And the fact that we knew people were going to be able to binge them in a shorter timeframe, we leaned into the cliffhangers at the end of each episode. And felt freer to set something up in episode 2 that didn't pay off till episode 8. Only down side is that we weren't able to tell any stand-alone stories - which can be a ton of fun and give us cool insight into certain characters. But the upside it's lean and mean, baby. Lean and MEAN.

We have new characters joining the show this season including Inbar Lavi as Eve, how do you think the fans will react to these new characters?

We were super lucky to nab Inbar for the role of Eve and Graham McTavish to play Father Kinley. They both kicked major ass and even though their characters might create a few "issues" for Lucifer and his pals, the fans are going to love them. I remember Inbar's first day on set - she had this whole silent introduction with one line at the end... and we were all blown away to how much she already made the character of Eve come alive. She had such a deep understanding and love for the character that you can't help but fall in love with her. And Graham! He's just a mesmerizing performer. You find yourself hanging on every line.

You have fans sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for news, trailers and air dates for the episodes. Is there anything you can tell us to put us all at ease?

Just a liiiiiitle bit longer, I promise. Then all will be revealed.

A big thanks to Joe and Ildy for the interview and Starfury for the images from Lux Con, who have recently announced Aimee Garcia, Lesley-Ann Brandt and new cast member Graham McTavish. For more details visit:

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